Psychedelic-Sci-Fi....Gypsy-Metal-Jazz.... Epic-Cinema-Thon! - - - In each performance a striking association of musical themes and enigmatic video projections combine to create an audio/visual universe in which the members of Estradasphere are both the characters and the soundtrack orchestra.


Estradasphere's "Palace of Mirrors Live" (2007 DVD) marks their second release since signing with The End Records in 2006. The Palace DVD's cinematic music and imagery connote a narrative that cuts across time, space, and genre. The line between cinema and album has been freshly blurred...

"Palace of Mirrors Live" is a psychedelic-sci-fi-gypsy-metal-jazz epic performed by the six musicians of Estradasphere, a live-cinema projectionist, and an innovative visual team. As the themes of the music associate with the enigmatic video projections, a dynamic film is created in which the members of Estradasphere are both the characters and the soundtrack orchestra. The mind melting Palace feature is counterbalanced by an entire opening set of 60's foreign/domestic film music, cartoon and bebop jazz, anachronistic Classical music interpretations, channeling of a non-existant American truck commercial, classic Estradasphere Gypsy Metal, and 50's Gospel favorites. Among the interpreted composers are Raymond Scott, Nino Rota, Frederic Chopin, Camille Saint-Saëns, Bud Powell, Sam Cooke, and Bernard Herrmann.

Estradasphere's diverse instrumental (violin,contrabass, jazz/metal guitar, accordion, drums, clavinet, trumpet, organ, shamisen) land stylistic palette enables them to execute a vast array of orchestrations and even forge entirely new genres such as "Bulgarian Surf," "Romanian Gypsy-Metal," and "Spaghetti Eastern." After forming in Santa Cruz, California in 1999, Estradasphere's first three studio albums were released on Trey Spruance's (Mr. Bungle) Mimicry Records. Members of Estradasphere have also recorded and performed with Spruance's current project, Secret Chiefs 3 as well as John Zorn's Masada. Estradasphere will be touring in 2007-2008 as the backup band for the solo project of Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls, in addition tog producing tracks for her upcoming solo releases. Estradasphere's four studio albums, three live concert DVD's, six international tours, and ongoing "psychedelic-cinema-thon" concerts have earned them a loyal and growing following worldwide.


Palace of Mirrors Live
(DVD - 2007 - The End Records)

Palace of Mirrors
(CD - 2006 - The End Records)

These Are the Days
(DVD - 2004)

Passion for Life
(DVD+CD - 2004- Mimicry Records)

(CD - 2003 - Mimicry Records)

The Silent Elk of Yesterday
(CD - 2001)

Buck Fever
(CD - 2001- Mimicry Records)

It's Understood
(CD - 2000 - Mimicry Records)

Jason Schimmel - The Grand Hoax - 2008

ISS - "Forget About the Girl" - 2002 - Mimicry Records

Don Salsa - "Koolaide Moustache" 1997


Amanda Palmer: Amanda Palmer – Roadrunner Records - 2008

John Zorn: Masada – Xaphan: Book of Angels Vol.9- arranged and produced by the Secret Chiefs 3 - 2008

Mr Bungle - " California" - Warner Bros - 2000

Secret Chiefs 3 - "Book M" - Mimicry records - 2001

Secret Chiefs 3 - "Book of Horizons" - 2005 - Mimicry records

Fishtank Ensemble (DVD) -Live at the Freight and Salvage (2007)

Fishtank Ensemble - Super Raoul (2006)

Impaled - Death After Life (Century Media, 2005)

Peter Garland - Love Songs (Tzadik, 2005)

Set List

April 2007 Tour
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Title/ Palace of Mirrors intro
The Return
The Debutante
A Corporate Merger
Colossal Risk/ Pause On the Threshold
Those Who Know
Flower Garden of an Evil Man
Unicorns and Rainbows
Palace Reprise
Smuggled Mutation
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
American Tough
Hungerstrike ( with Tempus Fugit and Mean Old world)