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"Ethol Red"

By Josh McBee

pop writer

Ethol Red formed in July 2005 and wasted no time writing, recording and self-releasing "Amalgam," a 12-song debut album in April. The next logical step was to book and play as many shows as possible at which to sell said album: check. (Members say "Amalgam" has sold more than 1,000 copies to date.)

Along the way, band members Jeremy Tooman (vocals), Oren Lever (bass) and brothers Spencer (drums) and Travis Bryant (guitar) have appeared on The Buzz (listeners can request their music 8 to 10 p.m. Sundays) and other such stations. Here, Ethol Red talks about growing up in a small town, putting in work and their plans for the future.

pop: I read that Enid is the birthplace of Ethol Red. How has growing up in small town Oklahoma influenced your music?

Travis Bryant: I do credit the small town for my influence. There was nothing else to do. There was so much time on my hands and music was something that came natural to me. I started playing in a band at my small school when I was 13. I came up with the idea and brought it across to my buddies in seventh grade. And I said, "I am playing the guitar in this band."

Well, in small towns, things like rock bands don't really stick too well. By the time I was in high school the band was over, but never really had a run at anything anyway. They all quit playing, but I continued to practice and write songs. And now Ethol Red has formed 10 years later. So, I give all my credit for playing to that small town. It molded me into the player that I am.

pop: Travis had told me something like 1,000 CDs were sold in the first two weeks after your album came out. To what do you credit the album's success?

Jeremy Tooman: I would have to credit the whole band for getting this album to the public and self-promoting.

Spencer Bryant: I think the music speaks for itself, but it is hard to sell albums as an independent band. Many people automatically put the stereotype of "amateur" on you if you are a local band, but if they ever get the chance to listen to the album they will realize this is the real deal. We have taken our time and perfected our talents to put out a respectable CD. It also doesn't hurt selling the album for $5.

pop: Your band has gained steam relatively quickly. Was there a detailed plan you had in mind from the beginning for how you wanted to make Ethol Red work or has it been more a seat-of-the-pants-type thing?

JT: It was really hard to get the ball rolling. We didn't have a plan going into this. We did find out quickly what it takes and what venues look for to get shows booked. This is one of those things you have to jump in with both feet and just grab the bull by the horns. If you make good music and have the confidence in your band, it will happen.

pop: What would you like to see happen in the future for Ethol Red?

TB: Future? One day at a time, one stage at a time. That is how I am taking it. I am living each concert as if it were the biggest and best show we have ever done. I live for this, man.

SB: I would love to see us get recognized nationally, but right now, we are just playing music and having a blast doing it.

Ethol Red will play May 26 at Bricktown Ballroom with Fist of Five, Infamous and Navigator. Tickets are $8. For more information, visit etholred.
- The Norman Transcript

"Rockers Ethol Red making their mark"

By Erin Medley
SNS Reporter

Bands like All-American Rejects and Hinder have put Oklahoma on the map for rock groups; Ethol Red just may be next.
They recorded their first CD, "Amalgam," in December 2005 and January 2006. They have sold around 1,000 copies to date at shows and online.

The band members are from various parts of the state, but Shawnee's own Oren Lever plays bass for Ethol Red.

They've been playing shows and gaining radio airplay throughout the state and will play at the Bricktown Ballroom tonight. Tickets are $8 and, according to the band, are limited.

Here's what the guys of Ethol Red had to say about life as an up-and-coming rock band.

Erin Medley: How long has the band been together?

Travis Bryant: We have been together since the summer of 2005. We are somewhat of a new band for the rock scene, but starting to gain veteran status quite steadily.

EM: How did you guys get together?

Spencer Bryant: After returning to Oklahoma in 2004 from St. Louis, Mo., Travis met Jeremy at a jam-out session in Enid. Then Travis and I went to the University of Oklahoma. After moving, we met Oren through a mutual friend. Travis, Oren and I began composing and writing throughout the months of July and August. By the end of August, we needed someone to bring our music to the next level, hence, Jeremy.

EM: Who are your influences?

Oren Lever: The Who, of course. Also, Led Zeppelin, Interpol, Fountains of Wayne and a few others.

