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Essence Of Logic

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Band Rock Funk


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"An excerpt from Mighty Lak' A Rose"

...In any event, as on Friday, jottings about festival highlights from Saturday filled my notebook. On the American Heartland Music Stage, for instance, the septet Savant involved a memorably bluesy guitar, less bluesy vocals, and two drummers, the second of whom, a conga/bongo player, I thought sadly underused. Otherwise, Blunt Force Trauma, on the Metalfest Stage, treated attendees to skillful heavy metal delivered straight into the afternoon sun—by the end of the set, in all probability, the trio and their audience alike felt as if they’d been basted—and on the Power Stage, the quintet Essence Of Logic included, unexpectedly, a turntablist and featured a lead man whose vocals sometimes faded in the mix but who otherwise showed real presence, prowling all over the stage and at one point playing his guitar behind his head. Finally, the Wes Grable Trio, again on the American Heartland Music Stage, fronted a jazz saxophonist—a welcome change of pace from all of the rock-oriented acts on the bill... - Playback STL Nov. '04

"Review of What's The Story?"

by Julia Kline

Essence of Logic's CD, entitled What's The Story? snares the listener from the first track with heavy drumbeats and a synthesized turntable vibe. The disk quickly progresses through songs containing elements of hard rock, reggae, and even some rap. It is clear that comparisons can be drawn between this band and many of today's most popular artists; most notably 311, however, Essence of Logic provided a kind of originality separating them from other groups.

I was impressed with Essence of Logic's ability to seamlessly combine musical genres. The band incorporates the line "straight lay down the funk" into their lyrics and still maintains some semblance of modern rock credibility. The lead singer's vocal stylings reminded me a bit of Serj Tankian from System of a Down. He possesses the same frantic energy bordering on lunacy in some tracks. The album will also appeal to listeners who enjoy introspective lyrics. A few songs such as "Afraid of the Light" contain dark themes. The lead singer bemoans "I'm lost in my own mind. I'm losing a one man fight."

In its "essence," this band is a dynamic infusion of rock, hip hop, rap, and reggae. It couples incendiary fast paced songs with a few slower ballads like one entitled "Beautiful." I would not be at all surprised to hear Essence of Logic in a modern rock station's repertoire in the near future. -

"Review Of What's The Story?"

by Ashish Patel

At first glance Essence of Logic's What's the Story? brings back memories of '90s rock like 311 and Sublime, and though they are fond memories, generally such memories of styles long outlived should be left in the past. But once one scratches the surface of this album one sees more than a simple '90s rock remake. Essence of Logic's instrumental passion and use of elements from multiple genres gives them a certain flavor which makes their music stand out just a little bit from their predecessors. What's the Story? sports elements from a wide range of genres such as hardcore, hip-hop, funk, as well as strong influences from bands like 311, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Linkin Park.

The album begins by blowing you away with shards of hard rock, setting a fast pace for the beginning of the album and leaving you wanting more. As the album progresses one cannot help but appreciate the fact that this band has taken a retired sound and given it new life in a very good way, but at the same time one can't help but feel a little gypped by this band, who throughout the album show a very solid performance and level of musical talent, yet leave you with a strange feeling of deja vu and a desire for something a bit more unique. As the album progresses one comes to realize that none of the songs really match "Barely There" in intensity, leaving that initial craving for more shards of rock to fly into your ears unfulfilled.

Instrumentally these guys definitely know what they are doing, however the focus in the band, like so many others like them, seem to be the lead guitarist, though he does live up to this position, sporting catchy guitar riffs and crazy solos. Not to say that there is absolutely no focus on any of the other members, with parts like "Life as We Know It" where the bassist does a nice little intro or "The Fall Of Rome" where the drummer does an excellent solo that nicely finishes out the song. However, what I would like to see from them is, instead of recycling tried and true sounds from different genres, thereafter skillfully mixing them together, I would rather see them create new sounds and styles based off of those old ones. Essence of Logic shows great musical talent and, though their album leaves some desires unfulfilled, most definitely reflects that. -

"The Underground Spotlight: Essence Of Logic - What's The Story?"

by J. Sohn

Hailing from the St. Louis, Missouri area Essence of Logic has a knack for twisting and turning their music in just the right fashion producing all that they need to get their mood and message across to listeners. This disc starts off with the track “Barely There” and continues to flow until the last song “In The Summer”. Standout songs on here: “Swing It!”, “Afraid Of The Light”, and the title track “What’s The Story?”. If I had any objection to what E.O.L. is doing it would be that a couple of the songs are a tad bit too long. Of course I’m sure that they come across quite nicely in the band's live performances, which I hear are entertaining and packed full of energy. Actually after a couple listens you don’t really notice the length of the songs too much, but I think it might hurt if the group wanted to get those particular songs on radio for airplay. This 10-song disc is chocked full of heavy melodic rock that will remind you of bands like 311, Incubus and Phunk Junkies. - The Audio Nut

"Essence Of Logic: What's The Story?"

