Estrella Cristina

Estrella Cristina

 Hollywood, California, USA

A ray of sunshine in the form of Pop-Rock.


-This Is Life-
Written By: Jonathan Widran

Sometimes, the old adage is really true. The stars align a certain way and its up to us to use our innate talents to discover the call of destiny. Emerging now, with her unique half Panamanian, half Trinidadian heritage, Estrella Cristinas musical course was set the minute her parents called her the Spanish word for star. Imagine, the Los Angeles based singer/songwriter says, sitting at your window and looking up at the stars and thinking about what you wanted to be when you grew up. For me, it was always music.

Well on her way to making her longtime dreams come true, Estrella shared her innermost heart with the world for the first time on her four song EP This is Life. Performing with the three guitars she has named Phoenix (acoustic), Crimson (electric) and Achilles (acoustic-electric), the multi-talented performer engages in exciting collaborations with bassist Frank Coglitore (also her first guitar teacher who has played with Taylor Dayne, Beth Hart and Marie Digby), drummer Craig Macintyre (Digby, Josh Groban, etc.), guitarist Lance Konnerth (Hilary Duff, Enrique Iglesias) and singer-songwriters Lane Lenhart and Greg Haptor. Coglitore produced the soaring, energetic pop-rocker Brighter Than Sunshine, while Haptor and Lenhart helmed the session for hip, edgy and grooving Nonstop, which Estrella penned with Lenhart. The two remaining tracks, including the title track and a refreshing take on The Cures hit song In Between Days, were produced by MTV accredited producer Jeffery David and his team.

A natural talent who began playing violin at age 6, trained operatically (voice) for a few years and auditioned for many musicals while growing up, the singer took a lot of fascinating and inspiring stylistic detours before choosing the singer/songwriter route. Born in Sacramento and growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico and Nebraska, she experienced a unique multi-cultural upbringing with parents who exposed her to their native music--Spanish and Latin sounds (through her mother) and the soca rhythms of Trinidad (via her father). Her palette was rounded out with the pop music her brothers loved to listen to, ranging from The Cure and O.M.D. to INXS.

After graduating from Cornell University in New York as a Textile and Apparel Design major, Estrella headed back to her home state to pursue her goals in the music industry. Acing a hard to get audition, she put her original plan to be a solo artist on hold to sign on as the fourth and final member of a Destinys Child-like RB girls group (VIP) that was under consideration by J Records. When that didnt pan out after a series of showcases, she focused on developing her own pop/rock sound, starting with learning the guitar with Coglitore, who enabled her to start writing on her new instrument.

Her musical autobiography begins with Brighter Than Sunshine, a co-write with Coglitore in which she sings of coming to a city not knowing a soul, having no job or place to live, and feeling all alone. Its about finding that special someoneor something in her case, i.e. musicthat makes the journey a lot less lonely. The title track This is Life is about the struggle towards reaching that lofty aspiration and figuring out at some point that the moment when things work out isnt a single occurrence at all, but a series of stops along the way.

Her last released single, "Believe (Anything Is Possible)" was featured on the Style Networks fashion makeover show "How Do I Look?". Currently Estrella can be found performing in venues throughout the US and is readying the release of new material in 2014.


Brighter Than Sunshine

Written By: Estrella Cristina & Frank Coglitore

© 2007

Living in a city this big
can make you feel lonely
without you there
I felt
so alone
running this race called life
not a soul knew me
and I kept
spending time on my own

and then you, oh you
you came along and brightened my

And its brighter than sunshine
my world is brighter than
your love is brighter than sunshine
my sky is brighter than

Lost in a maze
stuck running in circles
I couldn't keep my feet
on the ground
day in day out not facing my fears
cause I was lost inside of

and then you, oh you
you came along and brightened my world

and its
brighter than sunshine
my world is brighter than sunshine
your love is
brighter than sunshine
my sky is brighter than sunshine

seeing cloudy and
rain filled skies
living everyday with tears in my eyes
life had me down and
out no end in sight
then you came along and it all changed

Repeat Chorus until fade out

This Is Life

Written By: Estrella Cristina

© 2009 Eternal Dream State Publishing- ASCAP

Verse 1:
I have been waiting
waiting for something
for that special moment
when the stars will align
but now i realize
that i have been waiting
in vain for a moment
that will never arrive

cause my moment is here
and my moment is now
see i wont live forever
so i've got to live now

Chorus (x2):
So this is living
So this is life
and this is what breathing
really feels like

Verse 2:
I have been hoping
waiting for a sign
for something to tell me
that this is my time
But now I realize
that I've been mistaken
and all that I wanted
was in me all the time

Repeat Pre-Chorus x1

Repeat Chorus x2

Cause I wanna feel
and i want to shine
see i wanna know
that this life is mine
See I wanna feel
and i want to shine
see i wanna know
that this life is mine
and i wanna hold
my head to the sky and shine
shine shine shine

Repeat Chorus Until Fade Out

Believe (Anything Is Possible)

Written By: Estrella Cristina

BELIEVE (Anything Is Possible)

© 2010- Eternal Dream State Publishing- ASCAP


I used to think

that things were

dumb luck

But then

I realized

That life’s a series

Of my reflections


That are waiting to materialize


So I’ve gotta believe

That dreams

do come true

I’ve gotta believe

That the world

Is at my feet

And i’ve gotta believe

That light does shine through

And anything is possible


I often sit down

and wonder

What is the point

Of all of this

The struggle

Of seeking

Life’s perfections


An OZ that no one thinks exist


I know

the road

It feels so long

So long, so long

And it gets

Harder to

Keep holding on

But if you

Just have belief

In all you are

And if you believe

That dreams to do come true

And if you believe that

The world is at your feet

Then anything is possible

Yeah anything is possible

Outro CHORUS till fade out:

So you’ve gotta believe

That dreams

Do come true

And you’ve gotta believe

That the world is at your feet

And you’ve gotta believe

That light does shine through

And anything is possible

Anything is possible

And anything is possible


Debut EP- "This Is Life" Released on Itunes - March 2009
Track Listing-
1-Brighter Than Sunshine*
3-In Between Days
4-This Is Life
*included on hardcopy only

Believe (Anything Is Possible)-Single - Winter 2010

Rise- Single- TBR Fall 2013

Set List

Typical Set 30-45 mins.

Set List:
She Cries
March On

& a Cover Song:

*included in set if playing full band