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Juno-nominated & Dubbed "Canada's Dopest Female MC" by Exclaim Magazine, Eternia's a firehouse Hip Hop artist who's talent, professionalism & drive is unsurpassed in the urban music scene. With recent tours in Canada, U.S.A., Australia, Mexico & Europe, meet Canada's Answer to, "Who's Got Next?!


“Canada’s Dopest Female MC” – Exclaim Magazine

Juno-nominated and widely considered one of Canada's foremost lyricists, Eternia continues to carry the torch for those Hip Hop aficionados who crave... More.

With six music video singles on international rotation, and three critically acclaimed full-lengths released through Urbnet Records - “Where I Been – The Collection” (2005) “It’s Called Life” (2005) & “Where I’m At – The Setup” (2007) – Canada’s “best kept secret” has paid good dues and is ready to prove it.

Eternia has toured extensively in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Europe; those that are lucky enough to catch her on stage credit her as one of the best live performers they have witnessed. She has been billed with respected acts such as KRS One, Common, Pharoahe Monch, MC Lyte, Jeru the Damaja, Scratch of The Roots, O.C., Bahamadia, Roxanne Shante, Prince Paul, Necro, D-12, Saukrates, Jully Black, George Nozuka & more.

In 2005, following a slew of successful singles, videos & feature releases including “Work it Out”, “Sorrow Song” (Universal/Maple), “Understand If I” (Battle Axe Records), “Just the Way It Is” (Urbnet), and the chart-topping “Movin’” (‘Warner Records, Australia), Eternia proudly introduced to the world her most personal offering, the critically acclaimed Juno-nominated full-length: ‘It’s Called Life’. In 2007, Eternia followed suit with the independent mainstay: “Where I’m At – The Setup”, boasting an impressive roster of producers and featured artists including 9th Wonder, M-Phazes, Frequency, Torae, Ms. Davis, Wordsworth & more.

Last year, Eternia launched her extremely popular T-shirt design, “My Favorite Rapper Wears A Skirt” to thrilled fashion-conscientious fans worldwide. This year, Eternia completed her 4th full-length recording with “DJ Premier-affiliated Canadian super-producer MoSS” (NOW Magazine). “AT LAST” features guest appearances by some of Hip Hop’s elite, including Rah Digga, Lady of Rage, Jean Grae, Joell Ortiz, Termanology, Reef the Lost Cauze, Tona, Maestro Fresh Wes, Lil Jaz, & more. Eternia is at her finest over MoSS’s production, offering raw, confidant, & vulnerable first-person perspectives over gritty & moving soundscapes. Most recently, Eternia transformed herself from ‘that Canadian rapper’ to a household name on North American Hip Hop Web sites, with her weekly video episodes “’AT Last’ - Road to Release Day” garnering well over 40,000 hits collectively and featuring Hip Hop legends DJ Premier, MC Lyte, Pharoahe Monch, Jeru the Damaja, 88-Keys, Marco Polo, Smif-n-Wessun & more.

Perhaps, for a moment, you can do as all Eternia’s peers have done: put aside race, gender, and nationality, close your eyes… and JUST LISTEN.

We guarantee you’ll Believe.




Written By: Eternia (S. Kaya) and Jessica Kaya

“LOVE” feat. Jessica Kaya
© S. Kaya & J. Kaya, 2004

Verse 1
Sometimes it confuses me
When I think about how it was I came to be.
My mother told me when I was 23
That I almost didn’t make it as a live entity.
Inside a place that’s safe for battered women
She found out that her belly swelled with life to be –
And you see, that wasn’t what she wanted for me,
Just a life filled with sadness, grief, and misery?
And she already had one son she had to raise
and protect from our father, more than slightly deranged.
The stage was set from the get go I guess
that I had to be erased from her life consciousness.
It was extermination or nothing at all –
This was how she lived her life, black or white, right or wrong.
Set the appointment, ready to go through with it,
The love for her unborn seed would make her do it.

CHORUS – Jessica Kaya
I know you had good cause to let me go.
But you chose the hard road even though
He beat you
And bruised you
And left you there alone.
And when I’m not
Sure of myself
I think of your Love
It Lifts Me Up.
You Lift Me Up…

Verse 2
Now it’s the day of reckoning,
My fate is beckoning,
Another second of this suspense –
Her heart is cavin’ in.
Knock at the front door.
Its her best friend.
Beggin’ her to rethink, her willpower’s lessening.
And –
Now she’s givin’ in to the Almighty.
Thank God, He sent an angel as a human –
Doin right by me.
it’s a baby girl, curly hair, green eyes.
His smile, your nose, my tears – tread lightly.
it’s the first chapter of this saga,
Hereafter we gon’ share laughter, pain, anger
And it all matters
Cause I’m alive, and you gave this life to me –
I’ma love you till eternity for that, neva’ lose me.


