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"Eternal Essence Wrank Music Review"

Every now and again, a band takes two completely misaligned elements, and combines them to make something that would've made sense all along. Something that people will hear and say I should have done this YEARS ago. This is Eternal Essence.

Blending the sounds of pianos, and other assorted keyboard related instruments with blistering, sometimes brutal, sometimes blissful percussion, Eternal Essence will have all sorts of audience on lock. The lack of vocals can work to keep some of the more casual listeners on the outside, but this sort of thing will grow on you. Any of you who claim to dislike progressive music, you might also find this to be a little different than what you might be into, but give it time; this album definitely won't be one to go over your head. There are tempo changes, and a lot of complex elements, but none that will leave you behind in the dust. This sounds like Liquid Tension Experiment, but without the pretention and musical masturbation. This is just solid music.

Another thing about this record not having vocals is that it completely reminds me why I should have an even greater respect for the piano as a musical instrument. It easily carries the songs on its back, without the need of a guitar or a voice, and creates a voice for itself. It makes up its own lyrics in Fa So La Ti Dos. It's a gorgeous instrument. It's no wonder this is the classical instrument of choice over, say, the oboe.

There are a few choices which I don't agree with on this album, such as the tone on the keyboard used in the White Plaster Jam. I might be making up a word here, but it fits perfectly. It's a bit too tooty to really be taken seriously. It's a small scratch on this album's excellent veneer, though. And it's easily overlookable, seeing as it comes right between two strong tracks, Echo Rhythm (a fast fading to slow video game resembling outburst) and All That Is (an epic piece which just overruns the 13 minute crest), so for such a small hiccup to be wedged directly in the middle of two great breathes of fresh air is easily excusable.

This is a gorgeous break from everything else that's going on in music right now. Especially for some guys who just decided to start playing this music without having to be around the industry for 30 years and get sick of it. Just when you're starting to get to that point of jaded, turn this on, and hopefully it can drain that bulging growth known as oversaturation. - Wrank Music


Sleep By Water (Demo 2005)

A Time And Space (Demo 2005)

Visions And Shadows (Demo 2006)

The Infinite Procession (Album 2008)



Greg Rosenblit- Age: 23 Instrument: Keyboards
EJ Luna - Age: 23 Instrument: Drums
Josh Samlin - Age: 24 Instrument: Bass
Ariel Le Fey- Age: 18 Instrument: Vocals
Gary Hoffman- Age: 25 Instrument: Guitar

~Bio Under Construction~