Jeremy Tooman: I'm a big fan of Metallica and most '90s rock and alternative.

Travis Bryant: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana. I love all those bands and the raw feel they bring to the music.

Spencer Bryant: My personal influences are Vinny Paul of Pantera, Danny Carey of Tool and Dave Grohl of Nirvana.

EM: Why are you in a band?

Oren Lever: I like writing and playing music, and music is the ultimate high.

Jeremy Tooman: Music has always been a huge part of my life. No matter what goes on in my life, music is there. I got into the band to have fun. I didn't realize how much fun it really is. I love being on stage with a good group of guys, entertaining the crowd.

EM: What has been the coolest moment for you while being in the band?

Spencer Bryant: I think the coolest moment was hearing our song on the radio while we were driving to Q102.3 at Woodward to do our first radio interview.

Oren Lever: Every time we see people enjoy our music.

EM: Let's talk about your live show. What's it like?

Travis Bryant: Loud, in your face, high energy and fun. I like to call it the Ethol Red experience.

Jeremy Tooman: Non-stop, really. We plan our set so we are constantly moving. It's intense.

EM: Do you do cover songs at your shows?

ALL: No!

EM: What's your goal in this band?

Jeremy Tooman: I would love to go all the way, as far as we can go. The cost of promotion, recording and touring is a bit overwhelming.

Spencer Bryant: All I know is we are having a blast right now. Sure, I would love to get recognized nationally, but I think my brother said it best: "One show at a time, one stage at a time."

EM: Tell me about your record. When did you guys record it and who does it sound like to you?

Oren Lever: We recorded it during December 2005 and January 2006. It sounds awesome! It sounds like us.

Travis Bryant: I think it sounds a lot like a well-developed and educated album. I can't really place a particular band that sounds like us on the album. It's one of those you'll have to take onto your own and judge for yourself. That's the beauty to this album. It's so dynamic that many people get a different feel for what genre we are in.

EM: What's coming up for the band?

Spencer Bryant: A huge show at the Bricktown Ballroom that we are all really excited about. We will be playing with Fist of Five, Infamous and Navigator. Tickets will be available at the door, but they will be limited.

EM: Where do you see the band a year from now?

Travis Bryant: Rocking the Midwest, putting our name on the map, as well as Oklahoma's, and earning it like so many bands forget you have to do.

Oren Lever: I'm not sure, but hopefully playing more and selling more CDs, maybe even getting signed.

Jeremy Tooman: Having a blast!

Spencer Bryant: It's hard to say. We are just going to keep on rocking.
- Shawnee News-Star

"Band Ethol Red carves out distinctive sound"

Concert Review
By Erin Medley
SNS Reporter

Unlike some groups you hear on the radio, Oklahoma band Ethol Red brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene with both its recorded and live sounds.
Band members brought energy and enthusiasm to the Bricktown Ballroom recently, with some of the group's hard-core fans in attendance along with new ones.

Their CD, "Amalgam," isn't like everything being played on the radio these days. It's distinctive, fresh and new with a hard rock sound. It's not difficult to see that the band has a wide variety of rock influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Pantera, because the sound touches each genre of rock, which is something not many groups have going for them.
- Shawnee News-Star

"Painting the town 'Red'""

By Cass Rains

Ethol Red guitarist and back-up vocalist Travis Bryant said the group, with former and current Enid residents, wanted to have its showcase in Enid to inspire other acts to come to town.

“That’s how we felt,” he said. “Growing up there, nothing seems to come through. We wanted to try to get some bands out there. I love Enid. We all do.”

With influences such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Nirvana, Bryant described the Ethol Red’s sound by saying, “We’re calling it modern rock alternative with a slice of lemon.”

The members of Ethol Red, which formed in July, are Bryant, Jeremy Tooman on lead vocals, Oren Lever on bass, and Spencer Bryant on percussion. They practiced four to six hours a day, seven days a week from July to August to prepare for recording using a friend’s home studio equipment in Norman.

“We just thought, ‘Let’s just do it ourselves and take our time,’” Bryant said of recording the album.

