Just like the name hardworking & sincere. A hard rocking quartet out of CT that supplies total energy from beginning to end! Bombastic drums, driving bass lines, bone crunching guitar riffs, introspective lyrics along with melody makes their performance one to watch commanding attention on stage.


The most important aspect of a great band as everyone who is a fan of music knows is chemistry. Without chemistry it's just a few people on stage making noise. Ethic's live show is an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows, yet the whole time a total adrenaline rush. Very energetic this band plays the same no matter if there's 50 people or 5000. When these 4 souls hit the stage the only thing that matters is to make a personal connection with the fans, leave an emotional tattoo so to speak to ensure that person or persons will follow them to the next show. The band has 3 CDs to date the latest being a 5 song EP titled "Modern Day Archangel" . The title track is a hard rock anthem to support the troops abroad. Both the bass player and lead vocalist being former Marines wanted to show their support along with their band mates through their music. The track is letting the troops know we all want them home, and home safe. This line up has been together for 3 years, playing where ever they can and writing constantly. The connection on stage says it all. Basically, there's no smoke and mirrors. What you see is what you get. The bands motto is sincerity sells, plain and simple. The band just got done with the Locobazooka "United We Rock" Festival in Mansfield, Mass at the Tweeter Center. 3500 unsigned bands sent in packages. 55 bands were selected and Ethic was one of them playing second stage to Alice in Chains, Buck Cherry and Powerman 5000. It was a fantastic weekend and also helped the band extend their fan base. As an added bonus they were also selected as one of the bands to appear in a book being written about Locobazooka due out next fall. Just another high point in an amazing summer. In the meantime they are playing anywhere they can and finishing up their latest full length CD 'The Day the Sun Cried" in hopes to have it done for the holidays.


Brand New day

Written By: Steve Pompei


Well you've been there and back and it's all the same this you know

The circles the same put in any name that's how it goes

So you make up lies that fit in your eyes to buy your way

The facade crashes down when there's no one around, all's washed away


Well the light above your head that lights your way

Chases all the darkness far away,
It's just a brand new day
Brand new day


So your bide your time, and you hear the bell chime sands running low

Caught in a race at a blistering pace your too slow

Chance to begin breaking free from sin feel the wind blow

From direction it comes, it relaxes, and numbs you right from below

Repeat Chorus

Guitar solo

Repeat chorus


"Ghost Stories of the 20th Century" - LP
"Can Anybody Hear Me" - LP
"Modern Day Archangel" - EP
Yes, tracks are streaming and getting radio airplay on the internet.

Set List

Here is a list of our originals. Typically we concentrate playing venues where we get the most exposure. This usually means opening for head liners or playing festivals where our set is usually around 45 minutes.
The original's list totals twenty songs, roughly 90 minutes of music. When we play 3 set bar gigs we intermingle 12 covers with our 20 originals.
Original set list

Brand new day
inside out
can anybody hear me?
day the sun cried
release me
the crow
dark side
no name town
no name guy
tell me what you need
tree in my back yard
Fall away
Modern day archangel
Buried alive

Covers list


Vanhalen- runnin with the devil
" " - ice cream man
" " - you really got me
Kiss - detroit rock city
The kinks - all day "all of the night"
goo goo dolls- long way down
Tonic - if you could o