by Brian A. Hollerbach

The title of What’s the Story?—the debut from the St. Louis rockers Essence of Logic—will likely leave wonderwalleyed anyone who lived through the alternative rock boom of the ’90s; I myself can’t read that title without mentally embellishing it with parentheses and the phrase Morning Glory, after the Oasis bestseller from 1995. That said, nothing on this ten-track “Shhh” Productions disc particularly recalls the work of Liam and Noel Gallagher, which some will take as a recommendation. What’s the Story? features an amiable, unprepossessing sonic mélange from bassist Dan Hunzeker, turntablist DJ Mahf, lead guitarist/singer Jeff Nations, percussionist Brian Schaeffer, and guitarist Dave Seithel. In places, Nations (who radiates rock-star presence live, by the way) sounds oddly like Gordon Lightfoot, of all people, and he and his four cohorts range across genres at will. By way of example, the title track opens in a hip-hop mode, goes pop, and then returns to hip-hop; similarly, the sixth song, “Beautiful,” features a funky groove. Nothing here will change most listeners’ lives, but the same could be said for 99.99 percent of music today. - Playback STL

"Review Of What's The Story?"

Essence Of Logic are five guys from St. Louis, MO. Their 2004 full-length debut album, What's The Story, showcases a creative blend of rock, funk, hip-hop, jazz, reggae and blues. They have a great modern sound with lots of flavor, check them out! Standout tracks are "Barely There" and "Two O'Clock Stumble".

1. Barely There - Modern Rock.
2. What's The Story? - Funk/Hip-Hop. Sugar Ray meets Jane's Addiction with a splash of Red Hot Chili Peppers.
3. Two O'Clock Stumble - Acoustic/Modern Rock.
4. Swing It! - Hip-Hop/Psychodeldic/Funk.
5. Afraid Of The Light - Uptempo Modern Rock.
6. Beautiful - Heavy Funk
7. Last Night On Earth - Modern Rock/Reggae.
8. Life As We Know It - Hip-Hop/Funk.
9. The Fall Of Rome - Funk/Modern Rock.
10. In The Summer - Funk/Hip-Hop/Reggae. -


Demo (2005) (Currently receiving radio airplay)
Rage-N-Off! Compilation (2005)
Breakthrough Audio's STL Sampler v 2.0 Compilation (2005)
CapeScene Vol. 1 Compilation (2005)
COMO Bands Together Compilation (2004)
What's The Story? (Full Length Album - 2004)(Currently receiving radio airplay)
The Larry Elliot EP (Demo - 2003)



Throughout the past decade, St. Louis, Missouri has seen its share of great local rock bands go all the way with their music. Bands like The Urge, Gravity Kills and Mesh StL are all names that appear on the list. And very soon another name will be addedEssence Of Logic. Combining styles of hard rock and funk with elements of reggae, jazz, hip-hop and blues, Essence Of Logic is a powerhouse of energy when it comes to doing what they love and thats making music. The group, formed in 2001, is powered by the capturing riffs and rhythms of guitarist Dave Seithel; the intricate walking and slap bass lines of bassist Drew Franklin; Jeff Nations melodic vocal stylings and guitar work; the solid and seasoned drum beats by Brian Schaeffer and masterful turntable scratching by the one and only DJ-MAHF. E.O.L. has rocked some of the Midwests finest venues including The Pageant, Mississippi Nights, The Blue Note and Pops where they shared the stage with Josh Todd of the rock band Buckcherry. Their explosive live show is one of a kind and one can see, after attending an Essence Of Logic concert, the pure, raw energy and emotion that goes into their music and performances. The band got a good buzz going in 2003 when demo versions of their songs Two Oclock Stumble and Life As We Know It began circulating on multiple college and major national radio stations. On October 1, 2004, the band released their debut full-length album entitled What's The Story? which features some of the best material that E. Of L. have created in their 3 years together as a band. What's The Story? was soon picked up by St. Louis based Blue Sky Distribution and was made available in local stores shortly thereafter. The album literally features something for everyone. From the two brand new singles "Barely There" (which landed them slots on the Capescene Vol. 1 and COMO Bands Together compilations due out late '04) and "What's The Story?" to the infectious funk groove of Beautiful to the mellowed out, laid back, kickin'-back-in-the-sand beach song In The Summer, everyone is guaranteed to find at least one song on this album that they will truly love. If youre looking for head-nodding, body- movin music that stands high above the primitive, simplistic, mainstream bands that over saturate the media and radio these days then look no furtheryouve found Essence Of Logic.

Essence Of Logic aspires to be a major label band and to spread a newer brand of music to their fans.

Notable Accomplishments Include:
- Named DiMBy Productions' 2005 Band Of The Year
- Placed 3rd out of 120+ bands at DiMBy Productions One Nite Stand battle of the bands (March 2004)
- Opened for Josh Todd (of Buckcherry)
- Placed 1st at Got Milk? Battle Of The Bands (May 2004)
- Named one of DiMBy Productions top 10 bands of 2004
- Recorded with Jim Callahan (Story Of The Year, Murphy Lee, Nelly) at Jupiter Studios (St. Louis, MO)
- Regular rotation on 15 regional radio stations in the midwest and on 3 internet radio stations
- Included on 3 regional local music samplers