Ethereal Fire

Ethereal Fire


Ethereal fire are a 4 piece rock band from Essex who take their inspiration from the different musical interests of each member and seamlessly blend them together into an original sound full of energy and melody.


Ethereal Fire are a 4 piece band from Essex who fuse every members influences together into an original, powerful sound full of energy and melody. Think Audioslave with a heavier edge and a little Lost-prophets attitude.

Formed in Feb 2010 after merging from other groups/genres, Ethereal Fire hit the gigging circuit and played all over South East England, building a solid fan base as they go with their first self titled album out in 2011.

The rhythm section has had a few changes since the start but the band is now at full strength in a slightly different but much more comfortable place. This comes across in the live shows where they feed off each others energy and put a lot of effort into making it an actual show as well as maintaining tight musicianship throughout.

A renewed Ethereal Fire took to the road in late 2011/early 2012 and cast their gigging net a lot wider heading up the East of England as far as Yorkshire and gaining even more fans/friends along the way. This is the band you can enjoy from now on.

Summer was down time to record the new EP and get some new songs written for the return to the stage.

Ethereal Fire are:
Lead Vocals/Rhythm/Synth: Lee Pasifull
Drums/Synth/Effects: Alex Graver
Lead Guitar/Vocals: A J Tobin
Bass Guitar/synth: Jonno Bones

Please click on our below links to listen to our EP, first album and also view our live videos.

We hope you would consider us to play at and look forward to hearing from you!

Ethereal Fire

LIVE VIDEO - EP Launch @ Chinnery's Southend

"ETHEREAL FIRE are already taking the local music scene by storm with their energetic brand of groove driven punk rock and melody, which is shown in their live shows . With several gigs under their belts now they are already capable of headlining a night ,Improving with every gig they play ,they are a band to look out for in the coming months ,get down to one of the shows
-Shakey -Shakster Records

It's loud, melodic, passionate and everything that most bands these days aren't; Ethereal Fire demands to be heard, and you'd be a fool to ignore it..."
– Kiss Me I’ve Quit Smoking E-zine

"Ace Chuggerama Stoner Grunge with some sweet sabs touches" - Bugbear Bookings

"Ethereal Fire tore up the stage at Proud Camden with their loud guitars and melodic riffs! Oozing with stage presence and a confidence many other bands could learn from, this rock band have an attitude on and off the stage that will see them go far!" - James (Hot Vox Promotions)


Radio played:

Stars Evolve
Contraption of Action
Ethereal Fire - Album Played on local and regional radio, also on I tunes and all major music download sites.
EP Chaos and Confusion - Recorded and Release August 2012.! Itunes and all major online distributors

Set List

Precession of the Equinox Set-list.
Acoustic Set-list
Varied Set-list depending on Venue/Promoter/Crowd