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Esther Sparkes

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Band Pop R&B


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"Esther Sparkes – What Changed"

Esther Sparkes – What Changed | Finalist | Expose Yourself Song Contest

Esther Sparkes from Sydney, New South Wales Australia is a sparkling beacon in the music world and sure to spark a flame in the hearts of fans worldwide. With “What Changed” we can hear a glimpse of what Esther Sparkes is treating us to musically and we love it. Smooth gentle and sensual Esther’s voice washes over you like a welcome cool breeze on a hot summer day. You will like this song right from the beginning because its awesome, well arranged, well produced, sonically tasty, and perfectly performed. Esther Sparkes makes irresistible pop rock that will appeal to a diverse group of listeners. We look forward to Esther Sparkesmore from Esther and our 6th sense about her tells us we will be seeing her all over the music biz. Support this wonderful and talented artist.

Listen to Esther Sparkes – What Changed

Esther Sparkes talents do not end with her songwriting and performance talents. She is also a studio whiz with broad working knowledge of the technical aspects of the recording business.After completing studies in the field of Audio Engineering she is currently working at one of the Australia’s largest Recording and Mastering studio’s in addition to creating her own music.

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"Music Spotlight April 2010"

Esther Sparkes has all the right elements (youth, beauty, and endless talents) she needs to take her to the top of the music game. She sings with a powerful vocal that is full of raw passion that music fans will easily find appealing. In a recent spotlight with our Webzine, the super talented new artist reveals some fun and interesting facts about herself. Here is what Esther Sparkes had to say about her music.

Isaac: I just listened to several songs off your Music pages. What is the inspiration for making your debut EP?

Esther Sparkes: I have been writing songs for my Debut EP for at least a year now and I am aiming for a release in the next 4 months. Most of my inspiration comes from my life experience or the lives of people I know and in terms of the theme my songs resound around relationship issues and their ups and downs. I am constantly writing and thinking about the next song so it only made sense to try and get myself out there as an artist instead of focusing solely on writing.

Isaac: Who were your influences?

Esther Sparkes: I'd have to say my biggest influences would be Paramore, Lily Allen and Pink. I grew up idolizing the big divas but I was always drawn to folk styles of singing because that is what came out. I now try and mesh all my favorite styles into my music and hope for the best. A little bit of trial & error along the way but sometimes you can discovery something really cool by mucking around with different genres.

Isaac: What do you consider to have been the highlight(s) and lowpoint(s) of your career to date?

Esther Sparkes: Most recently I was nominated in the top Ten Finalists in the 2010 MusicOz awards. I entered last year and made it to the top 4 in The People's Choice category but was not selected in the Judges categories so I was pretty happy to see that my newer music was having a better response this time round. I wouldn't say I have had a low point, maybe a few setbacks but I don't let them bug me because it just makes me less productive and sitting still isn't how you go places.

Isaac: Brief history about your background plus the style of music you play.

Esther Sparkes: Most of my family has some sort of passion for music and I began writing poetry, plays for drama at school and that developed into writing songs for my Local Youth Group. I studied music at school & was interested to learn the nerdy side of the industry so I went on to does Audio Engineering and that's pretty much when I got serious about writing and recording. I try and keep the style of my music up-tempo and fun like my song "Am I Awake" & I also like to keep an acoustic element to my music like my track "What Changed".

Isaac: How easy is it to gets gigs for you as an artist? What is the live music scene like in your area?

Esther Sparkes: I can't pinpoint a formula to getting gigs in my area, allot of the time things just pop up from friends and word of mouth. I've been doing a few little acoustic sets around the place and I'm now getting a band together and chasing other Bands that are similar to me to play together. Sydney has some great live venues but like everywhere else it's a tough scene to get into and some venues have closed due to council rules which make it even harder as an emerging artist to get your foot in the door.

Isaac: What do you think of the state of Indie music at the moment? Do you listen to radio much at all? Has the Internet helped music grow or hindered it in your opinion?

Esther Sparkes: I love Indie music and listen to independent radio all the time - There are some really great talents out there!

With the Internet it gives artists like myself a new portal to get out there and most of my opportunities have initially been from the internet. Like everything it has the positives and negative - The good being new opportunities, resources and access to a worldwide fan base and the bad being the issues of piracy & selfishly the amount of competition :) It seems like you have to sort through so much to find something you like because everyone is trying to push themselves on the Net but I guess that's kind of the point. Overall I think it is great for people like me to develop and get out there!

Isaac: If you could create a fantasy band - what would be the line-up and why?

Esther Sparkes: Hayley Williams on vocals - she is just a super cool chick with a killer voice & a great persona.

Oliver Taylor Hawkins on Drums - to state the obvious this guy can play!!! (& Sings great as-well) When I saw the Foo's live in concert I stood there dumb found the entire time. Mike Einziger - Incubus was one of my favorite rock bands when I was younger so I must include a member from them!

Elton John on Keys - Elton is like my go to music when I don't know what I want to hear and feel like some good old school tunes!

Flea from the Chilli's of course - cant say much here cause he is pretty much the ultimate! Isaac: What CD's do you currently have avail - Junior Caves Online Magazine


Am I Awake - Written & performed By Esther Sparkes
Produced by DNA Songs at Studios 301 Sydney 09

What Changed - Written & performed By Esther Sparkes
Produced by DNA Songs at Studios 301 Sydney 08

Your Everything - Written & performed By Esther Sparkes
Produced by DNA Songs at Studios 301 Sydney 08

Lights Out - Written & performed By Esther Sparkes
Produced by DNA Songs at Studios 301 Sydney 2008

Let Me In - Written & Peformed by Esther Sparkes
Produced by The Sound Academy Sydney 2008

I'll Look After You - Unproduced
Written & performed By Esther Sparkes

Were Not Done Yet - Written & Peformed by Esther Sparkes
Produced by Ryan Miller 2010



Achievements 09 - 10:

"Top 10 Finalist in the 2010 Australian MusicOz Awards for her songs Am I Awake & Your Everything in the Pop Category."

"Top 50 Finalist in the 2010 MusicOz Awards for her song Am I Awake in The Rock Category."

"Selected as a nominee for the 2009 Independent Singer Songwriters Award Contest."

"Third Place Winner in the Pop/AC Category in the 100% Music Songwriting Competition 2009"

Placement of co-written dance track "For The Fun Of It" on the 2009 Raw Compilation.

With great responses from industry peers stating that her music is current, belongs on commercial radio, original and well written Esther Sparkes is beginning to emerge as an Artist not just a songwriter.

"I am passionate, hard working and have no doubt in my mind that music is were I am meant to be!" Esther Sparkes

Esther Sparkes is a gifted and genuine young singer/songwriter who loves to create music in a multitude of genres. Specializing in Pop, Pop Rock & Acoustic.

Her knowledge of the technical side to creating music gives her a great advantage over many other aspiring musicians. After completing studies in the field of Audio Engineering she is currently working at one of the Australia's largest Recording and Mastering studio's and gaining an insight into the music industry many people can only dream of.

She is beginning to gain momentum on the songwriting scene collaborating with some of Australia veteran & up & coming Songwriters & Producers. She is now developing into a mature talent - a mix of Dance, pop and rap she is defiantly one creative musician to look out for in the coming years.