Esther Melody Band

Esther Melody Band

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Makers of beasty pop, living in Nashville, TN made in Wellington, New Zealand.


The Esther Melody Band (EMB) is an eclectic, electric mix of the beautiful and the beastie. These intrepid musical adventurers are about exploring the realms of possibility in creative expression, life on the planet and beyond. Being the serious God bothering geeks they are, they have crafted a vision ‘to unite a generation in song with Jesus Christ and his church through a lifetime of adventure in support of world literacy and spiritual freedom’, in short - musical world domination.

Esther kicked off on her own, but realised that while her 4 ½ octave vocal range and good looks pressed all the industry solo career buttons, she had bands in her blood. Brother Caleb makes up the core of the Band. Their diverse repertoire of originals was initially produced with award winning artists/producers such as Tui winning Chris White (The Lads), Brad Dring (Rapture Ruckus), Nic Manders (Brooke Fraser), Oscar winning Mike Hedges (Lord of the Rings and King Kong) and Grammy/Dove award winning Joe Baldridge (Jewel, DC Talk), these new generation Kiwi pop rockers are now producing their own sounds. Check out audio and video samples at
Take the polish of the recorded music, add their; energy, flair and charm and this is one act that really is best caught live.

A facebook comment from a fan after their first gig having immigrated to Nashville stated “Often with artists the live show is not as good as the recorded music, with the Esther Melody Band live was even better. If it were the vocal Olympics Esther would win gold, silver and bronze!’’ This brother and sister team perform live both acoustically as a duo and as a high energy electric four piece with Esther on lead vocals, keys and acoustic guitar plus Caleb on drums and backing vocals complemented by guitar and bass.

EMB have determined they won’t die wondering, and hence have made the hemispheric transition from Wellington, New Zealand to Nashville, Tennessee. As a family friend put it, ‘when it comes to God there is no box’ so this fun loving brother and sister team with a passion to show the world that being Christian is really about living life to the full refuse to accept any limitations God did not create. Yes sir it’s planet earth here we come.


Meet me at the Water

Written By: Esther Smith

They gave me strange looks as I went to dig my well
The sand blew circles around me, we were in our driest spell
And I dug my hole as if it were good for my soul
Like I needed it to live, to love, to look forward and dream
I cried and screamed "give me something!"
Waited for ages and you quietly said to me...
Meet me at the water
take off your shoes
I have been waiting
To sit and talk with you
We'll have a conversation
We'll talk about the truth
Because I wanna get to know you
The work was done now it was time for chips and fish
I wanted a crabstick and tomato sauce as well
I didnt get my wish
We sat and spoke, you gave me hope
You were actually interested in what I had to say
We smelled so good in our mozzy spray, trying not to get bit oh


Edge Of Time - Second Album
Secret Message - Debut Album
You are our God - Praise and worship EP

Set List

Set lists can vary (we can do 5mins to 2 hours of material) but includes all original music. A typical 30min set would include;

Concrete Jungle
Go For Gold
What we want
Meet me at the water
Edge of Time
You got me