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How It Ends

Written By: Ethan Thompson

Your make ups gone
And as you roll over
I just dip my hand
Right through your hair
and as you let out
A Sigh, I,
Smile to myself to
See that you
Are the prettiest you've ever been

And though we've had
Our fair share of 'em
I am so glad that you
Stuck around
And I know I can be bad
But let me tell you
One thing that is true

If this is how it ends
Then I am so content
And if the world burns
I will lay here with you
Yes, this is how it ends
Just with the world a turning
And we grow old to this tune

Verse 2
The morning is counting down
And as we rise you
Tip your head
And ask me sweetly
"What is wrong?"
And in your glow
A shimmering perfection
I just,
Tip my head
And come up with the words to say

Nothing is wrong
In fact it's so right
That I cannot think
Of how I deserve
Your love
And this day
Babe you are my light house
In the night
And so you know


Your soul's
So fitted to mold
To make sure that I'm
Whole and hold my heart
I couldn't paint the picture
Better in my mind
This love is such a sign
That I am not afraid

"Cause this is how it ends
With you and I content
And we'll just let it burn
And I will lay here with you
Yes, yes this is how it ends
Just with the world a turn turn turn


Just let it burn
I will lay here with you
Let it turn
I will stay here with you