Ethno Trio Troitsa
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Ethno Trio Troitsa

Minsk, Minskaya Voblastsʼ, Belarus | Established. Jan 01, 1999 | INDIE

Minsk, Minskaya Voblastsʼ, Belarus | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1999
Band World Rock


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"Review at album "Zimachka". 6/2013."

Troitsa bietet Folk'n'Rock mit Ursprüngen aus Weißrussland. Schon seit den Achtzigern sammelt der Musrkethnologe lvan Kirchuk heimisches Liedgut, welches von Generation zu Generation überliefert wurde und nun das Futter für Troitsa bildet, jenem ,Ethno Trio', das in dieser Form seit '1999 existiert. Mit (passend zum Thema und dem selbst auferlegten Anspruch) traditionellen Instrumenlen wie Gusli, Ocarina, Domra, Zhaleika und Flöten dargebotener, aber durch Gitarren, afrikanische Percussion und Kalimba ein wenig in Richtung Worldmusic getriebener Klangkunst katapultieren Troitsa ihre gesammelten traditionellen Lieder mit aller Macht ins Hier und Jetzt, ohne das Material du'ch allzu viele Modernismen zu verwässern. "Zimachka", der ,Winter', lässt durch helle akustische Gitarren und fröhliche Flötentöne ein wenig den nahenden Frühling durchschimmern, obwohl lvan Kirchuk bärbeißig dröhnt wie Väterchen Frost. "Kozka", die ,Ziege', ist Ethno-Trance ä la OIe Lukkoye und das epische "Sonce Kocicca" ein bombastisches, würdiges Finale mit Dead-Can Dance-Anklängen und jeder Menge Pathos.

Top-Track: Kozka - Rock-magazin "Eclipsed"

"ETHNO TRIO TROITSA Zimachka Vigma 3666-1"

Not many releases come this way from Belarus, the land-locked and still politically unrelaxed country surrounded by the Baltic states, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, but several of those have been earlier releases from Minsk trio Troitsa, and they chart the progress to this sixth album.

Ivan Kirchuk is the possessor of one of those real, rumbling bass voices that seem to flourish in Russia and its near neighbours, and conjures mental images of a huge bearded Cossack in boots and floor-length furs.

He formed the original trio in 1996 to perform the traditional material he'd been finding since the 1980s in the villages of Belarus. After its first album the group broke up, but after a pause Kirchuk recruited Yuri Dmitriev and Yuri Pavlovsky, who supplement his armoury of 12-string guitar, domra, gusli, Jew's-harp, whistles, zhaleika and more with guitar, bass, domra, kalimba and percussion.

His singing tends to stay down in the gravelly basement, accessing tones that an epic film-trailer voice-over artist would kill for, but on occasion he rises through the frequencies, right up to a rather finely-controlled falsetto-alto.

Zimachka (Winter), recorded in Poland, is a remarkable and rather impressive thing of wild rhythmic pulses and gutsy instrumental textures, massive enough to match the Eisenstein-sized drama of Kirchuk's declamatory, welkin-ringing rendering of traditional songs brought a long way from the village but nevertheless still sounding like nothing in western Europe.

All the text on the package is in Cyrillic, but their web site has information in English.
Andrew Cronshaw - fROOTS magazine (aug/sept 2011, # 328/329, p. 79) on CD Zimachka

"Belarusian Masters of Ethno Fusion"


Zimachka (VIGMA 3666-1, 2011)

Belarusian trio Troitsa released their vibrant sixth album “Zimachka” (“Winter”) this year. Troitsa combines the rich folk music traditions of Belarus (an eastern European nation located between Poland and Russia) with contemporary elements.

“We work with an ethno-fusion style,” says group leader Yuri Pavlovski. “Our aim is to connect old Belorussian music to modern sounding acoustic music tools. Our collective has existed for more than 12 years.”

Troitsa uses a wide variety of traditional Belarusian musical instruments such as domra (three-stringed mandolin), smyk, gusli (zither), pipes, whistles, mound harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas (single-reed hornpipe), lyre, ocarinas, and wargan (jawharp); joined by global percussion and persuasive guitars.

The band’s line-up includes Ivan Kirchuk on lead vocals, 12-str. guitar, 3 & 4-str. domras, smyk, gusli, pipes, whistles, mound harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas, lyre, ocarinas, wargan (jawharp), pipe, rainmaker, duda, kalimba; Yury Dzmitrieu on 6 & 12-string guitars, 4-string domra, smyk, zither, and vocals; and Yury Paulouski on drums, gong, darabuka, gundang, anklung, bells, zvany (horsebells), wood stick, cowbell, kalimba, djembe, and bamboofon.

On Zimachka you will find dazzling acoustic interplay by the Belarusian masters of ‘ethno fusion’ music. - World Music


2013 Zimachka , Beste Unterhaltung, Germany (BU039/LC19104
2011"Winter" ("Zimachka") , VIGMA (3666-1, Belarus)
2008 - "Dream-Herb" ("Son-Trava"), WEST-Records (WR0211, Belarus)
2008 - "Hotly-Hotly" ("Zhar-Zhar"), WEST-Records (WR0241, Belarus)
2004 - "Sem" ,TV Belarus & Silah (Belarus)
2001 - "Zhuravy"  ("
"), PAN-Records & ETTroitsa
1998 - "Troitsa",  PAN-Records (PAN-171)



Slavic sensuality, pagan rusticity, and folk rock arrangements with an incredible drive that gives you goose bumps: this is Belarusian band - Ethno Trio Troitsa.

"Troitsa is a trio formed by the passionate ethnomusicologist and singer Ivan Kirchuk, who possesses a stunning rumbling bass voice and conjures mental images of a huge bearded Cossack in boots and floor-length furs. The core of "Troitsa's" music lies in traditional folk songs that have been passed down orally from generation to generation and go back to a time when peoples lives entwined intimately with the natural world. Since the 1980's, Ivan has been collecting such songs in small villages in the depths of Belarus.

The present line-up, evolved in 1999, when Kirchuk recruited young creative musician Yuri Pavlovskiy on percussion and drums and guitarist Yuri Dmitrijev, who supplement Kirchuk's instrumentarium of domra, gusli, jaw harp, whistles, zhaleika, adding 6 and 12-string guitars, smyk and zither. Together they rearranged the traditional material Ivan had collected to create the rich, unforgettable sound of "Troitsa". They evoke Belarus's unique folk culture atmosphere on stage by playing more than 50 traditional instruments and by decorating the stage with examples of traditional embroidery and weaving.

Today we live in places where there are few ancient oak trees left, and very few of us celebrate the feasts of "Koljada" and "Orja." Bees don't buzz and ducks don't quack so often at our home yards, but we all express sorrow, happiness, suffering and laughter in one universal language: the language of Nature, the language of Life. And that is exactly, what Troitsa's music is about. And that is why it breaks through our crust of modern-life stress and problems, and hits people straight in the heart,  letting them feel the quintessence of the ancient message, passed on from generation to generation regardless of the culture and language differences. 


Ivan Kirchuk - lead vocal, 12-str. guitar, 3 & 4-str. domras, smyk, gusli, pipes, whistles, mound harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas, lyre, ocarinas, wargan (jawharp), pipe, rainmaker, duda, kalimba
Yury Dzmitrieu - 6 & 12-str. guitars, 4-str. domra, smyk, zither, vocal
Yury Paulouski - drums, gong, darabuka, gundang, anklung, bells, zvany (horsebells), wood stick, cowbell, kalimba, djembe, bamboofon.

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