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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Music Experts"

“The music has an energetic, pop-pish, singer/song writer vibe, the groove flows, it keeps you moving.”
--Jose Galeano
Singer/percussionist/songwriter for Grupo Fantasma

“Christina’s voice sounds like Chrissie Hynde, only with more musicality.”
--Rick Delilis
Owner Figment Studios

"… sounds like a Latin Poi Dog Pondering.”
--Guy Forsyth

“estrELLAS BRILLANtes is an interesting new Latin group. The ardent, sexy female vocals and deep grooves are sure to impel dancers."
--Sarah Wimer
Owner Spinning World Promotions

"This is Southwestern music – pure and sweet. It’s also BIG music, the kind you can hear coming from inside the huge, high-ceilinged dance hall as you pull your El Dorado convertible into the gravel parking lot already packed with cars and trucks. When you walk through the crowd of dancers and lovers, the trumpet, violin, and that powerful female voice wash over you like desert breezes before a welcome thundershower. You plunge in and soon you’ve got a one-armed lock around the waist of your new partner for the night. Your left hand is tucked into your waistband where the pistol is, but there’s no need to rob anybody tonight. estrELLAS BRILLANtes have brought peace and joy to your heart as you move around the dance floor. Time is meaningless, space is limitless. You, your partner, and the music roll on as One."
-- Chale Nafus
Director of Programming, Austin Film Society

“ estrELLAS BRILLANtes looks and sounds great. They have a great vibe. The crowd definitely enjoyed them!"
-- Wes Womack-Pickelsimer
Music Club Owner, The Velvet Spade & The Dizzy Rooster

- eB Website

"Market Research"

Of course, due to estrELLAS BRILLANtes meticulous attention to detail, it was not enough to note what fans had to say about their sound. Thus, they conducted a full on Market Research/Science Experiment…..

estrELLAS BRILLANtes gained access to a retail environment where, on any given day, over a hundred people can walk through the door.

Over the last three days, at random times, the latest estrELLAS BRILLANtes CD was played in the boom box behind the counter. The following observations were made:

1) Four toddlers (ages 2-4) doing that weird supernatural "babydance" thing...

2) Seven adults (ages 25-40) asking, "What radio station are we listening to?"

3) Four adults (ages 22-35) asking, "Where can I buy this disc?"

4) Five adults (ages 18-40) asking, "Is there a website?"

5) Three adolescent males talking to each other, saying, "Man, she sounds sexy..., etc.."

6) Two dirty old men, and three women on Harley's saying the same thing.

7) A couple in their early 20's danced a little...

8) Multiple incidents of foot and finger-tapping

9) One employee thought it WAS the radio...

It should be noted that the store in which this experiment took place is known for playing "cool music" and customers will often "hang" while a particular song is playing. Rarely were two estrELLAS BRILLANtes songs programmed to play back to back.

Listening to the estrELLAS BRILLANtes CD created periods of unrestrained bliss, interspersed with an overwhelming sense of well being in the test subjects.

***Note this is REAL RESEARCH. It was NOT MADE UP!
- eB Marketing Department


Chapter I: Orbit Sin Miedo/ Orbit Without Fear


Feeling a bit camera shy


estrELLAS BRILLANtes is a family band. Sure, we are multi-ethnic. Yes, we grew up in separate parts of the globe. Of course, we do not share physical parents. But estrELLAS BRILLANtes is a family because we are of one mind when it comes to our music: our intention, nay our mission, is to move you physically and spiritually, that you may have the will and energy to go about your daily life with renewed vigor and purpose, or at the very least, fill up our tip jar and tell your friends to come hear us!

Christina Mason's songwriting is unparalleled in the current generation of music. She draws upon her vast array of historical knowledge, cultural insight, spiritual experience, and playfully humorous influences to present the listener with an uplifting world perspective and boogie filled sound.

estrELLAS BRILLANtes' members come from many different backgrounds and influences from which to rock your world:

Christina Mason(the force of nature): passionate and articulate, Christina is a demanding band leader, expecting the most from her players, all the while maintaining a humor and humility that commands respect. Her songwriting is truly unique and inspirational. Did I mention that her voice will melt chocolate?

Daniella Juarez(the love): fiery and exact, Daniella coaxes love from her violin, nimble fingers flying through fretless space, enveloping the listener with sensuality, and her sultry voice will spin your head and your heart!

Pedro Spytek(the ladies man): prankster that he is, Pedro appears and disappears from your frame, surprising you constantly with the perfect instrument at the right time. Timbales, congas, woodblock, triangle, agogo are the language that he speaks!

Carlos Ryals(the mothership): solid, not just like a rock, but like the fluid core of the earth, Carlos spins a fiery plasma of radiant love that will embrace you with its heat and make all your cells line up and dance. Let go and give in to the mothership!

Tyler Mac Gill(family man): Basso profundo, the man can boogie better in one song than most people do their whole lives. Spinning on a dime, he can recalibrate your heart, withering you and breathing new life at the same time!

Barry Stambaugh(el rey de ritmo): wiry and athletic, Barry's sound dances in the rhythm, on top, underneath, behind, and in front of the beat, playfully pushing and pulling the wave of sound surrounding him. Surf's up!

Jason Levitt(crazy j): While it seems like Jason plays baritone and tenor saxophone, in truth, he is more like a safecracker, expertly turning delicately the tumblers of your heart, unlocking the core of your pleasure center, and then vibrating it with that special round sound. mmmmm!

We will rock you, not because we want fame and fortune, but because we have to! It is in our nature!