Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

ESTAN is classically-influenced indie-pop with a straight up rock delivery. Hailing from both the Montreal and Ottawa music scenes, the live band combines a tower-of-power of electronic keyboards, with driving drums, blistering bass, and the melodic crunch of electric guitars. RIYL: old Weezer


“...Classical progression combined with indie-pop sensibilities, stadium rock grandeur, Beach Boy-esque harmonies and Eurocentric synthesized sounds make Estan Beedell’s albums sound completely unique, at once accessible and un-definable.” ('Estan Beedell: the 22 year-old man behind the music' by Kelly Hurcomb –

For the past few years, Estan Beedell has been gaining ground in both the Montreal and Ottawa music scenes for his unique blend of sonic complexities with straight up indie rock.

His debut album, Happy Growing, was an ambitiously constructed effort that drew positive reviews, calling on influences ranging from Radiohead's In Rainbows to Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, and sparking interest from columnists such as The Ottawa Arts Newsletter's Jessica Ruano who dubbed it “incredibly diverse, ranging from something that sounds like tribal chanting, to cheerful pop tunes, to sensitive instrumental goodness.”

In December of 2011, Beedell captured even greater praise from fans and critics alike with the release of his latest album, Distract Engage. Erik Leijon, in a review for the Montreal Mirror, described it as “recalling the most nerdish oddities of the 90s...expertly combining the complex with the catchy”, stamping the album with a respectable 7.5/10.

A pop record echoing not only the classical dimensions of Owen Pallett's Heartland, but the epic-rock perspective of an early Weezer, Beedell has now taken Distract Engage to the stage. With a diverse backup band in tow, Estan has furthered his ambitions and has made it his goal to strike new listeners with an unshakeable live-performance. Playing this winter in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, Estan is looking to take to the road this summer and continue to tour in support of his new album.


Happy Growing (2008) LP

Space Train (2010) LP

Distract Engage (2011) LP

Tracks can be streamed at:


Set List

e.g. (approx. 45 mins.)

1. Progress
2. Building A Rollercoaster
3. Someone to Look Back On
4. Dirt Dancefloor
5. James' House
6. Round
7. Crusader
8. Cocoon
9. Countdown

(max. set is presently 1hr 30mins)