Verse 3
The story isn’t over my friend, it’s the beginning.
Some things I can’t explain in words, it takes a stronger vision.
But still – listen to the story … God forgive him for me,
Have mercy on my father’s soul when he’s to meet your glory.
’Cause every mans a sinner right?
Some will take a life, some will beat their wife,
Repenting for sins in afterlife.
Nobody deserves the life you led,
My mother you bled for me,
Fought tooth and nail just to be there for me.
In the trunk of the car were you scared for me?
Knowin’ that he’d pull the trigger on you – in a second you’d be dead for me.
And that’s the funny part of matrimony,
Feelin’ that you got a duty to the church, you sacrifice your own body.
I love my life, I love my mother, and I love myself.
I love my family, I’d sacrifice to noone else.
And if you taught me one thing, mother you taught me well:
This is just another Survivor Story to tell.
And if you taught me one thing, mother you taught me this:
Always have Faith, live Strong, and Resist.


Mama this world
weighs on me
So heavily
that sometimes I can’t breath.
Think of you lovin’ me.
Protecting all us three
And I know that certainly
I have your strength inside of me…..


Written By: Eternia (S. Kaya)

© S. Kaya 2004

Verse 1
Neva get it twisted.
I still keep it rollin’.
I was born gifted,
God scripted this moment.
And if ya doubt – listen
This is what made me driven.
I’ll show you holes in my hands
So you see my vision.
This is called Life,
I lived it, its all like
Ways of understanding, I planned it this way alright?!
That’s right – I chose to be lesser known.
Chose to study my craft and put this rap shit on hold.
Now I’m back in’em,
Compared to other women,
Y’all so stupid…
pat ya on your head children.
Need convincin’?
I’ma Just Be.
Like God created, mom raised me, this is me.
Like winter is cold, skin covers bones, ya see
I remain like the sun after rain for your soul.

Ya wanna see, Ya wanna roll with me?
Ya wanna be, Ya wanna stroll with me?
Come Follow Me.
Ya wanna see how its supposed to be?
Ya wanna come close and get to know me?
Come Follow Me.

Verse 2
Muthafuckas don’t listen.
No wisdom.
But if the beats hot it still knocks up in their’ system.
And now Jesus walks in the club – that’s real –
And kids getting’ blessed by the bar,
Whats that, a baptism?!
It’s the new religion, ‘era of the me’, sinning.
I won’t preach to ya, I’m from the system
And that ain’t my mission.
I’m just one, see, and I can’t be everything to everybody –
No reason.
No logic.
Mad superstars lack content.
Don’t rock it (uh uh) find a new topic.
And that’s the ironic part of this thang,
Like you can’t earn respect in this game until you paid?!
You can’t make a name for yourself until you laid
Tracks down with Kanye?!
Kaya is the name, its Eternia…

I know you wanna roll with me,
Ya wanna be, ya wanna stroll with me -
Come Follow Me.
Ya wanna see how its supposed to be -
ya wanna come close and get to know me?
Come Follow Me
I wanna see if you can roll with me
I wanna see if you can go with me
Come Follow Me
Ya wanna be how we supposed to be?
Ya wanna live life and still feel free?
Come Follow Me.

Verse 3
That’s right – I’m still here y’all.
I ain’t goin’ nowhere,
Raised to persevere
So now its my year y’all.
Fear what ya don’t know, its so close to ya dear.
Its so serious, this situation right here.
Raise your stock up whenever E comes near to ya,
Write clear so ya comprehend up in your ear.
Yup – I’m like that: loud and obnoxious
Its difficult to shame me, if ya diss I’m hittin right back.
Straight and factual, neva lie, tactical
What I write ties to my life – all actual.
Master flow, that’s essential for my kind to know
Mind to grow,
It’s a shame y’all behind me though –
(but yo…)



Written By: Eternia (S. Kaya)

©S. Kaya, 2003
Verse 1
Enter the spectrum, Eternia aura.
Owner of this manual of rippin’ shit
All you simplistics outta’ order…
Slaughter with the mind, and the pen and the page -
A rage when I ignite the horror
of my warrior clan in diaspora.
That’s Assyrian
for all you simpletons
question my origin
now take a step back again:
Who’s the one before ya?
The Empress,
The Lyricist,
The Studious,
The Temptress,
The Analyst,
The list goes on…
Guess the rest, you’re closer.
The rhyme recorder,
order dinner ‘till my belly’s fuller…
heading for the
Top of this culture with vultures hoverin’ over.
(huh) You can take me, sacrifice me to these words: I’m ready.
Verses steady, with many ways to stay on top a’
Fake personas gather ‘round,
Slashing through the crowd with the sound
Of ears poppin’, eyes locked in on the truth they found.
Don’t call this underground or mainstream,
I may scream my allegiances:
Tough Dumplin and Nextra where my peoples’ is!

