E. Spleece

E. Spleece


E.Spleece brings the late night sexy vibe to dance floors across the globe. He's known for is 3 or 4am sessions blending Minimal, House,Broken Beat Disco Funk.


Eric Spleece started making beats in a basement in the mid 90's.  Using an old drum machine and a keyboard he created tracks that blurred the lines between techno, ambient & hip-hop.  Shortly after releasing a few tracks on the internet he was contacted by Fox Sports Network for the use of his songs on their tv show Blue Torch TV, an extreme sports show.  After a couple of independent self released projects Spleece was signed to the Berlin Based Label Moving Records and released records on 7 and 12 inch format.  He moved to downtown Detroit in 2001 and has kept himself busy by touring Europe and the US.  Playing shows in cities such as Berlin, Kolon, Mannheim, New York, LA, Seattle, San Francisco and Miami and releasing tracks on such labels as Infracom, Sony/Japan, BMG/New Zealand, Unisex and TokyoDawn, His newest release Kickflips & Keyboards will be coming out on Blank Artists.  You can also hear one of his tracks on the opening trailer for the AMC series Breaking Bad. Learn more at www.myspace.com/espleece


Goodbye 7" moving records 2000

12" / artist comp / Moving Records 2001

Soul Searching pt. 2 / Infracom Records 2002

Detroit Soul Comp / Unisex Records / 2003

Sonya Park day in life comp / Sony Japan / 2004

Woodbridge Comp / woodbridge records / 2005

Blood & Water Comp / Blank Artists / 2006

Kick Flips & Keyboards EP / Blank Artists / 2008

Border Abuser EP / Exchange Bureau Music / 2009