Es Three

Es Three

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Something Unique, Something New...


Es Three was inspired and conceived by Carter Derten AKA Carter D in cell 29 in (Secure 3) (Es Three) of the Queensland Correctional System in 2009.

Every night Carter's only outlet for expression was in lyrical form with his pad and his pen to evolve from the outside in to the inside out and emerge from incarceration reborn. After structure and production was applied to give his lyrical story feel, his debut album entitled Chapter 1 - Tayles From The Crypt was born.

Tayles expresses his time spend in the Queensland Correctional System, extremely diverse life including unlawful affiliations and the act which brought him to this incarceration. Tayles is a summation of lessons learned, gun shots, broken bones and an adrenalin sport based lifestyle that was lead in excess for 27 years.

Tayles was written, performed and produced by Carter and engineered by good friend Nik Carpenter (Devolved) on the Gold Coast at Core Studios shortly after being released from Prison.


Dolls $ Nose Powder Single Released 2010 (electronic & Physical)

Tayles From The Crypt Released 2011 (electronic)

Tayles From The Crypt Set to Release 2012 (physical)

Set List

- Live Show Theatrical Intro 2:25
- Ghosts In The Machine 4:11
- Burden of Command 3:07
- Broken Mirrors 3:53
- Deadly Datdreaming 4:20
- 1000 Down 3:13
- Dolls $ Nosepowder 2:40
- Depth Charge 3:57
- Outro 1:07

Total Duration: 28.8 minutes