Étienne's show is a perfectly balanced blend of comedy, character, and charisma. The show is interactive and spontaneous -- mixing circus tricks and sleight-of-hand with a dash of slapstick. With his quick wits and determination, Étienne will leave everyone laughing long after the show is over.


Étienne McGinley was born into a big family in a small house in a small town in the small province of Normandy, France. His mother wanted him to be a priest and his father wanted to join the army, but he discovered juggling instead.

Étienne began appearing in school plays at the age of ten learned to love the sound of laughter and applause. Étienne moved back and forth between the USA and France to earn an associates degree from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York city, a diplôme de sociologie from the Sorbonne in Paris and a masters degree in theater from the École Internationale du Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He also trained at the Ringling Bros. Clown College and toured with Cirque Fratellini - Europe's oldest circus.

Étienne has since been performing comedy all over the world and believes that laughter can cross all borders. The most symbolic moment of his career was playing French love songs on a tuba for a Chinese audience in Italy. Étienne enjoys discovering beauty in unexpected places and plans to never retire.


Étienne has performed for thousands of audiences in hundreds of different venues. He has appeared on cruise ships, at schools, colleges, summer camps, theaters, corporate events, family events and more.

Étienne can work with you to custom-tailor his show to meet your specific needs. Étienne's high-energy comedy show is the perfect way to make your next event unforgettable. World-class entertainment is guaranteed!

Set List

Étienne's show is 45-60 minutes long and the show is tailored to your needs. Stunts with fire are available upon request.