Esther Celebrini

Esther Celebrini


smooth nostalgic vocals pitched with expressive piano lines - poignant and poetic lyrics - Jazz and Folk influenced - with original compositions and crossover to pop - reaches to audiences of all ages, genres and cultures


Esther Celebrini is emerging as a new breed of musician, part singer-songwriter, part jazz artist. Performing mostly on her own with vocals and piano, Esther echoes the lineage of jazz divas like Shirley Horn, Nina Simone, Diana Krall and Norah Jones and yet it is her songwriting that carries her beyond solely interpreting jazz standards. Influenced by poetic lyricists like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, Esther started song-writing at a tender age and pouring her thoughts and musings into songs. Her songwriting has garnered hera semi-finalist spot in the Independent World Music Series of 2006 as well as a performance spot with the New York Songwriter’s Circle at the famous Bitter End club in Greenwich Village, New York.

Originally born and raised in Taiwan and Singapore, Esther was always surrounded by musicians and actors because her mother was a famous pop singer who was discovered through a television talent show at the age of 14. Growing up with so much celebrity and attention, Esther took a different path early on in her life and held back the notion of entering “show business”, pursuing academics and natural sciences. When her family moved from Asia to Canada, Esther had a natural outlet for her thoughts and frustrations as she channeled the challenges of a changing environment into playing and writing music. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and working in the scientific field, Esther realized there was something fundamentally missing in her life and she started embracing her true calling as a poet and musician. Fortunately, Esther was able to hook up with some of the premier jazz musicians from the West Coast and honed her skills as vocalist as well as jazz pianist as she took to her path in music. She has an associate diploma in classical piano from the London College of Music and has studied with the acclaimed jazz piano legend Bob Murphy as well as the famed Russian vocal instructor Nikolai Kolesnikov.

Esther hosts a regular show in Vancouver featuring live painting and her solo gig of orginals, jazz and poetic standards.
Esther’s debut production and CD collection "Portraits in the Green Room" features seven beautifully crafted originals performed by a full rhythm section with string orchestration. Initial reviews have hailed the singer-songwriter as an exciting talent to watch. “Her songs ripe with poetry, her voice haunting and nostalgic and her songwriting catchy, vibrant and refreshing.” She is currently working on a live album which will feature her playing her best performance as a soloist: just a voice and a piano exchanging lines of poetry.


Fall with Me

Written By: Esther Celebrini

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
the wind had brought me here
I didn't see to concieve you
but now that I've found you let me know you
I never thought someone would understand
the ageless one in me
You didn't need to be introduced
the moment you saw me you knew

So fall with me into ecstasy
this dream of time begins
fall with me into memory
a place where time will bend, my friend

Back in the future we'll walk along
living different lives in between
but I have listened to what my hear knows
and now that I've found you I will hold you close
'casue you never know what the path may bring
and life can be a funny thing
underneath the moonlight our shadows rise
this path will take us beyond the skies

So fall with me...

Let's Slow it Down

Written By: Esther Celebrini

I'm caught up in a whirlwind with no signs of slowing down
Everybody's rushing to catch up
'Cause I already miss you and time doesn't wait for you.
Have we forgotten our beginning?
There are things that I want to see, dreams to explore - so come with me baby throw eveerything that you know into the sea.
And let's slow it down - the world is moving too fast to show you that I care about the things we cannot see - Do you believe in the things we don't understand?

To get to know you deeper - to hear my voice inside
to live a little wiser and to drown in this wine. 'Cause many things pass us by and fear says "I won't try" - but my heart tells me it remembers. There are things that I want to feel - thoughts to explore - so come with me baby throw everything that you know into the sea..
And let's slow it down...

Pagan's Lullaby

Written By: Esther Celebrini

In the still of my heart
in the peace of my prayer
in the depths of my soul I will find comfort there
People come people go
memories fade the heart still knows
far away and near I've come to the sun we shall go
I will find my way home
many times I walk alone
In the stars I see the light
Hope is strong through the night


Written By: Esther Celebrini

Emily grew up in a state of innocence sheltered from the wind and the rain Her mother always came to her defence and hid her from sorrow and pain Mama had to do what she could to create a world she never knew so she took it all inside secrets and heartaches she couldn't reveal Emily grew up one day she spread her wings to fly away to everyone she was kind to reality she was blind then a winter storm came up one day and suddenly she drifted away without a sign, without a sound 'cause Emily left no roots in the ground You say it's not fair they just don't give a damn how much you speak the truth and sometimes it's just survival for every man the things in life you have to prove I'm just looking for a better way these silly games I never learnt to play do I even have a choice to make or sleep through all of my days She was looking to be a star and dreamt of many places that she could be but she never knew who she was inside and slowly she drifted away with the wind Emily grew up in a state of innocence sheltered from the wind and the rain She was left with nothing to defend and couldn't handle the pain Everyday she tried to find a place in the world she could shine slowly she was left behind for she couldn't keep with standard time 'cause Emily left no roots in the ground

The River

Written By: Esther Celebrini

I will bring it down to the river and watch the waters flow I will sing it all down at the river and hear the waters go Green, green river gold I'll rush into the waters, enjoy the flow and find my way down to the river of old On and on the river goes I'll jump into the waters, enjoy the cold and find my way down to the river I will think it all down at the river and hear my thoughts echo I will see it all down at the river of old and comprehend my soul In the waters of life I'll find a hiding place for my soul in the breeze through the trees my spirit lifts in harmony Stones are made smooth by running water and rocks are carved out by the rain I will go down to the river and find peace for my soul


Written By: Esther Celebrini

You showed me that in this place there is beauty
You gave me reasons not to try so hard
In this simplicity there's an intricate jewel of eternity
Tonight I take flight on my ship of instability
Tonight I lay me down to sleep
Restless in my soul to understand

Sometimes I'm waiting, waiting
Waiting for the sun to rise
Waiting for a new start

You showed me that in this face we see humanity
You opened me all my fears inside
On this long and lonesome journey the ancient winds carry on
Tonight I'll sing this song of freedom
Tonight I choose to be alive
Let the passions rise inside again

Sometimes I'm waiting, waiting
Waiting for the sun to rise
waiting for a new start
Sometimes I'm waiting, waiting
Waiting for the sun to rise
when I find it right here

Here is the person I want to be
Now is the place to change eternity
This is the time to find what I'm looking for - no more
right here I am waiting - for you


Portraits in the Green Room - 7 song CD released independently January 2006

Set List

Set List -
Feeling Good - Nina Simone
Fall with Me - Esther Celebrini
Life - Esther Celebrini
Escalator - Esther Celebrini
Dark Eyes - Esther Celebrini
The River - Esther Celebrini
Let's Slow it Down - Esther Celebrini
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

Each set about 30 - 45 minutes long
Each show about 2 sets