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The best kept secret in music


"Real Detroit"

With an ethereal, late night and dusky wind, Christian Burke's spiraling vocals spread over a deep pool of whirling vibes...Throughout ethos' second album, the band takes to the indulgent nectar of the grandiose self just as Brit-pop did in the early '90s. Suede and Morrissey find their way into Burke's vocal apathy and run around tight lyrics and pick up harmonies...Ethos are not ashamed of writing a spiral high ballad, being dramatic or laying the words on the line. It's not easy to make this kind of music work live, or to save face doing it, but ethos sparkles in a small pinhole of sly style."

Shannon McCarthy, Real Detroit

- Shannon McCarthy

"Alternative Press"

Literate, swaggering rock that'll put a lump in your throat--and maybe in your trousers, too. With its beautiful-loser aura and grandiose Brit-rock dynamics, ethos' second album could inspire Morrissey and Marr to reuninte. - Dave Segal


LP-Me & You, 1998
LP-Wherever You Are, 2001
"Gonna Die", "Lately" receiving airplay on WDVD-Detroit ("Big Sonic Heaven")


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ethos refuse to sheepishly succumb to status quo. Through hook-laden lyrics laced with ethereal swirls, ethos create a sonically enriching sound by melding the individual styles and influences of each member. Crafting melodic pop songs reminiscent of revered British groups of old, they combine the fine appeal of American indie groups of today.

Building momentum, they are rapidly gaining recognition from the Detroit community. In addition to support from publications such as Real Detroit, they are also receiving accolades from notable DJ, Darren Revell, of WDVD in Detroit. Defying radio's current mold, he consistently plays "Lately" and "Gonna Die", the seven minute epic introducing Wherever You Are on his weekly radio show, "Big Sonic Heaven."

Ethos new CD, Wherever You Are, allows the listener a little egocentric self-indulgence in a world of frustration. Delivering the right amount of humor in its portrayal of people trying to get along in the company of others, it takes you on a roller coaster ride of melancholic bliss.

Ethos' chief songwriter, Christian Burke, formed the band in his early twenties after being unable to identify with bands at the time. As a result, he felt it necessary to create music he felt people wanted to hear. Not straying far from the initial vision, the maturity of ethos has brought them to a less jaded vision - Burke states, "I see ethos as being something that can unite people and bring those with similar interests together."

Although the band interchanged members over the years, the evolution of ethos taught them what delivers the best dynamic for the band. A certain level of antagonism drives the current lineup with bass player, Kevin Stripling, and original drummer now percussionist, Tony Dushaj, rejoining the band to complete an evolution into the ethos Burke always wanted. The band agrees - "This is the best ethos has ever been."

Natives to the same city as Iggy Pop, The Go, and The White Stripes, ethos add another element to an already musically diversified city. Carrying on a long-standing, but unspoken Detroit tradition, ethos choose to remain aloof of current musical trends in an attempt to pave their own way, striving to create music that will remain timeless in decades to come.

The future is on the collective mind of ethos. Aspirations that are not limited to taking over the world, making timeless music, eating ice cream with friends and maybe, just maybe, one day owning John Lennon's piano.