Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Esponja is a very unique band, conceived in Barcelona, that reflects its curious personality in their first Long Play: Hypervigil can shake us up with a noise-rock in the waves of Sonic Youth, leave us floating in the ether of shoegaze, or lead us to dark and energetic 80's punk, fo finally get into a trance around a mantra singed in a nonexistent language. A merger between day and night, as in short seems to convey the enigmatic cover of this album.


Their sound has been compared to Smashing Pumpkins' Adore or The Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy, the songs can embrace both melancholic melodies reminding My Bloody Valentine and the gall and attitudes of Parálisis Permanente. Full of contrasts, the male and female voices alternate in the different tracks, but in fact there exists a clear unity among all the ambivalences, being the up and downs adopted as its particular stamp. They have been associated with the recent movement of national noise-shoegaze bands as Dolores.
Hypervigil, released on 1st December 2011, was recorded in Blind Records (Barcelona) and the band's private studio (January-July 2011), mixed by the band and Marco Morgione and mastered by Yves Roussel. This is a vinyl edition of 500 copies. The artwork (by Teo Peir├│), charged of symbolism, makes the piece attractive to collectors.


LP - HyperVigil - DEC 2011 - 10 Tracks

Set List

- No Cuentas Nada
- Portugal
- Fucking Ponny
- Redondel de amor asesisno
- Cover
- Voom
- Broken Brains
- Good Morning Killer
- Alien Stop
- No puedo
- Cover
- 2-3