Existence is resistance to the status quo, if ya know then say so! :
To exist is to persist and overcome, if you think you one of them, just:
Check it: Existence is the way we live our Life, if you tryin’ to live it right, just:
And never diss or dismiss this right as God is my witness:

Verse 2
It’s the Big Bang Bang theory, bangin’ through your stereo.
Burial grounds astound the crowd, they hysterical:
they catchin’ lessons,
Lyrical confessions of my slaughter sessions.
Young kids to adolescents baptized in blood blessings.
Don’t get it twisted, its metaphorical when I’m spittin’
and if you getting’ sick to your stomach than y’all must of missed it.
Y’all neither positive or negative, you’re neutral,
It’s crucial to understand this method I’m used to.
Mediocracy and hypocrisy comes through you:
waiting just to rep’ and cause your death: it consumes you.
It’s a new tune!...
For the new millennia,
got plenty a’
My militia raps and tactics to dismember’ ya’
and etcetera…
I’m ahead of ya.
One step in the game and shamin’ all competitors…
unaware: who cares if you livin’ nice?! Y’ALL CAN’T TAKE IT THERE.
Scared and timid like mice, or disciples when Christ came
back from the grave to enslave, it’s a maze or a dice game.
But I’m standin’ like my last name,
in Turkish tongue,
Blastin’ and Laughin’….
Eternia Represents Everlasting.


Verse 3
Bang it like headbangers, bangin’ to that ragin’ metal band.
Bang it like gangbangers, enraged when their metal jams.
Bang it like rascals in high school who like to slam dance,
And shit will hit the fan when bodies catch the ambulance
Bang it like weapons for revolution: they cocked and ready.
Bang it like broads who have to bang to keep they’re money steady.
Bang if you know the government is hustling peoples daily,
Preparing for war, this existence really can be deadly.
Bang if you counting pennies, just to keep your lights at night – (yo)
Bang if you writing raps that’s tighter than industry hype! (yup)
Bang it if every single second that you breath,
amounts to something you can See,
Controlling destinies, it’s Our Life

Like for instance: what if in an instant, there was no more existence?!


Eternia Discography

2009 "Gender Bender" J.J. Brown feat. Eternia & Miz Metro on "Connect the Dots"
Official Music Video released Oct.
C.D. / Digital
Well Done Ent. / Red Eye

2008 "Upside Down" Reef the Lost Cauze ft. Eternia on "A Vicious Cycle"
Well Done Ent. / Fat Beats Records

2008 "It's Time" feature song on “DJ K.O. presents Picture This” compilation,
also feat. Talib Kweli, Royce da 5’9, O.C., Edo G., Diamond D, Elzhi, Wordsworth & more.
C.D. / Shaman Work Records

2007 "Where I'm At - The Setup"
(full-length release)
CD / Urbnet Music / Independent

2007 "Putcha Hands Up" ft. Wordsworth
b/w "Do This Like Me"
Digital Single
Urbnet Music

2006 "Struggle" ft. Wordsworth & Kenn Starr
(Music Video Single)
Urbnet Music / Outside Music

2006 "Love" ft. Jessica Kaya
(Music Video Single)
Urbnet Music / Outside Music

2005 “Evidence” b/w “Bang”
Double Beef Records / Shogun Dist.

2005 “Evidence” (Music Video Single) CD
Urbnet Music /Outside Music

2005 It’s Called Life (full-length release) CD
Urbnet Music / Outside Music

2005 Where I Been – The Collection
(full- length release)

2005 “M.V.P.” w/ Toya Alexis
Kindling / E.M.I. Music Group

2005 “Up & Down” w/ Cesar Comanche CD / Vinyl
ABB Records

2004 “Understand If I” ft. Freestyle
(Music Video Single))
Battle Axe Records

2004 “Skillville School Dance”
w/ Fame, Macromantics, and Mr. Clean
FBi 94.5 FM / Inertia (Australia)

2004 “Da Bichez” w/ Apathy

2004 “Victorious” w/ G-Knight
Under Pressure Records

2004 “Spring Fever” w/ DJ Killa-Jewel CD
Under Pressure Records

2004 “Forward” ft. Jah Brilliance
Neblina Records

2003 “Movin” w/ A-Love
Warner Music Australia /
Empirical Records

2003 “Just the Way it Is”
w/ Classified ft. DL and Maestro
(Music Video Single)
Urbnet Records / Outside Music

2003 “Sorrow Song” (Music Video Single)
Universal Music / Maple Music

2002 “Work It Out”
105.5CHRY FM

2002 “A Couple of Wordz” w/ Unknown2Scientz CD

2001 “What We Gonna Do”
w/ Adversaree & Collizhun
Tough Dumplin / Apollo Records

2000 “Rhyming For Dummies” w/ Atomz Family CD
Centrifugal Phorce Records

Set List

Typical Set List

15- 35 Mins (solo)

35 mins - 1 hr+ (with the band)

Original Material

Set List may include, but is not restricted to, Eternia's released material:
- Any Man
- 32 Bars
- Pass That / 2 the Past
- Putcha Hands Up ft. Wordsworth
- Many Many
- You Ain't Real
- Love
- Bang
- Evidence
- Just the Way it Is
- Victorious
- Sorrow Song
- Understand If I
- Do This Like Me
- On & On
- Nowhere No More ft. Torae
+ more
(medley style of set, songs sequenced together, normally fast moving with crowd interaction)

Eternia also does renditions of popular songs with the band. Please See the VIDEO tab.