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Essential MC

 Los Angeles, California, USA
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The fact that hip-hop music has changed the face of American and world wide culture is common knowledge. However, in the beginning stages of hip hop culture, the messages and themes in the music were far different that what is dominating the marketplace today.


Bryan Aponte the Essential MC was born with a unique purpose to raise consciousness through the power of the spoken word. He has worked with a myriad of local and national organizations as a lecturer, hip-hop emcee, spoken word artist, mentor, and workshop facilitator. Some of the organizations have been the Agape International Spiritual Center, NAACP, National Urban League, HeArt Foundation, Star Education, J.U.I.C.E., Avant Yard and others.

As a speaker, Essential has been known to captivate the audience in his keynotes by delivering his message in a style that resonates with the attendees. Being a natural emcee, he innately tunes in to the energy of the crowd and “uplifts them to another level of consciousness”. – Michael Beckwith. He adds a component of centeredness, vision, and self determination from the perspective of a young, focused, hip-hop generation leader that is transformational and quite essential to future leaders.

As a hip-hop and spoken word artist, Essential has had the privilege of sharing stages with other artists such as: Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, Jessica Care Moore, The Roots, dead prez, Method Man, Saul Williams, Michael Bernard Beckwith and many more. He is currently being featured on KRS One’s Stop the Violence 2 album which is set to be released this fall, along side artists such as Nelly, The Game, Ne-Yo, Talib Kweli, Lyfe Jennings, Busta Rhymes and many others.

He has also recently released his self produced motivational CD entitled Essential Affirmations which was designed to reprogram the subconscious mind by using declarative poetry set to hypnotic tribal rhythms. Currently he is working on his hip-hop album which features platinum producer Duane “Da Rock” Ramos as well as a track with from dead prez and other collaborations.

Essential was recently featured as the top #22 unsigned hip-hop artist on, which has been confirmation that uplifting hip-hop music is not only growing but that he is at the forefront of the shift. He is currently booking dates for his fall lecture tour as well as gearing up for the release of his transformational hip-hop album.

As an active advocate of shifting the state of hip-hop culture, Essential has met with and interviewed: Jesse Jackson, Magic Johnson, Akon, RZA, The Roots, Louis Gossett Jr., Hill Harper, Vondee Curtis Hall, Vanessa Williams, Talib Kweli, E40, Snoop Dogg, Master P., and so many other actors, activists and artists.

Essential has been known to have a gift of effectively communicating the principals of a higher consciousness, through his lectures, workshops and music. In what seems to be a Universal season of change, Essential MC is quite an essential element to that shift.


-From College to Higher Consciousness
Living In Your Higher Purpose
-Hip-Hop Culture
Have We Forgotten Who We Are
-It’s Not Where Your From, It’s Where You’re At
...In Consciousness
-Not Now...Right Now
A Call to Action

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Motivational Speaking
HIP-HOP Culture...Have We Forgotten Who We Are?

The fact that hip-hop music has changed the face of American and world wide culture has for many years been common knowledge. However, in the beginning stages of hip-hop culture, the messages and themes in the music were far different than what is dominating the marketplace today. What was it that shifted this powerfully influential art form from one of empowerment through story telling, to one of blatant self-degradation and misogyny?

In this powerful and controversial lecture on the current state of hip-hop, Essential MC will deeply explore the overt and hidden messages in popular hip-hop music of the day. Where does the responsibility lie? Is it in the hands of record company conglomerates, music video outlets and radio stations, the artists, and/or the actual fans? This presentation will enlighten future leaders to make more conscientious decisions as to the sound vibrations that they allow themselves to