I strive for simplicity in my songs. Lyrics don't always need to have a profound message. They don't have to prove something...they can be about having or losing money, about love, heartbreaks, setting goals,appreciating family,friends, a simple ok.


where the ocean meets the sky

Written By: essie

she saw him sitting alone
looking so lost and torn
she said, "don't be feelin' down,
sooner or later, you'll come around..."
she said, "i see you still feel the pain;
you don't want to love again.
I know how it feels, I've been there, too...
if you'll let me, I'll love you more than words can say, I'll love you each and everyday,
I'll love you more than there are stars in the sky
I'll love you more than roses need the rain
through eternity and back again...
follow me where the ocean meets the sky
our love will sail on clouds that float by
i'll show you a love so true and right
and we can hold each other
through the night
...if you'll take my hand, and let me in
you'll see that you can love again."

Set List

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