Esther Owen

Esther Owen


Esther Owens stage presence, delivery & humor has been likened to that of the great Janis Joplin. Her style of composition and delivery is full of such intensity & passion that the audience is frozen into Esthers world. "It's like she's created a genre which harmoniously interweaves of all genres"


“ESTHER OWEN is one of Brisbane's newest Alternative Pop acts. Forming in mid 2008, ESTHER OWEN have already recorded their debut album at Studio 301 in Byron Bay, with producer/engineer Paul Pilsneniks. (Delta Goodrem, Alanis Morissette, Silverchair)

With their debut album due for release in 2009, the band has achieved an incredible amount in the short time they have been together.”

Singer/Songwriter Esther Owen Armstrong joined forces with guitarist Rory Joy and drummer Alex Flamsteed in mid 2008. Since then, after melding all of their unique and very diverse musical influences together, they have now completed the production of their debut album at Studio 301 with Paul Pilsneniks, and have been the support act for The Mission in Motion and Elora Danan.

Their musical style is so eclectic that you can hear influences of 80's glam, classical, metal, rock, blues, jazz, country and the always audible mainstream pop and piano ballad.

When performing live, their onstage show is one of a kind. The trio delivers a show of passion, energy and commitment to their audience and music that is unrivaled even by the most popular acts of today.

When singer/pianist/composer Esther Owen puts her first foot on stage, the show immediately begins! As her piano begins to sing and voice begins to soar, the whole room freezes in silence as her vocals, superbly crafted lyrics and her extreme range of haunting to happy melodies soar and seep through every ounce of the room with passion, power, emotion, angst and pure joy.

Rory stands in perfect dynamic balance with the rest of the group and it's compositions. Whilst he is known more for his guitar pyrotechnics, Rory is also known as an adaptive player who plays for the composition. Fear not, his rock and blues stylings are still evident throughout the album.

Alex (Flamo) holds his own on the drumkit. He shares a chemistry with Rory that only comes from years of playing together. A student of the legendary Grant Collins, Alex holds a groove like no other yet displays a flair for creating unique drum parts. Always a smooth performer, he is an integral part of the group.

With such a diverse range of influences coming from the band members, the album promises to have something for everybody.
Be on the lookout for an album launch near you, and in the meantime, keep an eye out for this group, they’re creating fire in water, and are pushing boundaries that few attempt to push!


Self Titled Album "Esther Owen" Completed yet waiting to be printed so it can be released.

Set List

(TYPICAL SET) approx 45min - 1hr

Tongue Tied Child - 4:23
I Stole These Wings - 3:46
Disappear Completely - 1:59
If Only - 2:45
Crystal Clear - 2:48
Spots & Stripes - 3:39
Dearest Joe - 4:11
It’s Been So Long - 3:05
Stand The Heat - 3:24
Nothing Left - 2:55
Take Away The Tears - 2:47
Who Cares - 3:40