Esteban Copete y su Kinteto Pacifico
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Esteban Copete y su Kinteto Pacifico

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia
Established on Jan, 2008
Band World Latin


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Esteban Copete: “Gualajo es un punto de referencia”"

El reconocido líder de la agrupación Kinteto Pacífico, Esteban Copete (uno de los artistas del colectivo Cali suena en Vivo), aprovechó el día de su cumpleaños para recordar su trayectoria musical como marimbero y saxofonista.
“Con el grupo Ancestros tengo recuerdos muy gratos de amistad y de aprendizaje; además porque fue el primer grupo que yo conformé”, recordó Esteban.

Sin duda alguna el maestro Gualajo es una figura canónica de la marimba. Esteban Copete habla al respecto: “El maestro Gualajo es de lo más representativo en la marimba, es un punto de referencia para todos los marimberos. Nadie puede aprender a interpretarla si nunca se ha acercado a él”, afirma el artista.

Aquí se puede ver a Esteban tocando la marimba con su Kinteto:

Cali Suena en Vivo es una propuesta del Proyecto Industrias Culturales de Cali en conjunto con la Comunidad de Música. Esteban Copete y su Kinteto Pacifico participan en este proyecto: “Para nosotros es muy importante pertenecer a ese proyecto, porque estábamos un poco dispersos, y eso es reactivar la cultura musical caleña”, concluye. - Señal Radio Colombia


2012 Esteban Copete y su Kinteto Pacfico
2014 Kinteto Pacifico Goza con mi



When looking for a name that encompasses the essence of the culture of Afro-Pacific music, one easily arrives at Petronio lvarez, the mythic figure and composer of Mi Buenaventura. Looking at the resume of Esteban Copete, his grandson, we can confirm that carrying the blood of this important legend has not been in vain. Esteban Copote, a young musician from el Choc, has won multiple awards and numerous recognitions in the music world, demonstrating that familial legacy and ancestral influences are of vital importance, while adding his own perspective in the search for new paths of musical expression in the region.

Given the strong musical influence that surrounded him since childhood from both his maternal family and his grandfather, from a young age Esteban felt a calling in music as well as a strong conviction that music would be his profession. Along with private classes and teaching himself to play instruments like the marimba de chonta, he studied saxophone at the Bellas Artes Conservatory as well as the University of Valle Music School, which he graduated from.

This trajectory has led Copete to research and experiment with traditional folkloric rhythms, belonging to a new generation of artists that aim to open new paths for native music from our country for an urban and contemporary public. As a young city-dweller growing up in Choc, he was conscious of the cultural transformations occurring and the necessity to propose new sounds that allow the circulation and evolution of music in different directions.

One of his most important projects is the KINTETO PACFICO. It was created in 2008 as a musical offering from Esteban Copete, influenced by the musical currents of Colombias Pacific coast and motivated by the sounds of other genres. Copete decided to create this quintet with the goal of obtaining a native, indigenous sound while at the same time incorporating contemporary influences, integrating rhythms with African roots and using traditional instruments like the marimba de chonta, bombo, cununos, redoblante, platillos de latn and the guasa, while adding an electro-acoustic bass and a soprano saxophone as harmonic and melodic complements.

Esteban Copete was also the director of Grupo Ancestros, which was formed on strong folkloric foundations blended with genres like Jazz, Funk, Rock, and Bossa Nova. This group won the Free Category of the 2007 Petronio lvarez Festival.

Without a doubt, the talent of this tireless and curious musician (who has also entered the film world, playing one of the lead parts in the Colombian movie CHOC), will make contributions that will lessen the generational gap in musical traditions from the Afro-Pacific culture, in the hope of bringing this music to dimensions that neither his grandfather nor we have yet imagined.

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