Ethan James

Ethan James


Ethan James is a connoisseur of the acoustic art. He mixes different genres of music together, including rock, punk, hip hop, blues, reggae as well as many more, to produce a sound that will get the crowds moving.


Ethan James remembers how he felt as a young boy when his parents, both performers, would entertain guests. The energy created during these performances had a profound impact that he still feels today. Carrying on the family tradition, it is now Ethan James writing and performing his music for audiences throughout the world, bringing smiles and laughter to those around him. When asked what has been his most profound musical experience, Ethan talks about when he moved to Saratoga Springs,NY and immersed himself in the music scene. It was there where he was exposed to many different styles of music, perfecting what he calls his "true sound." He doesn't feel as though his music fits into any one genre, but is a mixture of many different musical influences.
Ethan Likes to tell stories through his music. He states, "As a musician, there is no better feeling than to look into a crowd and see people singing along to one of my songs, or when they approach me after a show and tell me that a particular song reminded them of something in thier own life. I love music so much because the ability to touch peoples lives through lyric and melody is amazing, and I feel sometimes I can do that, with mine."
Ethan is currently performing in venues throughout CT (Molly Darcy's, Widow Browns Cafe, 59 Bank Street, Milano's) and NY(Town Criere, The Bayou Cafe, Saratoga City Tavern). He also has been a featured guest on the WRKI I-95 morning show and opened for Mountain at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Ethan cites Sublime as a big influence on his music because of there ecletic mix of Reggae, Hip hop, Punk, Rock, and Folk. He also cites James Taylor because of his unique voice and song writing Ability.
"Imagine the youthful exuberance that is the clarion call of a generation, and temper the words with the wisdom of a much older soul. Add the chops of a wily veteran and you've got Ethan James-Music that speaks to the heart of every age group." - Neil Hedley, Former WRKI-I-95 Morning Show Host

"Ethan James is a vocal powerhouse, giving his fans more emotion with each performance. Touching on subjects you think of but never say, he is sure to have a little something for everyone in his collection." - Mimi Nikosia, Intern, Sony Records

"Ethan James is a talented young performer who can write a great song. His appeal is to the Alternative/acoustic rock audience. I was impressed with his performance, and you will be too!" -Joe Bouchard, Founding Member Blue Oyster Cult


"The Johnny Green Collection"

Set List

A set list from Ethan James can go all night if you want it to. He plays his amazing original tunes along with a vast amount of covers that include Sublime, Johnny Cash and many more. Some of his original songs are:
-Brand New View
-Ride It Out
-Read My Rights
-New Dubb