Ethan Hunt

Ethan Hunt

BandHip Hop

A locked door cannot be opened without a key A plan cannot be executed without strategy Lessons aren't learned if you can't survive Some people live and some people are alive Destiny calling me telling me to strive My carnival of words get me by Louder than God, Ethan has arrived


Re-shaping the
industry standard.

Ethan Hunt is an old school cat who was born in the new school. An M.C. for the last seven years, he has written poetry, and developed songs that have a unique vibe and passionate soul about them. Ethan takes a different approach than that of any other artist, standing by his conviction to let his music do the talking. Every song has a story, a history, a life of its own.

In order to understand what Ethan's music is trying to tell you, you're going to have to listen with your heart, listen with your head and then compare notes. Right now it seems that you only have half the picture, if that much, and things are going to be anything but obvious for a while. It's an endless finish line and the race is on.

This is only the beginning...

The light of a thousand stars cannot equal the light of the moon.



Written By: Ethan Hunt

Dying over perception
I got some questions
or should I say confessions & suggestions
from peers to preachers
parents to teachers
a generations lost
so whose gon reach us
we need hands-on training
not your hands on us
ain't no progress
we still on the back of the bus
but come sit wit me
where we don't get no sympathy
or supprt thats why I'm feeling empty
wit this distorted outlook
I wonder why we used to pain
& things go wrong
I wonder why we take the blame
created equal or is it evil
then why has so much pain came to me & my people
365 ya want to feel it
365 then ya want to kill it
365 we got to live it
365 I got the spirit
United you stand with fear of a black man
forget a black planet
corps run this damn it
be happy you here to take life for granted
make some mistakes
but you'll never understand this
all we got is pride
voice of the voiceless
my culture gets me by
we have no choices
we dealin wit true lies
get up rejoice this
three hundred sixty five without a guide
365 ya want to feel it
365 then ya want to kill it
365 we gotta live it
365 I got the spirit
Three hundred sixty five days a year
livin in fear of America
cause they want except us
they scared of us
of our sexuality
if we was equals it wouldn't be no robberies
& equal education would lead to generations rising above low expectations
that we didn't set
yeah you can bet we all forgive but we don't forget
then we wait for judgement day when we already judged everyday.

Candy From A Stranger

Written By: Ethan Hunt

Eyes green
damn I had to pull up fast
bout to put the chick on blast
cause she all about the cash
No schemes
just reach your hand & grab
put the number in your stash
call me when you want to crash
Let's dream
& I ain't talkin bout your past
converstations all I ask
girl I'm here to make it last
it seems
life is like a flash
you my 40 yard dash
you my first day of class
Take your nose out the air
don't front you know you care
got your nails done
dyed pretty streaks up in your hair
be careful when you dealing with a heartless pretty thug
the more time thats spent
the more your gonna love
runnin to ni**a
cause of stories that was told
problem that you have
you know a ni**as bold
you want me but you worry about infacuation
you need me but you scared of the chocolate sensation
Candy From A Stranger


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