Ethan Winogrand Groups

Ethan Winogrand Groups


A pastiche of styles and genres, Winogrand’s aesthetic is eclectic, drawing inspiration from noir-ish atmospherics, his writing is colorful, cinematic and evocative. Demonstrating empathetic sensibility, integrating understated rock and funk riffs, swinging grooves, rhythms and improvisations.


ETHAN WINOGRAND: New York composer, drums

The music of Ethan Winogrand is squarely in the center of today´s modern eclectic styles, neither overeaching for effect, nor falling back on established formulas. This music represents yet another approach to jazz and improvisation and is an aspect of what the infamous New York City downtown music scene has been producing for years. His unusual long line melodies, draw on influences ranging from the far east to the streets of New York, forming sustaining structures over often bluesy ostinato bass lines or more jazz oriented walking styles, all motivated by Winogrand´s open feel drumming. The music shifts moods unpredictably, effectively and exposes the modern work of contemporary artists who are aware of and know the music´s roots.

To catagorize and label Winogrand´s music one must look to the past and the future. It is certainly modern jazz improvisation, using structures that bring to mind both bebop and avant garde though never really representing either in their familiar forms. At times it appears to border on free improvisation, and indeed ventures into such areas intentionally. So it can be described as downtown modern jazz or progressive jazz or neo post modern bop jazz. No one phrase or label can define a music type when that type itself encompasses so many of it´s styles. Why not make it simple and simply just call it: jazz.

Winogrand has recorded and performed with the groundbreaking art/funk trio Unknown Gender, Joe Cool, Stranger Jones, Richard Lindsey Trio, Neu Enemy, Marc Sloan, Karen Mantler, Eric Mingus, Big Ed Sullivan, Roy Paci, Donny McCaslin, Matt Munisteri, Catherine Russell, Erik Friedlander, among others. Winogrand has toured extensively throughout Europe since the early 1980s and has been performing live since the age of 17. His studies include guitar technique and theory with Jeff Segal, piano and theory with Louis King, piano & composition with Helene Malloy, and drum technique and theory at the Drummer´s Collective in New York with director Richard Kravitz. He currently lives and works in the north of Spain.


Artist Title Label Year

Ethan Winogrand Tangled Tango Clean Feed 2007
Three for the Road Last Call Toggle 2003
Ethan Winogrand Made In Brooklyn Clean Feed 2003
Michale Lee Wolfe Corners of the World Ambitu 2002
Double Triple Double Triple Wombat 2000
Eric Mingus Er Hum Uh Some 1999
Stranger Jones Lurks the Shark Ave A 1998
Witness Witness Barsa 1996
Cindy Rickmond Cindy Richmond Sad Mountain 1995
Karen Mantler My Cat Arnold get the Flu Watt 1990
Unknown Gender Do For You Metronome Polydor 1990
Karen Mantler My Cat Arnold Watt 1989
Construction Foundation Adaptor 1988
Unkown Gender She Devil Metronome Polydor 1986
Unknown Gender Rapid Vibrations Metronome Polydor 1985
Unknown Gender Electric Kiss Metronome Polydor 1984

Set List

One concert set approx: 1 hr 30 min, 10 to15 songs.
Club sets 2-3 per night: approx: 45min.
6-8 songs per set. All original with some exceptions.