Esther Lowless
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Esther Lowless


Band Classical Classic Rock


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Debut EP: Strange Place To Meet, May/June 2013



Once upon a time, n years ago, The Universe bonded an inconclusive number of highly agitated atoms and molecules together to form a particular peculiar female being. She was named Esther Lowless.

As a child she floated across mountains and seas, surveying the often tumultuous storms that occupied the lands. The unfortunate events she observed spurred the already agitated atoms and molecules within her into fits and convulsions, therefore producing a power she did not desire for. Some people call this power "Nervous Energy".

Unable to control her newfound power, she went feral, screaming Gehenna and succumbing to paroxysms.

The Universe could do nothing except to look on with sympathy. But at the same time, The Universe was glad, for The Universe knew she would blossom out of her anguish and find strength from her agony. And one day, she would wield "Nervous Energy" the way it was meant to be wielded.

After x years of struggling with her power, Esther Lowless has finally begun to tame the wild beast. The Universe nods in approval, as she now has command over what used to dominate her.

She will begin channelling "Nervous Energy" into telling her stories, both real and imagined, to her fellow beings and every other being that would like to hear, watch, or feel, her stories.

Hello audience #y, what a strange place to meet.