Ethereal and The Queer Show

Ethereal and The Queer Show

 Denton, Texas, USA
DuoElectronicNew Age

Gorgeous entrancing synthscapes laced in deep sea arpeggiations, that pump and echoes pop through its veins.


Ethereal and the queer show (EATQS) formed in 2011 by Dan H. and Juli D. in Denton, Tx. Their unique use of wavey synths and lush vocals create an entrancing and hypnotic experience. 

Their new LP "Fairy Super Crystal Blue" out in 2016 on Noumenal Loom Records.


Fairy Super Crystal Blue (Noumenal Loom 2016)

Natural Image (self released 2014)

Medit/\tion EP (self released 2014)

Cosmotopia LP (Pour Le Corps Records 2012)

Glimmer Ep (self released 2011)

Big Kirtan (self released 2011)