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Ethol Red


Receiving radio play on various Oklahoma radio stations gives Ethol Red a unique mass appeal all while bringing a breath of fresh air to the music scene with both its recorded and live sounds. The hard-working four piece pride themselves on their creative abilities and their distinctive sound.


“..bands like All-American Rejects and Hinder have put Oklahoma on the map for rock groups; Ethol Red just may be next...” – Shawnee News-Star

One of the more noteworthy Oklahoma-based, independent rock stories of the year, Ethol Red still strives for more. While touring, recording, rehearing, and interviewing, the band had a record label find them. Astral Records/Dead Famous signed a non-exclusive management deal with Ethol Red, resulting in two compilation albums and the digital distribution of their debut album, “Amalgam.” So with digital sales the highest they have ever been for Ethol Red, they decided to go back under the knife and start recording a sophomore album. “We are a boutique record label that only promotes and signs focused and quality artists. I see Ethol Red taking the next step and becoming a household name within the next year” - Mike Puskas (Astral Records).

"The catchy, enjoyable, hard-rocking four-piece sounds like they were cut from the same musical cloth as Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd and Linkin Park." - The Vista

Brothers Travis Bryant and Spencer Bryant formed the band in mid 2005, and immediately began to search for other musicians that had the same passion as they did. They stumbled upon Oren Lever within weeks of starting the band, and began to write furiously. They had close to twenty songs recorded on home equipment and practiced four to six hours a day. But one thing was missing, a passionate, and identifiable vocalists. Someone that could not only fit into what they were doing, but also elevate the vibe they were creating. In comes Jeremy Tooman. Jeremy came to practice and made his mark by writing and bringing his own unique feel. The Trio at the time never asked for anyone else, nor thought of anyone else that better fit the role. After Jeremy’s first appearance and delivery the trio knew they had formed something special. They now had four guys that could make a difference in the alternative rock scene.

“..hard work and the music itself are what led the local band to success...” – The Oklahoman. This quartet was now called Ethol Red. Their goal was simple at first. Make a powerful and emotional record and establish their selves in the local music scene. After months of recording, re-recording, and practicing they released their twelve-song debut album “Amalgam,” which undoubtedly helped them achieve their goal. “..their CD, ‘Amalgam,’ isn't like everything being played on the radio these days. It's distinctive, fresh and new with a hard rock sound...” – Shawnee News-Star

With there new EP “Flies in Ink” they are ready to take a new journey in the music world. Ethol Red has completed many goals they put before them this last year and a half, but those goals are small compared to what they have in mind for themselves. With no weak links or egos to stand in their way, Ethol Red takes pride in writing their own music and allowing each member to bring their unique elements to every song.

“Having already made a splash on regional radio, Norman-based rockers Ethol Red are refusing to settle, honing their skills as they raise their profile.” – Oklahoma Gazette

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Burn it Down

Written By: Ethol Red

So you think we are the problem?
well, find a better solution.
cause when the day fades to black, it's our time to counteract. We came to burn it down. burn it down, burn it down.

You make a move with your innocence. I'll strike a match don't hold your breath. We'll leave the room in faltered pieces. Watch it crumbling to the ground.

If it were up to me, if it were up to me. I'd burn it to the ground.

You underestimate me, so sit back and watch and you'll see. Now the fires inside and we'll give it up, yeah we'll hang from the rafters and we'll tear it up. We're gonna burn it down now, burn it down now, burn this place into the ground.

Give me something with some Ritalin. We are the future, not the end. Cut the chains you put on our wrists. Stand together and throw your fist. We recognize all your rhetoric, we came to earn it, we came to burn it down.

Don't Tell Me

Written By: Ethol Red

Watch me cut myself on the shattered glass from the broken window. Won't you kick me and see if I bleed? Point your crooked finger and tell me what all I have done wrong. A social tragedy.

Don't tell me I'm wrong, cause you know I'm right. Pull the knife out my back that you left behind.
Don't tell me I'm wrong, you haven't seen my side. Pull the curtain down on this poor life.

Now I'm beaten down with your killing words burned into my head. With all your false reality. Now I'm the one who's down buried in the ground, finish what you started. The dirt's falling down on me and it aint so bad.

Flies in Ink

Written By: Ethol Red

Flies in ink release this...

waiting for a sound. Dont you turn around and walk away with your hollow grin. I know you will. cause now and then I let go, watch me lose my control.

Sold out every part of me. Sold out every part of me. Break down my apathy and just leave me. Just like a fly in ink, bleeding through to write a piece of me.
sold me out. to watch me hang you sold me out. sold me out to watch me. Sold me out. But I ain't going down, sold me out, so watch me.

Falling to the floor, I hear the voices ring and the echoes screaming out that I'll be your friend. At least pretend I'm listening to make you trust me.

wait. just wait.


-"Amalgam," 2006. Full length.

Ethol Red's debut CD, "Amalgam," isn't like everything being played on the radio these days. It's no wonder that a few of their stellar tracks such as "Put Me Down," "Selfish Games," and "Broken Soul" have reached Oklahoma City and Tulsa radio stations and earned a standard rotation on Q 102.3 in Woodward, OK. Amalgam is distinctive, fresh and new with a hard rock sound. It's not difficult to see that the band has a wide variety of rock influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Pantera, because the sound touches each genre of rock, which is something not many groups have going for them.

-"Flies in Ink" [ep] COMING SOON!

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