The band’s name was something Bryant said that was just “made up.”

“I didn’t want us to be classified by name,” he said. “We didn’t want people to prejudge it before you listen to it.”

Bryant said he and the band members didn’t want to “just produce an EP” as their first release because, “We have so many songs of our own we just want to put out there.”

The 12-track album, titled “Amalgam,” will produce the group’s first single, “Broken Soul,” in the album’s 1,000-CD first run.

For more information, check for upcoming shows, radio appearances and to listen to “Broken Soul” and other tracks.

Ethol Red will host their album release and label showcase 9:30 p.m. April 8 at the Mine Co. in Oakwood Bowl. Also scheduled to perform are Enid/Alva area The Closer, Tulsa-based Fighting Tomorrow, and a group that can been seen on MTV called Winter Circle. Admission is $5 and the album is $5. This is a 21-and-older show.

- Enid News and Eagle


-"Amalgam," 2006. Full length.

Ethol Red's debut CD, "Amalgam," isn't like everything being played on the radio these days. It's no wonder that a few of their stellar tracks such as "Put Me Down," "Selfish Games," and "Broken Soul" have reached Oklahoma City and Tulsa radio stations and earned a standard rotation on Q 102.3 in Woodward, OK. Amalgam is distinctive, fresh and new with a hard rock sound. It's not difficult to see that the band has a wide variety of rock influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Pantera, because the sound touches each genre of rock, which is something not many groups have going for them.

-"Flies in Ink" [ep] COMING SOON!



“..bands like All-American Rejects and Hinder have put Oklahoma on the map for rock groups; Ethol Red just may be next...” – Shawnee News-Star

One of the more noteworthy Oklahoma-based, independent rock stories of the year, Ethol Red still strives for more. While touring, recording, rehearing, and interviewing, the band had a record label find them. Astral Records/Dead Famous signed a non-exclusive management deal with Ethol Red, resulting in two compilation albums and the digital distribution of their debut album, “Amalgam.” So with digital sales the highest they have ever been for Ethol Red, they decided to go back under the knife and start recording a sophomore album. “We are a boutique record label that only promotes and signs focused and quality artists. I see Ethol Red taking the next step and becoming a household name within the next year” - Mike Puskas (Astral Records).

"The catchy, enjoyable, hard-rocking four-piece sounds like they were cut from the same musical cloth as Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd and Linkin Park." - The Vista

Brothers Travis Bryant and Spencer Bryant formed the band in mid 2005, and immediately began to search for other musicians that had the same passion as they did. They stumbled upon Oren Lever within weeks of starting the band, and began to write furiously. They had close to twenty songs recorded on home equipment and practiced four to six hours a day. But one thing was missing, a passionate, and identifiable vocalists. Someone that could not only fit into what they were doing, but also elevate the vibe they were creating. In comes Jeremy Tooman. Jeremy came to practice and made his mark by writing and bringing his own unique feel. The Trio at the time never asked for anyone else, nor thought of anyone else that better fit the role. After Jeremy’s first appearance and delivery the trio knew they had formed something special. They now had four guys that could make a difference in the alternative rock scene.

“..hard work and the music itself are what led the local band to success...” – The Oklahoman. This quartet was now called Ethol Red. Their goal was simple at first. Make a powerful and emotional record and establish their selves in the local music scene. After months of recording, re-recording, and practicing they released their twelve-song debut album “Amalgam,” which undoubtedly helped them achieve their goal. “..their CD, ‘Amalgam,’ isn't like everything being played on the radio these days. It's distinctive, fresh and new with a hard rock sound...” – Shawnee News-Star

With there new EP “Flies in Ink” they are ready to take a new journey in the music world. Ethol Red has completed many goals they put before them this last year and a half, but those goals are small compared to what they have in mind for themselves. With no weak links or egos to stand in their way, Ethol Red takes pride in writing their own music and allowing each member to bring their unique elements to every song.

“Having already made a splash on regional radio, Norman-based rockers Ethol Red are refusing to settle, honing their skills as they raise their profile.” – Oklahoma Gazette

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