Tranquil, floating electronics, lush strings, soft acoustic guitars, and delicate, sultry female vocals combine to create bittersweet melodies and heartfelt music.


Essenza is best described as a collage quartet, whose sound is the unique culmination of Elegant Electronics, moody guitars, and sultry vocals. Sonically pleasing on every level, Essenza's Haunting Melodies will sink deep into your head and keep you humming from dawn till dreams.

Founded by electronica programmer, Jim Vanaria and guitarist, Ryan Snyder (formerly of Serotonin), the Chicago-based band began as scratch recordings of Imaginative Guitar Melodies bolstered by an array of subtle electronic beats. Jim, a long-time devotee of Industrial & Chicago House, and Ryan, a veteran of the Punk Rock scene, both had a surprisingly similar taste for the softer side of music. After a year of casually experimenting with various soundscapes, while combining elements of their inherently different musical backgrounds, the two decided to let their sound emerge to discover its true beauty.

Joined by vocalist Jane Zabeth in the fall of 2003, Essenza's harmonic butterfly was now ready to unfurl. Jane's delicate yet emotionally confident voice and Intimate Lyrics bring forth an incredible richness to Essenza's exclusive sound.



Written By: Jane Zabeth

To feel the world and capture it
With a thought and a streak of blue
Is like a colorblind man who gasps
As the spectrum fades into view

The galaxy twirling a pensive ink well
Seduces a pen from the jar
Feral reflections caustic and true
Are tempered by prose and a muse


Written By: Jane Zabeth

You're so obvious
You think it's all so clear

At night we talk
You flaunt your thoughts
Trying to shade in my silhouette
Your relentlessness is blinding
I refuse to let you in
What's made illusion dangerous
And reality your haven?

I guess it's not so difficult
You're just like all the rest

Despite all that
I'm still drawn to all the wonderment
That's floating through your head
I will admit your voice is thrilling
I'm soaring through the air

Well I suppose / It's not so bad


Essenza EP (2005)
Played on (Indie Pop Rocks)

Set List

Length: 45 mins.

Weightless Smile
Consolation Prize
Optical Lithography