Eternal Rising

Eternal Rising


We are a unique sounding metal band with influences from many different genera. We can be heavy and technical but also have catchy choruses that you can sing to. We are in the bussness of eterntainment so we try and put on a entertaining show when we play and interact with the audience and our fans.


We are a Metal band out of Toronto Ontario. We play a unique combination of metal infused with other genres to create a sound that can be enjoyed by many, even if not usually a fan of heavier music. Formed in 2007 we were great friends through out high school and we came together in search of a band that we can be creative and make some great music with. We take influence from lots of different types of music, Instrumentation and vocals style ranging for Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to even classical music and newer heavier sounding Metal/Rock bands. We also try and take more of a pop approach to song structure with catchy choruses and memorable melodies. We have recently finished our EP with hopes of doing a full length album in the near future.


Self title EP which is up on our myspace.

Set List

Most shows we have resently played have usually only been 30-45 set time so we usually are able to fit 5-6 songs in, Our songs range around 4 to 6 minutes long.