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Esther O'Connor

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"Maverick Album review ****"

Maverick magazine **** (4 Stars) (national magazine)

Maverick review
Dec issue
Esther O’Connor
Right Here
Redhed Records EOCD02

Captivating music from this very bubbly singer-songwriter.
Daughter of Graeme Duffin, ex-guitarist with hit pop band
Wet Wet Wet, Esther proves herself to be a very talented
songwriter with this, her second album release.
Produced by her father, this album is a wonderful mix of
slow thoughtful ballads. Such as the extremely beautiful
Honesty and the equally enchanting Hope. Countrified tracks like the flowing and catchy Hold On with some fine fiddle, and the sassy All Right, Right Now which rocks in a seductive way thanks to Esther’s fantastically feisty Vocals. At times she sounds a bit like Sheryl Crow as on the enjoyable Yesterday’s Too Late, and there are also smatterings of Celtic, folk and pop on this entertaining CD. Esther has a lovely voice, and she also writes some great songs. Well worth checking out. DK
(Maverick magazine)

- Maverick

"Sunday Express Album Review *****"

***** (FIVE STARS)
Esther O'Connor (Redhed/Cargo)
It's clear from the opening track, Right Here, you are listening to something special with O'Connor's second solo album. She has been likened to Sheryl Crow, Suzanne Vega and KT Tunstall and at times - such as with the stunning Honesty - there's a hint of Eddi Reader about her, but there is something truly unique about her special voice.
The album, which features regular Celtic and country undertones, has a nice balance of ballads and upbeat pop songs.
It's time for KT, Sandi, and Amy to make room because Right Here will launch a new Scottish star into the charts. - Sunday Express

"music news scotland"

Esther O'Connor
The Place Where We Are
added: 9 Jul 2007 // release date: 9 Jul 2007 // label: reviewer: Christine Toner

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Here’s an interesting fact about Esther O’Connor. Her dad is Graeme Duffin from Wet Wet Wet. And interesting fact number two? She’s actually pretty good. With a dollop of healthy cynicism I, like most people, am a little dubious when relatives of famous musicians start making records themselves. (Ok so Duffin is hardly John Lennon but you get my point!) So many times we hear that the son or daughter of someone famous is making their own bid for chart success. And nine times out of 10 that bid fails miserably. They’re left looking a bit foolish and you’re left wishing they’d just be like Nicole Richie or Kimberley Stewart who accept they are talent less and get on with being famous by association. But it’s clear Esther has not rested on the Wets laurels, oh no. This girl has talent. With a voice and sound not dissimilar to Lucie Silva Esther deserves to be famous in her own right. October 12, 2007
- music news scotland

"Bute Live Review"

The Place where where are was one of many of her own compositions delivered by elfin chanteuse Esther O'Connor to an appreciative audience at Ghillie's Bar on Sunday afternoon.
And Ghillie's certainly was the place to be on sunday as the singing and songwriting duo of Esther and Husband Tim Entertained an audience of some 50 music aficianados in the up and coming Victoria Hotel's seafront Venue.
Likened to Stevie Nicks, we actually though that Esther sounded a bit more like the Mac's English singer, Christine McVie, than her Californian counterpart.
However comparisons are really invidious as Esther has a style all of her own.
Last weeks preview described her as "chilled and edgy and ballsy at the same time". Beforehand we wondered what that meant, but on sunday we found out - Esther's size belies a voice rich in depth and emotion, and with husband Tim's support the two guitars provided a mellow backing for her striking voice.
Esther's set consisted of mainly her own compositions, but one song which went down really well was the Bryan Adam's number A little love, which Esther recently performed at Glasgow's Oran Mor, duetting with the legendary Carol Kidd.
Even her sound checks demonstrated her striking voice, but the words of her songs are of equal note. Very much about life, living and things that happen along the way - perhaps not what might be expected on a sunday afternoon. But isn't that what life is all about?
- The Buteman

"rock and reel Album Review***"

Right Here *** (3 stars)

Right Here is the second album from the young and much talked-about Scottish singer-songwriter who has been compared to Sheryl Crow and KT Tunstall.
The album is a mix of hard (ish) rock and soulful ballads. 'Chasing Rainbows' is the former and my favourite track on the album along with 'Yesterday's Too Late', while 'Hope' represents the latter. The arrangements are consistently interesting and do much to raise the album above the competition.

