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"Esther Rose Neal - "Return" Review"

Esther Rose Neal - "Return" Review

Being given a gift from the Lord, such as one for music is a blessing
in itself. There are many wonderful music ministries out there. Some
are gifted song writers, some are vocalists, some play the
instruments. Some write the music and for some their offering is to
collaborate on the total projects continuity. Few are able to combine
it all in one package.

The ability of putting all these endowments together into a single
mission and achieve a reverent album that honors the Lord, is truly an
act of God. You will find the complete scale of talents Ms. Neal has
been gifted with in this album "Return".

Esther Rose Neal is able to connect and project with her music her
sincere love of the Lord. You find yourself listening because she
delivers a compelling, sincere and inspiring testimony about the 'free
and uncontested love of Jesus Christ'. All her songs on this project
are positive, uplifting and encouraging. Her style and performances
are not generation specific. She has a beautiful voice and is more
than capable of a spiritual softness in "You Delight In Me" and
pop/contemporary beat with the title track, "Return".

On her contact information card it identifies her as 'Singer -
Songwriter - Worship Leader". To that I acknowledge a hearty "Yes" and
add "Recording Artist".

Michael Hughes
Christian Mix Inet
- Michael Hughes, Christian Mix Inet

"Music Review -Esther Rose Neal"

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Music Review - Esther Rose Neal

Artist: Esther Rose Neal
Album: “Return”

Esther’s debut album is a lyrically delightful compilation of ballads, psalms and praise music, with a R&B/Rock/Funk “edge” that makes me feel good whenever I listen to it. This first effort from a rising Southern California musician is worth looking into! Backed by an excellent group of studio musicians, Ms. Neal does an excellent job on Acoustic Guitar on every cut. Her lead vocals, supported by a mini-choir of background vocalists, are strong and clear.

Because the lyrics are not buried by the instruments, there is no mistaking what Esther Rose Neal is trying to communicate through her music. The listener can undoubtedly rest secure in the knowledge that there are still artists out there (and Esther is one of them!) who “put their lyrics where their faith is” (instead of watering down what their message is saying for the sake of commercialism). That effect was intentional, and was the result of anyone and everyone who was involved in the making of this recording praying over every track and every decision that was made in its recording and production.

There is a lot to like about this CD (like the killer Lead Guitar solo in “Already a Star” and the awesome bass guitar work on “From You”) and not much at all to dislike. The only thing that falls into the latter category really just comes down to a matter of the divergent vocal and musical styles expressed in it. Once I got used to the wide variety and range of styles bursting forth on this project, it really grew on me! I find myself humming the tunes or “playing them over in my head” (as well as really thinking about what the songs are saying) whenever some other music isn’t on.

On the really extreme, totally positive side, combined with the lyrically excellent content of this recording, the one thing that stands out to me is this: When Esther is alone with God and her guitar, her “true center”, her “natural essence”, her “heart of hearts”, musically-speaking and message-wise really comes out and shines forth as evidenced by the worship song “You Delight In Me”. After listening to that cut, I was left tearful and wanting more of the same. We can only hope that God will inspire Esther to do an “unplugged” CD some day!

Something else that I found really inspiring and refreshing about Esther is her transparency and honesty. If you check out her web site you can read a brief bio, telling a little about her musical and ministry history. But if you really want to “know the heart” of this talented artist, check out her “ MySpace” site. After you read that, check out her “Song Stories”, which are the back-story behind each of several songs on “Return”. The song list, below, contains hyperlinks when a particular song has a “Song Story” associated with it. Click on the song title and you will go to the Song Story for it.

Song List
-1. Return
-1. War
-1. Give Me Vision
-1. Already a Star
-1. From You
-1. You Delight In Me
-1. By His Grace
-1. Heal the Broken
-1. The Look of Love
-1. Let Your Heart Live Forever

I want to conclude this review by providing one last link to her publicity material that was provided to me. It really sums up Esther’s heart for ministry and her reason for offering this project to us.

Happy Listening, and God Bless!
Tim Mrva
- Halas and Phos - Tim Marva


Kay Poland – Program / Music Director
“I highly recommend the music of Esther Rose Neal. It is straightforward and God honoring. Her vocal style is unique and engaging.”

Jene & Evie Wilson – Directors of AMERICAN FAMILY LIVING
“I have heard a lot of music artists and music ministry over the years, but Esther Rose Neal’s is different and special.”
“If a ministry is looking for a musician who will minister under the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit and power Esther is the one.”

