Eternal Embrace

Eternal Embrace


Eternal Embrace is a powerful and spell-binding style of metal music. With its combination of dirge-like guitar, mysterious, haunting keyboards, masterful, tribal drumming, chilling and passionate vocals, Eternal Embrace is American Gothic Doom Metal at it's finest.


Welcome to the Eternal Embrace, where darkness swallows and rhythms roll, in the swerve of the undercurrent where music unfolds. With breath and with fire, a dance of sound, music unearthed from underground. The pulsing of color, the beat of a drum, voices that mingle have begun. Slow beats spill into song, as a drone from the keyboard strings you along. Matching the groove, guitar starts to wail, bass picks up low tones in the exhale. Ancient and soulful, drunk on voodoo and nephilim, powerful and beautiful, a choir of mistfits.

The Birth of Eternal Embrace, as described by Keyboardist, Eleanor Moyer:
"When the idea behind Eternal Embrace was created in 2002, it began as a seedling thought, as I sat at the helm of an ancient upright piano amidst a backdrop of a bleak winter.

One day, as I sat at the piano, I began to play. I hadn't touched the keys in many, many years, but dissonant as the notes sounded on the untuned keyboard, a melody took shape. I named it simply, Despair. It was always with me, this song. It's haunting melody, swirling like the winter wind in my dreams and in my soul.

When I finally passed through the gates of ice into the calm of Spring, I joined forces with an old friend, a guitarist, who had passion and drive and similar musical tastes Together in the Spring of 2002, Eirik and I began to talk about creating a vision together.

On a lazy Saturday, I penned two interconnected EEs, the birth of our creation, which in that instance became Eternal Embrace."

Eternal Embrace from Manchester, NH creates a unique tapestry of Gothic Doom metal, combining many different styles of music, using world instruments, haunting keyboard melodies, driving guitars, tribal drumming and avante garde style vocals. With influences ranging from death metal, black metal, doom metal, gothic rock, new wave, classical, gypsy and middle eastern music, enter the world of Eternal Embrace to experience music as theater, esoteric dreams and exotic experimentation.

About the band members:

Lead Female Vocalist - Allie, has been with Eternal Embrace since March 2006. her beautiful, soft, haunting vocal style is the emotion of feminine longing and the magic of seduction.

Lead Male Vocalist - Damien, has only been with the band for a very short time, but the power in which he commands the position of lead male vocalist is profound. His tenor cleans are reminiscent of David Gilmore, while his harsh vocals are like a brutal death grip.

Violinist - Carla is a prodigy, with a trained classical touch, she plays each song with instantaneous precision. She has an incredible ear and is deeply creative.

Keyboardist - Eleanor, one of the founding members of Eternal Embrace, brings her love of world instruments, classical music, middle eastern dance and gothic theater to create the music and imagery behind Eternal Embrace.

Guitarist - Eirik, another founding member of Eternal Embrace, has been strongly influenced by the European metal scene of the early 1990's. Eirik infuses Eternal Embrace's muisic with influences from European Viking metal, folk metal, death metal, black metal and doom metal.

Bassist - Randy joined Eternal Embrace in 2004, he is a classically trained Blues and Jazz bassist. Randy has been a solid figure in helping shape the music and lend a dedicated, well tuned ear to the sound and creation of the band.

Percussionist - Bill is a classically trained jazz drummer, who easily adapts to our slower, doomier durges, he has also proven himself an excellent metal drummer as well, with tight fast double bass beats and creative drum rolls, his technique is unquestionably top par.


1. Forest of Stone - Demo 2005 is an early work of Death/Doom Metal with Neo-Classical and Gothic overtones.

(Please note: The vocals and drums on these tracks are from the previous version of the band and are to be used for reference purposes only)

MP3's available at

Forest of Stone harmonizes dissonant, melodic guitar riffs, hypnotic tribal drumming and haunting ambient keyboards with uniquely styled male and female vocals. Symphonic synth leads are the backdrop for majestic and mournful guitar melodies, along with skilled bass licks and intense and powerful drumming. Cat-like screams, death growls and droning chants add a certain soul-wrenching poetry to mythic Sidhe wails, and beautiful siren vocals.

Influences include: My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Therion, Dimmu Borgir, Unholy, Agalloch, Green Carnation and In the Woods.

Song Titles included on Demo are:

I. Dagon
II. Oberon
III. Rapture
IV. Eulogy

2. Snowfall EP 2007 - Recorded with current line up in May 2006. A maturing Eternal Embrace creates an ambient spectrum of Doom/Folk Metal with world music, neo-classical and gothic influences.

Title Tracks Include:

I. Ritual
II. Snowfall Part I - Prologue
III. Snowfall Part II - Angel of Distress
IV. Snowfall Part III - Epilogue
V. Despair
VI. Dagon - Revised

Please note: Male vocals and violin tracks on this album were recorded by members no longer in the band.

Set List

1. Ritual - 10:00
2. Snowfall - 22:00
3. Despair - 7:00
4. Dagon - 11:25
5. Rapture - 10:00
6. Frostbite - 3:00
7. Amoratory Bloodshed - 9:00

We play a 45 minute to 1 hour set, we play all original material and sometimes have avante garde dancers or belly dancers, who perform along with the music. We endeavor to create a theatric masterpiece, a haunting orchestra, something comparible to a Cirque du Soliel, a Dark Ballet or Mystic Carnival. There are nearly endless possibilities, we have a wellspring of ideas, if you have an open mind, a creative soul, a gypsy spirit, join us.