- rock and reel

"Berwick Advertiser Album Review"

Esther O’Connor – Right Here
It sometimes baffles why Simon Cowell and co search the country for musical talent when all they need to do is look a little closer at some of the working musicians already out there.
And here, in singer-songwriter Esther O’Connor, is one who deserves to get the opportunity that the winner of the X Factor will get after just a matter of weeks on a tv programme.
Her second album, Right Here, shows off her undoubted vocal talent exceptionally well, with a mix of pop songs, ballads and heartfelt anthems that deserve to bring her to the attention of all.Compared in some quarters to KT Tunstall, Glasgow-based Esther certainly has a similar style, but with a much purer, smoother delivery. Her hauntingly beautiful voice picks you up and carries you along with her in each and every song, always leaving you wanting just one more song to follow.
The title track opens the album and, like many of her songs, has the hint of Celtic influences, while Esther’s lyrics tell you that ‘All you ever wanted is right here’ - and it certainly is.
Saturday Man is a bubbly pop song that sees you tapping your toes and singing along after just a couple of airings and would not be out of place on national radio playlists. It is probably the stand-out track, but then again, wave your pen about and see where it falls and you wouldn’t be far off the mark with any of the eleven tracks on this outstanding album.
Sassy All Right, Right Now epitomises what Esther is about and is followed by the simply stunning Honesty, with its earnest and warming lyrics.
As the album continues it becomes even more extraordinary to think that Esther has not made the big time yet. Out on the Water and Hope are beautiful lyrically, vocally and musically, while You is a simple, yet exquisite love song that can’t help but make you think of someone special in your life.
All in all, Right Here is an album of immense quality that will surely open up great opportunities for Esther O’Connor. It is no wonder that it has already received rave reviews from national papers, or that tracks have been given air time on national radio: this will not be the last you hear of Esther O’Connor.
The first single, Saturday Man, was released earlier this week, and the album will be available in Scotland from November 24, and nationwide from December 15.
If you get the chance to see this young, up-and-coming artist live jump at the chance, because soon enough you won’t be able to get a ticket for love nor money.
*Esther O’Connor is playing at The Cobbles, Kelso, on Saturday, November 22 at 8.30pm, and The Barrels, Berwick, on Saturday, December 5 at 8pm.

Adam Drummond
Berwick Advertiser - Berwick Advertiser

"The Scotsman"


This Glasgow singer-songwriter describes her sound as "Neil Young meets Beyoncé at Joni Mitchell's house", but while there's an obvious Americana influence, her sound is also rooted in Scottish folk. Pop choruses are the thing, though – not a surprise, from the daughter of Wet Wet Wet guitarist Graeme Duffin.

- The Scotsman

"Get Ready to Rock Review ****"

Right Here **** (4 stars)

The biggest single surprise here is that Esther is Scottish. Listening to what turns out to be her third album before I had done any research, I was convinced this was from across the pond. It's convincing and in the vein of an offering from Jewel or Sheryl Crow.

Actually she's been around since 2000, having signed a major deal with EMI, although her major success has been north of the border and at festivals (T in the Park, V festival).

But after a failure to hit pay dirt, she released an independently produced album in 2003 that received some rave reviews and comparisons to Stevie Nicks.

'Right Here' sees her keeping on the right track with a varied album that covers all the bases from pop to country to rock and folk.

It's an excellent effort that reminds of Sheryl Crow's debut album in its diversity. With her sweet vocals, excellent songs and delivery it can only be a matter of time before success comes knocking.


