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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"VIEW Article"

"Etch have spent their entire lives in Hamilton, and their debut CD, No Right Angle is full of them bitching about it, albeit cogently and thoughtfully. With a standard pop/punk backdrop directing the verbal assault, Etch has crafted an LP that will resonate well with the disaffected youth peddling about Hamilton, with emotional and distorted aggression, melodic bass work and direct, forward lyrics leading the way."

S. Shapiro, VIEW Magazine - VIEW Magazine

"Silhouette Article"

"Etch brings the rock with energetic live shows, filling the local scene with innovative pop punk...tried and true balls-to-the wall nature of the music they play, as well as the challenge and satisfaction that comes from changing and altering typical formulas, producing a unique sound uncommon in the genre."

Chris Arnett, ANDY, The Silhouette - Silhouette

"Hamilton Music Notes"

"Etch encorporates their higher learning into their music, offering a hybrid of the pop punk sounds of Blink 182 with an element of metal and progressive rock, including some vocal histrionics and beat syncopations."

Ric Taylor, VIEW Magazine - VIEW Magazine


Etch - "No Right Angle" (2005)

feat. "Tell You", "Cage", "Steel Town Adversity"

Radio airplay for "Steel Town Adversity" and "Non Satiety" on 93.3 CFMU in Hamilton


Feeling a bit camera shy


The name Etch may sound unassuming until one finds out its Japanese for sex. A night you will never forget; Etch will blow your mind. There is something incredible just craving to be unleashed. Versatility is a virtue with this group, so be prepared, this ride is just getting warmed up.

Guilt trips and booze, that is how you put a band together. Like true university students, Adam and Andrew met in a pub. In true Etch form, alcohol was used to recruit Will and Phil as well. With the university acting as the catalyst, the individual talents and influences fused to form the ultimate band.

Etch's style is eclectic and driven. Etch does not lend itself to any specific category, and melody-based punk hooks create the signature sound Etch is famous for. The technical ability of each member adds complexity to the music, which is a rarity in this genre. Tight punk anthems mixed with startling improvisation create an atmosphere that is intoxicating.

Like bees to honey, fans are drawn to Etch shows for their sweet flavour and sting! With a dedicated cult following, Etch has been widely received in Southern Ontario. Fans like the energy and interaction both on and off the stage. The band upholds an inclusive philosophy, which entices the audience to fully engage in a kick-you-in-the pants rock show.

Etch's unwavering commitment and integrity to the band and their music is personified in their live show. Through combined experience in the music business, their professional attitude has proven vital. In an industry that is constantly moving and changing, one thing remains the same: that Etch will rock. Just wait and see.

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