Eternal Erection

Eternal Erection


Our alter egos, the groove, and funky clothes create an atmosphere of a circus. We’ve a sense of self-irony and we don’t take ourselves too seriously on stage. But we do take our music seriously and make it with ambition. We want to develop the 2000’s funk and make something new and original.


'Funk for Finns', was the founding principle of Eternal Erection. Now Rick Lover and his cohorts have decided to share their liberating grooves with the rest of the world. Frontman Lover has charisma to go with his funkadelic figure, and his strong voice lives up to the requirements of the band's funky blend of soul, disco and pop.

The band has been touring extensively around Finland for years and have established a reputation as the best live band north of the baltic sea. Rick and his cohorts leave it all out on the stage. Night after night.

Eternal Erection's fourth studio album Angels and Bandits (Eat This Music) features the hit songs Bandits and Goodness of People, both of which have enjoyed extensive play on the Finnish top radio stations.

"We've always made people dance, even induced trance, we've cured depression and inspired people's sex life. We want to bring joy to everyone," says Rick Lover, the alter ego of actor Sam Huber.


Family Tree (1998)
No Funk About It ( 2000)
Family Tree. Remastered special edition (2004)
On Top (2005)
On Tour (live) 09/2006
Angels and Bandits (2009)

Set List

One set 90 min.
or two sets 2 x 45min

EE selects the songs depending on the audience. At clubs own songs, at private parties covers if wanted (Lady Mamalade, You Sexy Thing, Land Of Thousand Dances, Family Affair, Que Sera, Sera, River Deep Mountain High, Billy Jean ja Hey Ya. etc..)