Graydon Jessup – Senior Pastor, EASTSIDE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Fullerton, CA.
“She (Esther) has been used by the Lord in a variety of places, small and large, intergenerational or women’s retreats, it really doesn’t seem to matter. Wherever she is she is gifted to connect people with the Lord through music.”

Michael Stafford – Minister of Music and Arts
“I find that her music is fresh, innovative and speaks across ethnic and generational boundaries. She is top notch as a person of faith, a performer, entertainer and minister. She will be a blessing wherever she finds herself.”

Leslie Butler - Minister of Music, ANTIOCH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH
"Esther Neal’s live performances are full of heart, excitement and the necessary energy to captivate an audience. Her ministry is overflowing with compassion and devotion and her songs set an encouraging bright mood. Finally, Esther Neal is an exceptional musician and there should be no hesitation in your commitment to her as a writer or performing artist."

Curtis Jessup - Associate Pastor of Discipleship, EASTSIDE CHRISTIAN CHURCH
"The Lord has given Esther a gift to connect and relate not only to long time Christians but to those who are on the edge with the faith or who are seeking for truth in their lives. I highly recommend Esther as a worship leader or for Christian Concerts / Outreach events and am confident she will bring honor and glory to the Lord in whatever area of ministry she is involved."

Robb Ring – Senior Pastor, East Anaheim Christian Church, Anaheim, CA
"Her ministry was so energized that both young and old in the church were touched by her enthusiasm and passion for Christ. Whether a classic hymn, the newest praise music or a song that Esther wrote herself, the room was filled with a genuine spirit of worship.
Her new CD is an honest look at the triumphs and struggles of the Christian life presented with real heart. I know that Esther’s love for the Lord drives her to share her faith as often as she possibly can and this music is such a great opportunity to do just that."
- Radio & Church's


Full Length CD: "RETURN"
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*Singer *Songwriter
*Worship Leader *Recording Artist
My name is Esther Rose Neal and this is a glimpse into my journey with the Lord and the talents He has given me. I am so humbled that God would use me to reach people with His heart through my life and songs. I have lead worship and shared my songs from small family to large and multi-generational church’s, women’s retreats and conferences, prayer and worship conferences, outreaches, festivals, Celebrate Recovery ministry, Cleansing Stream ministry, Harp and Bowl Worship, and more. I have been blessed to have RADIO play for over 2 years on Calvary Chapel's K-WVE 107.9 FM with my single "YOU DELIGHT IN ME" as well as other stations and recently on Several Stations in the U.S. with my singles "RETURN" and "FROM YOU. I also had the incredible opportunity to open for TELECAST and NATALIE GRANT. I pray that whatever God has me do, or wherever He has me go, I would always glorify, radiate and point to Him.
I was born on the island of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada. I began singing from the early age of 4. This was soon after I had come to my mother and asked to accept Jesus into my heart. It has become clear to me, that this was no coincidence. Soon after, I began touring with a children’s song and dance group to minister in orphanages, hospitals, jails and even to heads of State throughout different areas of South America, where my parent’s were missionaries. This was an incredible yet challenging experience for me at such an early age. My family came back to California and I continued to sing throughout my school years. At 16, I was performing with bands at top venues in Hollywood, such as, The Roxy and The Wisky. I later moved to Northern California and lead successful Cover Bands in the San Jose and Bay Areas, while also writing original material and becoming better seasoned as an artist. At this time I was experiencing a deep longing, which could not be satisfied in “the world”. God was drawing me into His heart and an intimate relationship with Him and I found myself surrendering my life and talents to His care and control. I wanted to give God back the gifts He had given me, wholeheartedly, genuinely and without compromise. So when I moved back to Southern California, God opened the doors for me to learn what it meant to be a worshiper and I was given opportunities to lead out and grow in my abilities and heart for worship. I have had the privilege to lead worship and minister the heart of God through song in many different arenas. I also attended and graduated from Calvary Chapel’s School of Worship. There I learned even more about who God was, and who I was in His eyes. This helped prepare me to become the Music Director for a local Church, where I learned the value of serving the old as well as being a mentor to the young. I was content and happy to serve and felt this must be the path and place God wanted me to stay. It was only after my husband and I suffered the loss of our child through a miscarriage, that God spoke to us in our grief and confirmed, that now was the time to step out completely in the area of music and ministry. God had been equipping me through surrender, service and suffering, as well as His unceasing love, healing and faithfulness, to be a vessel to be used however He planned and desired for His glory. So God birthed a ministry for my husband and I. Right away, the opportunity was brought forth for me to record the songs He had helped me write through my personal experiences with Him. He has used these songs to encourage, bring hope, strength and healing to many. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey so far. Blessings!