Review by Pete Whalley

- Get Ready To Rock Online review

"The List, Live review ****"

Live at Brel **** (4 Stars)

An ethereal vision in white lace corset, voluminous cotton skirt and flowing red hair, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that Esther O'Connor had stepped either out of a painting or off the set of a period drama on to the stage at Brel.
But there is an unmistakably modern twist to her music, and she flits effortlessly between upbeat. husky poppiness on the likes of 'Saturday Man' , to wonderfully mournful country torch singer on a sublime duet with Sam West of The fortunate Sons, and later on in tonight's set, a soulful, stripped down and spine-tingling cover of 'The Look of Love'.
She also proves herself to be a self deprecating host, admitting that her set list was written in eyeliner and that her backing band consists of her husband, brother and dad. She also manages to give the Barras market stallholders a run for their money by wryly offering a range of deals on her merchandise.
Dedicating 'Hope' to a girl of the same name she met in Africa, Esther thanks her for giving her a more rounded worldview and leaves the audience with a welcome glow on a bitterly cold night.
(Emma Newlands) - The List, Brel Glasgow

"woman and home place where we are review"

Woman and home review
Esther O’Connor ‘The Place Where We Are’

A regular on the BBC Radio 2 playlist, this talented young singer-songwriter from Glasgow has been touring the country this year, generating rave reviews along the way. Her folky guitar, grainy vocals and personal lyrics recall favourite songstresses, such as Sheryl Crow and Chrissie Hynde and stand out tracks include the beautiful Nirvana Man. OUT NOW.

- woman and home


'The place where we are' 2007
'Right here' 2008

'yesterdays too late' 2002 A listed on all scotish stations

'Saturday man' Due for release november 2008



Brand new album ‘Right Here’ out November 08
‘’Right Here' sees her keeping on the right track with a varied album that covers all the bases from pop to country to rock and folk… Sweet vocals and excellent songs’’ (Get Ready to Rock Magazine)
‘’’Esther O’Connor- The countryish K.T Tunstall’’ (Doug Johnston, The Scotsman)
‘’This girl has talent!’ (Christine Toner, Music News Scotland)
“She’s sizzling because she's got one of the best voices in the Scottish acoustic scene.” (The Daily Record)
“Somewhere between Suzanne Vega and Sheryl Crow, with the plangent melancholy of one, and the sassy snap of the other, you’ll find Esther O’Connor”
(Tom Morton, BBC Radio Scotland)

''This CD is packed with catchy, essentially pop songs... sparkles and shines thoughout'’
(Graeme Scott, Blues Matters )

There’s a revived yearning in our world for music with passion, soul and roots. With hints of the tradition of the bards and the storytellers taking a new shape, Esther O’Connor is an artist that has the unmistakable ability to communicate powerfully and enchant with her music. Reviews are uncompromising in their acclaim of her emotive voice, poetic melodies and hypnotic live performances.

• Esther is collaborating with several exciting artists, including the talented Nik Kershaw and composer/producer Paul Leonard Morgan. She guested on Paul’s album ‘FILMTALES’ and performed ‘live’ with him last year on the Vic Galloway show.
• Paulo Nutini is performing one of Esther’s songs ‘Running On Empty’ on his tour of The States.
• On April 27th Esther ran a Global Angels Event. This charity was inspired by Molly Bedingfield (mum of Daniel & Natasha) and included Carol Kidd MBE headlining.
Radio station’s nationwide have been captivated by Esther’s tuneful haunting songs: and blown away by her stunning live radio performances. Tom Morton of Radio Scotland describing one of her tracks as "Neil Young meets Beyonce round at Joni Mitchell’s house", recognizing the retro flare that runs through Esther’s music.
The Herald, Scotland on Sunday, Scotsman and the Sunday Times have all interviewed Esther. The Sunday Times noted approvingly that she is "David Geffen crossed with Stevie Nicks." Journalists recognize that Esther is a trailblazer, a talented musician forging the way ahead in this new musical landscape.