Ethiopian Groove

Ethiopian Groove


A unique blend of African Rhythms with middle eastern melodies
Grooves and rhythms influenced by the Ethiopian Musical Heritage,
Led by vocalist cabra casay.
Written and produced by Idan Raichel


Cabra Casay-

Cabra was born in 82 in the refugee camps of Sudan on her way from Ethiopia to Israel. When she was 1 year old his family immigrated to Israel in Operation Moses "and sat in “Maalot”. Two years later the family moved to Kiryat Malachi, where she lives today. from her Childhood she loved music and was interested in different styles. At the age of 13 joined the chorus of Kiryat Malachi first appeared on stage.
Cabra participated in the first season of the Israeli "American Idol" and at the same time began working with the Idan Raichel, who was the Arranger and producer of the idf band "Green Rock,"
She joined the tour of "The Idan Raichel Project" in Israel and abroad and performed In the album "out of the depths” with the hit "Milim Yafot Meelu."
Two years ago the project was made to appear in Addis Ababa for, it was the first time cabra came to Ethiopia since she left her family. The journey to Ethiopia was recorded for the movie "Black on White" , cabra performs the theme song from the Movie- “Habayta Haloch Hazor”