San Antonio, Texas, USA

An eclectic mix of latin rhythms infused with pop, soul, and contemporary tex-mex with a twist. This versatile singer-songwriter combines various elements of latin music with catchy hooks and lasting melodies that will definitely grab your attention.


Estani’s appropriately titled debut album, “Mariposa” provides more than just an eclectic mix of styles yet to be merged with tejano music, it represents a metamorphosis of music, soul, and ambition encompassed in an 11 song CD.
“It wasn’t easy finding a sound that was completely unique and representative of who I am and where I came from” says the proud Texas native. Born and raised in San Antonio TX, Estani has always been acquainted with the melodic ring of the accordeon, the bajo sexto, the ever present keyboards, and the harmonies so familiar with conjunto and tejano.
Estani moved to Los Angeles after graduating from college and almost instantly began singing with local bands in Los Angeles. Since arriving, Estani has shared the stage with artists such as, Los Tigres del Norte, Ana Barbara, Nydia Rojas, La Mafia, singing duets with Flaco Jimenez,and Son By Four to name a few.
Her talents have taken her everywhere, not just vocally, but lyrically as well. Her songs have been picked up by artists in Russia all the way to TV shows in Argentina. She worked with multi-talented singer/songwriter Joan Sebastian for over two years, singing his famous duet, “Oiga”. Adding to the list, Estani sang back-up for Laura Pausini, appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, fronted the Afro-cuban jazz band Yeska on the Jerry Lewis telethon as well as traveling to perform at the annual Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada, worked as a background vocalist for Spanish Singer, Maricela, and recorded two albums for Japan.
Estani’s fluidity of verse and flexibility of style make it easy for her to transcend musical boundaries, writing catchy hooks and melodies almost effortlessly with every thought put on paper. Estani wrote every song on her debut cd. It is a tremendous feat for an artist to be able to say they wrote every song on their debut album. She has done just that.
We will be sure to hear much more from this rising dynamic singer/songwriter.



Written By: Estani

Yo Te quiero dar mi tiempo/y tu me quieres prometer/si yo te doy toda mi vida/pero yo no lo puedo hacer/porque soy como el mar nadie seguro cuando esta nadando en soledad/te quiero proteger/pero te danare porque quiero mi libertad/coro/Mariposa siempre tiene que volar/Vuelve sola de su propia voluntad/Si la guardas morira que lastima/pero si la dejas libre vivira/Sentimientos para ti no cambiaran/Aunque tengo que alejarme estaras/En el fondo de mi alma con tu amor/Nunca quise causarte un gran dolor/ Ay Mariposa/Voy me salgo sin conversar/Mis palabras como el tiempo/Mis emociones como el viento/Sin parar y siempre cambiando/es el momento de marcharse/ Pero no quiero lastimarte/Porque soy como el mar nadie seguro cuando esta nadando en soledad/Te quiero proteger/pero te danare/porque quiero mi libertad/Coro/Solo tu sol va calentarme/Cuando tengo frio en mi ciudad/Nadie en este mundo va amarme como tu/eres mi hogar/Coro

English translation
Written by: Estani

I want to give you my time
and you want me to promise
to give you my life
but I can't do that

Because I am like the ocean
No one is ever secure with me
I want to protect you
but will only hurt you
Because I need my freedom

Butterfly has to fly
It will only return on its own
If you try to keep it, it dies
If you let it free, it lives

My feelings for you will never die
Though I have to distance myself
You will always live in my heart
I never meant to give you such pain
Oh Butterfly (end chorus)

I leave with no conversation
My words are like time
My emotions are like the wind
Never stopping, always changing
It's better I just go
I never meant to hurt you


Only your sun can warm me, when I'm cold and alone in my world
No one in this world will love me like you...You make me feel like I'm home


La Oportunidad

Written By: Estani

La Oportunidad
Y estoy encargada/porque es mi destino/enfrento la vida sin miedo y con intensidad/Tengo mis respuestas/y ahora estoy contenta/como una mariposa me siento lista para volar/ y yo estoy agradecida/ que encontre mi propia vida/ no quiero escuchar la gente/ porque tengo mi propia mente/y yo estoy agradecida/ que encontre mi propia vida/ no quiero ecuchar la gente/porque tengo mi propia mente/Ay Dame Dame/ Ay Dame La Oportunidad/Caminaba atrasada/ y nadie me tendio la mano/ me cai muchas veces y solo aprendi a continuar/Me he acostado tanto/ a mantenerme firme/Me siento que nada en el mundo me puede derribar/y yo estoy agradecida/ que encontre mi propia vida/no quiero escuchar la gente/porque tengo mi propia mente/ y yo estoy agradecida/porque tengo mi propia vida/no quiero escuchar la gente/ porque tengo mi propia mente/Ay Dame Dame/ Ay Dame La Oportunidad/Ay Dame Dame/ Ay Dame La Oportunidad/Ya se que tengo que mantenerme firme si quiero avanzar/Dime que no debo, dime que no puedo, dime que no lo hago, y yo te voy a demonstrar/Aqui no tiene duda/porque traigo sabrosura/soy duena de mi destino/y nadie va a viajar mi camino,oh

Please Don't Tell Me

Written By: Estani

Please Don’t Tell Me
You know you got me where you want me/so why deceive me/thought I was everything you’d need/ Tried so hard to make you happy/but it was nothing/to you but everything to me/so I let go and as I’m falling/ you rescue me from what I want and/ take me back where I don’t want to be/Chorus/ Please Don’t Tell Me/Change is gonna come and you’re sorry/It’s not that easy/ Please Don’t tell Me/ You will love me right when you’re ready/It’s not that easy…Yeah/Intoxicated/Devastated/Captivated/What is this hold you’ve got on me/I want you to not want me baby/Don’t leave me waitin/For something I will never see/ ‘Cause when you’re here it’s like you’re gone and/though you’re near, you’re still so far and/I just don’t know how much I can take/Chorus/I’m only givin while you’re takin/ and all the while my heart keeps breakin/Baby, just let me go/The only thing that I’m receivin/Promises that have no meanin/Why do you hurt me so/Please don’t Tell me/Change is gonna come and you’re sorry/ It’s not that easy…Ad Lib


"Si Una Vez Mas": appeared on documentary special in Argentina titled, "Beyond the New Age"
Latest Single, "Mariposa": receiving internet radio airplay
CD "Mariposa": Released as of 3/17/09

Set List

We always try and mix up the set list every time we play so there's not something set in stone. Generally, all the songs on the album are played along with some covers such as standard cumbias, maybe a salsa variation or something with a reggaeton flair here and there. Covers can include Selena remixes, Pollera Colora, La Mucura, Sabor A Mi, Azucar, Carnaval, Cucala, Usted Abuso, Yerbero Moderno, Ese Hombre, etc..and much more in English as well if need be.