Ethnic De Generation

Ethnic De Generation


Native American hardcore metal from Arizona!Very lively, energentic and loud!


Ethnic De Generation is best described as a young Native American heavy metal band with all the right influences that make up a hardcore heavy metal band in the 21st century. Ethnic De Generation have done approximately 300 stage shows over a period of 5 years. With 2 Promo cds in circulation, Ethnic De Generation have created a national and international fan base delivering aggressive, high energy and high adrenaline heavy metal music. Ethnic De Generations music is heavy, melodic, and is best described as in your face, hardcore metal. Ethnic De Generation have opened for Major recording artist such as Soulfly, Otep, Super Joint Ritual, Flotsem & Jetsem, Lamb of God, Skinlab and numerous other metal/hardcore bands. Ethnic De Generation have also dedicated their music to benefit local and conscious community activities and issues throughout their community thus making them one of the most professional and respectable group of musicians throughout their scene/community. Ethnic De Generation have done national shows spanning the mid, south, and west coast of the United States. Ethnic De Generation remain loyal to their fans and never fail to deliver high energy and aggressive shows that have no one sitting down at any given show. Ethnic De Generation have also played very prestigious events both in the Native American and National heavy metal hardcore music communities. Ethnic De Generation’s music and personalities have touched all people of various ethnicities, musical preferences, ages and pretty much all walks of life. Ethnic De Generation have done many phenomenal and eventful things based out of a small town called Kayenta, Arizona located on the Navajo/Dine’ Nation.


2000-4 song demo
2004-4 song ep