Eternity Falls

Eternity Falls


We are a mix of metal and punk we have a very energetic stage precence. But were not good at writing about are selves.


Eternity Falls was born in beechveiw and has been together for a little more than a year. Although the line up has changed several times, we've finnaly found the perfect members. Several of are influences include Misfits, Coal Chamber, A7X, Fear Factory, Blink 182, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, and several others. We've been playing show for about five months and are much tighter then in the beggining and are ready to "fuck shit up and tear shit down."


We have released a self produced EP that needs work. We are still looking to get signed

Set List

We have at this time nine songs. that range from two to five minutes in length. We only do one cover song and that would be "Loco" from the band "Coal Chamber". Are set can range to forty-five minutes