We are a very self contained band; we rely upon each other. Our songs getting broken down to perfection, and that is how we choose to record. That is why we do our own recording. The sound is a mix of rock and electronic influences.


Etiera is so much more than just a band, it is a world entwined with thoughts and imagination. Even though the music is the most important thing, we love to set our minds free and create a universe that revolves around the music.


The Vacant

Written By: Josh, Derek, Johnny

Your reflection is in the sun
Always distant through the glass.
I can't reach you through the years
I have gazed an endless glance.
So far across the Vacant sky
I try to touch you in the sun.
You are so deep within me
Through every Vacant winter touch.

I remember every night
that kills my emptiness
Once again you disappear
into the vast distance.


Is there enough to feel again tonight
I wait to find you here again.
So far across the Vacant sky
I try to touch you in the sun.
Waves of you in depths of me
Through every Vacant winter touch.


Etiera EP - 2007 - GoldiRock Records

Set List

All songs are originals. Each show is set up to be as unique as possible while keeping the same feeling that we want to put out at every performance. Usually, we play sets ranging from thirty minutes to an hour. At this point, a typical set list of songs would be:

the vacant
close to nothing
twilight eyes
drowning inside
memories in glass
a similar end