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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band EDM Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"PlayingG0ds Paramore ETHERRMX"

I still haven’t heard anything from the band Paramore. As a dude who is about to turn 30 this year, I’ve decided that I’m just simply not in the target market for teenage angst.
However, I am digging this remix by Atlanta producer Ethereal. This subtle drum and bass take on the song “Playing God” is a nice rework, switching out the rock guitars for gentle keys, making Hayley Williams’ voice sound ever more soulful. Check it. - The Couchsessions

"Ethereal x BOSCO – “It Was You” ETHERRMX"

Producer Ethereal tackles Brittany Bosco’s gorgeous track “It Was You” and delivers an equally beautiful remix that swirls the song into a tripped out drum&bass flavored journey. Download below.


Download more music from Ethereal: - Nu-Soul

"Ethereal – The Electric Kool-aid Acid Tape"

The Electric Kool-aid Acid Tape is composed completely by Ethereal himself. Infusing our childhood sounds from video games, to spark interest in his listeners. He then captivates them with a rhythmic melody along with the bass. Then finishes his listeners with the prolific Amen break. Though his methods can be explained nothing is better than witnessing the magic itself. A few of my favorite tracks on the album are “7 Victories” ,“Organicha Relaxer System Engaged” and “Touch and Go”.

Ethereal has made music for MachFIVE, A.ware, Yelawolf, Vibe Self, Brittany Bosco, 1320's SubID and many others. - 84 Area

"Ethereal – The Wonderfu1 Tape"

Check out Atlanta based producer Ethereal’s Latest EP, it feels pretty good. Listen to and download it if you’re liking it. - Art Nouveau Magazine

"Ethereal: Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret"

I first discovered Ethereal as one half of a rap duo called “NWK” (New Ways of Komprehension) but then later i found out he is a producer. His latest album “The Electric Kool?-?Aid Acid Tape,” is a collective fusion of 90’s video game samples, heavy drumnbass, fast percussion, and mellow downtempo rhodes
keyboards. Ethereal produced one of the dopest joints on A-Ware’s “Please stand by” EP. Look A-Ware up seriously he’s one of the illest mc’s coming out of Atlanta in my opinion.

Recently, Ethereal hooked me up with a link to his bandcamp page and his music it’s totally my vibe, It’s experimental, trip hop, and instrumentalism all wrapped up into a supernatural experience . Check out some his music here

Here’s a little info about Ethereal

- He started making music when he was 16.
- His big producer influences are 10footballerina, NAMCO sound team, CAPCOM sound team, squarepusher, juicy j, nujabes, metal fingers, peshay, dillinja, goldie(drum n bass producer), just to name a few. - Art Nouveau Magazine


MACH FIVE x ETHEREAL [MASH UP] by Ethereal, this joint goes pretty major, out of all the many mash ups of this song this is the more Eclectic, I worked with Ethereal on my last project ”Please Stand By” hes a monster period he has like 4 tapes available for download here, BANDCAMP catch him while you can !!! - Greedmont Park

"Mach Five – Hollywood [Video]"

We recently took a trip to LA and decided to document our experience by recording a video for A.ware of Mach Five’s hit single “Hollywood” from the Sex on a Sunday LP (now available on iTunes) Produced by Ethereal. Enjoy! - Greedmont Park


This is for everyone who didn’t get the chance to get into the legendary Apache Cafe on May 25th when the legendary Devin the Dude appeared to bless Atlanta. 400 adamant potheads crammed into Apache for an all out blunt fest with the Dude and the ATL All Star Posse Cut.
This is footage of ‘Slow Burnin‘ the original song created by the BFD Band and the ATL All Star Posse Cut composed of DT, Ethereal, The Niceguise, 4ize, and Rock Most. Check it out and see how dope it is for yourself! - iAtlz


42degrees, the Degrees is like a zero, only small. Composed by The Supernatural Ethereal, you better believe the production was nothing less than out of this world. A tribute to Marijuana, Munchies and Music, it’s defiantly an entertaining tape. Featuring Ethereal’s lyrical talent he summoned the combined forces of Atlanta’s amazing underground Emcees.
Micah Freeman with the life high, drops his not easily surpassed lyrical skill.
Followed by the DnB influenced instrumentals from the Electronica duo Optimus Pikachu. The Legendary Clan Destined, graced they’re fans with dope verses. Catalyst of The Niceguise and Dillon Maurer’s talent really gave the tape a musical edge. Not to mention the southern styling of Lazymane & Kosherbeets.
The tape also featured fresh new Atlanta talent such as Ill Will, Jess Paper, Condeuce, Flytastik and E-Roc. The topics touched on the tape are daily, this 420 mixtape is timeless. You can download 42Degrees here! - iAtlz


The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tape
The Wonderfu1 Tape



Main Entry: ethe·re·al
Pronunciation: \e-'thir-e-al\
Function: Musician/Scientist
Date: 1513
1 a : Of or relating to the regions beyond the earth, suggesting the heavens or heaven..

Ethereal was born into this world to Glenda Ann and Ollie Charles July 10th, 1989. Exposed to a wide variety of music at a young age, it was only a matter of time before he began to relay his inner musician/scientist. At year 16 he began making bedroom beats and backpack raps with his close friends, "grinding" across every social network and medium available. Now at 20 he has an impressive and extensive library of music under his belt ranging from 90's Drum and Bass to Tribe-era hip-hop instrumentals and an emerging lyrical prowess. Fusing elements from every musical scene into one, he has close to perfected his style and sound, making him an honorable opponent on any of the three major weapons; Microphone, Beats, or the wheels of steel.

His dormant musical prowess came to shine after the passing of his near and dear mother. Some think this drove him mad sending him into a reclusive, hermetic state. While others know and agree this was just an experience that he was growing and sharpening his mental swords from. Now on the rise after adamantly self-promoting, insuring, and safeguarding himself he is ready to take on this planet.

He has a plethora of epic electronic covers of big names like Telepop Muzik, T-Pain, Hikaru Utada, Brittany Bosco, and Sonnymoon's Anna Wise. He's worked with the likes of 1320Records SubID, Yelawolf, Introspective Minds, and Clan Destined just to name a few. He also owns the keys to an equally awesome supply of original compositions.

He is currently working in the ongoing side project with long time friend Darius Brandenburg(10Footballerina) under the super producer duo moniker; Optimus Pikachu. Combining heavy southern rap influenced 808's with hypnotic downtempo melodies and fast paced jungle percussion.

To hear a slue of his most recent work please visit

To hear work from Optimus Pikachu please visit

Happy Listening.