Ether Hour

Ether Hour


Ether Hour makes acoustic/electric pop music with the dynamic sensibility of Wilco, the rocking piano of Ben Folds, and the rhythmic syncopation of Spoon. Intelligent singer/songwriter material layered in accomplished instrumental virtuosity.


Ether Hour originally started as a side project for Wilco fan Jeff Anderson. After adding the keyboard prowess of Jacob Reidt, the group recently reorganized as vehicle to display the considerable talents of singer/guitarist Javier Suarez - the BBC's September 2006 Unsigned Artist of the month:

"Moving to Seattle from Argentina as child, Javi has been able to draw from an astounding range of life experiences as inspiration for his music.

With early influences from greats such as The Beatles and new artists like Regina Spektor, Javi creates a distinct, experimental production style to deliver his honest and enchanting tales. Some tracks display a soft, fragile and innocent quality, a clear desire to steer away from cliché sounds.

“My words are very personal. I tell stories with my music about people I meet and things I’ve seen and done. I try to interject some wisdom when possible. I find that making music is how I like to process and interpret life, which I have always thought is just as important as living it.”

A number of successful gigs in Liverpool and ‘Hello Javi’ is already creating waves in the industry. With one stand out track ‘Some Dreams’, recently making its way on to the ‘On Radar’ (Volume One) industry compilation, being distributed in connection with ‘Polished T’ in 2006."


LP - "A Plan Designed at Home". self-released 2006.

Set List

Typical set list is 15 originals with one or two covers. Sets are between 45 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Second Guess
I Can't Break
Hit the Head
Leading Edge
Walk On
Losing A Friend
Nephew Song
What's the Use in That
Snap & Jet
Sticky Kids
I Hope
Feels Like Home
I'm the Man Who Loves You (Wilco)