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Composed of two MCs: Taybot and Praxis, and one DJ Swervewon, estrella is on a mission to educate, connect, celebrate and learn. The result is something new and revolutionary but at its core hip-hop, moving your body and touching your soul as hip-hop, as music - should.


MCs Taybot and Praxis came together through a mutual passion for music and a longing to take the Bellingham hip-hop scene to the next level. With few groups respecting the culture, Taybot and Praxis put their pens to the pad to bring that real hip-hop back, yet still take it forward.

Driven by the pain, joy and everything-in-between of living, and a belief that hip-hop belongs to the people and must speak for them, estrella was solidified when DJ Swervewon completed the circle.

Persisting through trials of disappointment and criticism, in just over the span of two years, estrella continues building steam in the seattle hip hop scene. Having built experience sharing the stage with acts like The Perceptionists, Blue Scholars, Common Market, Sleep, C-Rayz Walz,Sweatshop Union, One Be Lo, 2MEX, The Visionaries, and Lyrics Born as well as many local acts; estrella continues their rise in the horizon.



Written By: dusk & taybot


we comin at you live
like Gill Scott
said it is
all this sedative hip-hop
is sounding so repetitive
you say you ill son?
we the real ones
plus the pill
and the medicine
cats be frontin
like the current struggle
aint relevant
they diggin thru the ashes
of the seventies
for remnants
puttin the movement
on display
like relics is
cuz they relishin
makin our generation
out to be the selfishest
so I scrutinize my writtens
to make sure my message
is relative
and relevant


is somethin
I'll never be on
work all night
til I see dawn's light
reachin regions
you never could see
my mind's a ten-speed
I let my pen bleed
got wise women
and men
mentoring me
breakin our necks
on stage
to pay respect
to an age
of hip-hop
a golden era
that was back in the day
now estrella
stays lookin forward
to the next day


in a way
we like rogue agents
plottin to put the stop
on you bushes
and reagans
my voice be sonar
undetected on they
scientific ranges
far from silent
but nonviolence
can be
just as dangerous


my mind's a weapon
so I think outloud
from office buildings
to people wantin
change downtown
rap blends with action
passion you can't deny
yall don't hear us tho
that's why we amplify!


yo we shatter
they perception
of self
up in this matrix
there's mad ways
to make changes
like givin a hand
to complete strangers
even when you
against the machine
cut the mean muggin
this is a revolutionary
and it aint over
til we break every chain
and freedom reigns
on this mental slaveship
food for thought yo
and I know
we all gotta eat
so I'm smugglin
these words
of encouragement
as nourishment
sliced through a hole
in the belly
of the beast


this is expression
pent up in a pen
look to the future
speak in the present tense
seein people pose
my temperature tends
to rise
the way estrella shines
injure your eyes
fold your pupils
tie up the loopholes
businesses shoot thru
to abuse the people
cuz the line between
and mainstream
aint so divided
a new breed of emcees
we're the hybrids
makin this shit diverse
rappers aint born
with wack content
they internalize it first
industry businessmen
far more menacing
than the image
they give
the rappers they're peddling
now things are more political
president ridiculed
get up!
and we'll reach our pinnacle
we never needed
harder workers
just better tools


Perfect Imperfections

Written By: Taybot & Praxis


Why spend my whole life looking

When you standing right there?

Why search the night sky?

You make my sight clear

Spiritually connected

We could never be apart

This is where I end

and we start


Before you go to the mirror

To rearrange up your complexion

I hope you don't mind

If I ask ya to take time for second

To look inside

Cause yo its time for reflection

Let ya inner light shine on those perfect imperfections

I give a damn about demand for plastic corrections

Hold yo hand and sketch a plan

For a lasting connection

Yo I know in the past

That you been hurt and neglected

But this kind of love

Is like purer kind of friendship

Even out on tour

Yo I'll be sure to respect it

I wanna assure

That you get heard for your perspectives

Our souls connected

and the light gets reflected

every single day

I'll be sure to respect this



When I wake up I rise

Raise my eyes to the skies

Thankful for this Goddess

I lie beside

My words are sonnets

Paying homage to the one that I see

In this world

Where men treat women like property

I dismiss-ogeny

And bring a new philosophy

Good things don't come in 90 pound quantities

Trips me out when I see women not eating

So they can fit in a certain outfit on the weekend

Your breathing relieves stress

Laying next to you sleeping

Conversations all night long helps me right wrongs

We see eye to eye and speak palm to palm

Beautiful in the light, beyond belief in the dark

My girl is mine, cuz she finds peace through my art

So my life's a song

Written to the beat of her heart


I'm raisin a fist too

Queen, I'm with you

Whether we dismantling the system

Raisin children

Or getting married

Let's elevate to that place we each uphold half the sky

I'm sayin I love you

And yo, you askin me why

Cause I know as we grow

That you'll be by my side

Cause for the cause

you down to write, fight, act or defy

disrespect my queen homie

I'm smackin a guy

And makin love to you is spriritual

Getting me naturally high

My soul sistah

My sole purpose is to grow with ya

Open the locket to my heart

To reveal your picture



Never a bougie

In our own corner moving to the rhythm

Tuning out the corny club lyrics

Since when was emceeing

About treating women

Like less than human beings

We aint bothered by fake balers

Not in the least

And if it's a meat market I got some beef

But nothing pops off cuz she shows me the path

Events in life added up ever since I got the math

I hope we do take that bath

You'll wash away my sins

This day might be where destiny begins

I hang with those who inspire me to be great

So I'm sure to look into her eyes every day


estrella- the good mixtape (2006)

Radio play on:

KUGS 89.3 FM Bellingham
KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle

Set List

A typical set is 40-50 minutes long. We perform all original songs. There is also a DJ juggling/scratching set as well as 4-5 minute freestyles with crowd participation. Here is a set list from our last show:

1) Dream
2) Whatchu Sayin?
3) King of the Hill
4) DJ set
5) Wordplay
6) Starseeds
7) Frestyles
8) Make it Better
9) Writer's Block