Bridging the gap between the "Underground" scene and "Mainstream" radio scene. Ethylene falls directly in between bands who have dominated the radio such as "My Chemical Romance" and Nickelback". "Singer/songwriter lyrics preserve the passionate and emotional aspects of what we do" says Caleb Hymel.


Passion is something you cannot put a price on. Sincere and honest song-writing is not easily found. Ethylene boasts both attributes loudly and aggressively on stage. With every down-stroke of the guitar, pluck of the bass, and crash of the cymbals, the Baton Rouge, LA based rock band demands nothing short of your undivided attention.

Formed in the summer of 2005, Ethylene then was comprised of singer/song-writer Caleb Hymel, long time friend and drummer Karl Boudreaux and bassist Jordan Snyder. In just 1 years time, Ethylene built an amazing local following that continuously expands to other areas of the country. Selling over 1200 copies of their debut EP "From the Ashes" in just a few short months. Ethylene to this day still receives song request in parts of the country the album is just now reaching. Amongst these requests is the powerful "Cry Once" track, which tells a story of a close friend fallen at the hands of a drunk driving incident. Etching mental pictures into your brain with lyrics like "Every look you gave to me that day is burned into my memory". With truthful and powerful stories such as these it's no wonder that Ethylene continues to grow so rapidly and maintain such a loyal following.

In late 2006, after Ethylene completed their latest EP "Flicker", Karl Boudreaux decided to part ways with Ethylene due to career advancement opportunities. Which left Caleb and Jordan in search of a new stick flipper. During their time together Caleb, Karl, and Jordan played with many great bands, one of which was called September Son. Their drummer at the time, Sam Anderson, was multi-talented performing as a drummer and vocalist. After developing a friendship with September Son, Caleb and Jordan were immensely excited to learn of Sam's interest in joining the band. Sam Anderson joined Ethylene in early 2007, Ethylene was then able to finalize their new EP "Flicker" and gear up for its highly anticipated release and tour promotion. With a new drummer, additional vocalist and a renewed sense of direction, Ethylene has continued to win over crowds from all regions of the country. Having sold out of the intital run of the 2007 "Flicker" EP, Ethylene now prepares to re-enter the studio to release it's debut album, which has yet to be named. " We're really excited to be moving forward." says Caleb, frontman for the group. " The release of 'Flicker' came later than we expected, so it's good to get back in the studio. Our goal is to put out a record that envelopes you from start to finish." The new record , which will be released in 2008, will feature 10 new tracks, with a re-release of the song "Where's My Juliet?". Catch Ethylene on tour, or pick up "Flicker" on iTunes and CDBaby.


Asses and Elephants

Written By: Caleb Hymel

"Are you not entertained" I hate quoting movies
But you leave me no choice
You don't care about the soldiers fighting for you
you'd rather mute their voice
If it all comes down to the lowest of the inside fall
I pray I don't live to see your idea of a curtain call

This is what we've died for (from the start)
Taking down the kings that left us insecure
Assess and Elephants both profit from your loss
While little Johnny gets his leg blown off

If govenors become the presidents
and mayors become govenors
God save New Orleans
From their leaders vision of Gomorrah
If it all comes down to U.S. against
the rest of the world
An already breeched country
with spies inside that educate the enemy.

Assess and Elephants both profit from our loss
While little Johnny gets his fucking head blown off


Written By: Caleb Hymel

Crowded Airport, Stand back and watch her fly away
Not since high school, have I taken leaving this way
Every fiber hurts for a chance to be at ease
Hoping and praying for grace and a moment of peace.

When the front seat's empty
and your pillows gone
Theres a Flicker and the fire's out.
a flicker and the fire's out

Time is lost in all of your sad good-byes
this is whats happens when the sun and the moon collide.
with all the pain of closing doors
and visions of the other side
like a fuse straight to my core
that burned out when it hit the floor.

When i see you and can't feel you

Theres a flicker and the fires out
when my world burns down,
your voice dies out,
when my world burns down
your voice drowns out.

close the book let go of me breathe again

close the window over me and leave again.


-"From The Ashes"-2006-
Produced by:Toby Templett

---1.Cry Once
---2.Lesson Learned
---3.Lip Service
---4.The Rose Of All Stars

Produced by:Rhett Mouton(GVE Records)

---1. Vile
---2. Flicker
---3. Asses and Elephants
---4. Anything
---5. Watch Us Die

Set List

A typical Ethylene set is anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

All Songs Written by Ethylene:
(In no particular order)

Our Original Song list Includes:

1. Vile
2. Asses and Elephants
3. Flicker
4. Anything
5. Watch Us Die
6. Broken Lullaby
7. Time Machine
8. Cry Once
9. Lesson Learned
10. Where Are You Going
11. The Rose of All Stars
12. No
13. Lip Service
14. Wound to Knife
15. Front-Line Fantasy
16. Vanity
17. Your Heat
18. Seek Repair
19. I Had To Let Her Go
20. Falling and Landing
21. Where's My Juliet
22. Wasted
23. Slow You Down

1. Green Day-Holiday
2. Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name Of
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Dani California
4. My Chemical Romance- Helena
5. Papa Roach- Forever
6. Finger 11- Paralyzer
7. Fall Out Boy-This Ain't a Scene
.....To name a few