Ethan Asters Band

Ethan Asters Band

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The band is focused on leading others to God's throne in worship. Our music can be described as Ambient Worship. We are influenced by groups from Radiohead and Muse, to Steve Fee and Charlie Hall. This diversity helps create a new sound for worship music. Our goal is to draw others to worship.


The Ethan Asters Band is a unique group. The absolute goal of the band is to lead others in worship through the music they play. The band emphasizes that God be glorified and themselves be taken invisible while on stage so that the audience may encounter Christ in a way they never have before. Though driven by various styles of music the group comes together to create a sound that is new to the genre of praise and worship. Influences of the band range from worship leaders like Hillsong, Steve Fee, and Kristian Stanfill, to other artists like Elton John, Phil Collins, Leeland, Mute Math, Muse, and Radiohead. This odd mixture of musical tastes has given the band a sound that is very unique. The band was formed in December of 2006 and has been leading worship around the North Mississippi area ever since. The goal of keeping their music about strictly worship has helped the band gain credibility for not only their musical talent, but most of all their heart for Christ.



Written By: Ethan Asters

You're my awesome provider
You meet every need
Wherever I go
You will lead

You are my momentum
You guide through each day
When I'm down on my knees
You hear my pray

Provider, Sufficer,
I'll love You all of my days
Blessed, Savior
I'll give You all of my praise

A mockingbird and a grain of sand
Is a simple way
To see You hold me in Your hands
When we sing our songs
Let our hearts be true
We look to the heavens
We worship You

You provider for me


The band has not done any formal recording yet but are planning to start working on an a legitimate EP within the months of May and June 2008.

Set List

The regular set list is about 5 songs for most services and worship events the band plays for. For concerts the band can play a range from 6 to 8. Normal sets are around 30 minutes, but can be adjusted depending upon what is needed or how God is moving during the time of worship.
Songs Include:
Provider, Fountain of God, Awaken, and Faith is the Victory
Cover Songs:
All Because of Jesus, Happy Day, Jesus Paid it All, Came to My Rescue, Salvation is Here, Spring of Life, From the Inside Out, and Here is Our King.

The band adjusts their song selection depending on the event.