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Deep Blue Sapphires

Written By: Sonny Green

Deep blue sapphires burning in your eyes
You went back to sleep
Well at least you tried
But the sun was awake grinning with pride
And you laughed with him
The sheep were pretty
Well at least pretty lame
The animals were cooking in the restaurant again
And the floral decorations hanging on the wall
Were enough to make you cry

The purple that you saw was always there before
Is replaced by sounds and the beatings underground
A snowy white park never seen in the dark
Is still there all the same
Memories are treating me a feast of just desserts
And the dreams that are haunting
Man, they could be worse
And the sky outside is so low to the ground
I can touch it through my window

Deep Blue Sapphires just out of reach
The dreams that were there they were only there to teach
And now, I'm going home

Said it all the last time through I would never, ever do it again

Never do it again