Given that we are honest people, let's read and write frankly. We love making the music and hope you find it fresh and true. Our sound and show are aurally and visually compelling... pulsating...breathtaking. We seek to give you something extraordinary.


If you like live music, scratch that, if you love great live music, that captivates you from the first note to the last encore, if you have a hard time finding music and players of music that make it difficult for you to contain your smile, that provide originality and keep you begging for more, then you must see and listen to Etheric.

It is rare to see a yet-to-be-signed-band that packs such a punch. The sound that Etheric creates from the stage is evident in the immediate captivation and physical reaction of the audience. The time has been taken to speak with fans whose musical tastes span from Jack Johnson, Phish, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Dave Matthews, Tool, Weather Report, RUSH, String Cheese, John Mayer, Cold Play, The Chili Peppers and Jason Mraz, and the commentary is all the same. “These guys are awesome.” People are groovin’ and dancin' from start to finish. It is an interesting set of circumstances that results in a myriad of fans attending the shows. For those who wish to be entertained by distinct sound and sight, Etheric's energy will not disappoint.

A unique blend of something from the past and what is undoubtedly the future, the vibrations and undertones of this cutting edge band will keep your head turning and your heart racing. Their music generates so much for each of the senses. Etheric truly offers something for everyone. Check it out and you too will "surrender into bliss."

Etheric's latest project, "Live at The Steeple Lounge" was recorded by Chris Kress of PMD Recording, Chris has recorded such artists as The Dave Matthews Band, Galactic, My Morning Jacket, Ben Kweller and the reknowned music festival Bonnaroo. Chris is currently working with Etheric on their untitled full length album.

The DVD from the same Steeple show was filmed by Charlotte's premier Director of Photography Peter Mallamo - Editing and motion graphics were provided by Los Angeles based Brandon Dexter, a graduate of the world famous American Film Institute. Brandon is currently working with Etheric and Chris Kress on the media portion of their upcoming release.

Etheric has performed at major events such as the 2003 End of Summer Weenie Roast, alongside national acts like Staind, Sevendust and Kill Hannah. They have opened for national touring act King's X, and were the winners of the Jack Black School of Rock Battle of the Bands. Etheric continues to experience solid showing at their performances and are quickly moving into other major markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.



Written By: Etheric

once i believed, that i could live
and not surrender all i had to give
to you my love, my heart my soul
it didn't die the day i let you go

i know there's something that i want
i want to know who i am, i need to know where i stand
i know there's something that i'm not
afraid of that things will change?
i'm scared of staying the same!

see what you came to see
believe what you believe now, see now
say what you got to say
it's got to work that way, now, way

where there's no trust
where are you free
love isn't tied to tangibility
i'll not be chained
chain of events
has come full circle
this is where it ends

i know there's something.....


Written By: Etheric


if there is a place,
that i stand i know it is
right between me and my bliss
(i lose myself inside you)
deep inside my faith,
i inherently create
something that could be innate
(i lose myself inside you,
there is no world outside you)

is this all, all that there is
to let yourself surrender into bliss
is this all, all that there is
to let yourself surrender into bliss

i am who i say,
the silence you can feel
all that remains to be real
(i lose myself inside you)
inside with this love,
that nothing can contain
or of myself can remain
(i lose myself inside you,
there is no world outside you)

is this all, all that there is
to let yourself surrender into bliss
is this all, all that there is
to let yourself surrender into bliss

is... this... all... there is
is... this... all... there is
this.. is... all... there is


Written By: Etheric


one second
life changes
from sleeping to reliving
one second
three bullets
it doesn't lessen with the time
it was me that you seen lying there all this time
it was me that you seen dying there there
and i am recieving
the depth of what i'm leaving thoracic this last breath
it don't get easier with the time
the choices that we make determine whether we stay
still sleeping or awake
to the importance of the time
that we spend a
t the end lying there
this is not who i am
but i am dying there
and it's in my nature
to be this self destructive compromise what i believe
and then to think nobody sees
this was me lying there
this is not who i am
until you've given all you have
until there's nothing left to give how can you know
you're ready to recieve
and then to truly live
this might be all you'll ever have this inhale and this exhale
time is of the essence
we're meant to live
not meant to relive this
and so we stay


Etheric - EP (4 song demo)
Etheric Live at the Steeple Lounge - EP/DVD

We are played regularly on 106.5 The End Charlotte, NC currently.

Set List

10 - 15 songs
Single Set
1 hr. 15 min.
All original music

And So I
Interstellar Static
Allt Som Du
If Only...
Cycle of Trust
All My Life
Ingenting Kvar
and many working titles