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Brasília, Federal District, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2002 | SELF

Brasília, Federal District, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2002
Band Rock Post-grunge




"Watch now ETNO’s new music video “Diário da Morte”"

This morning (8/25) was released on the web the music video of “Diário da Morte” (Death’s Diary), the second single of the chapter “As Sete Fronteiras” (The Seven Frontiers) which will be fully released in 2016 by the band ETNO.

The furious song produced by Diego Marx together with the brasiliense band marks the beginning of a new era. The long awaited “As Sete Fronteiras” is set as a conceptual piece inspired by the world of comics and tv series promising continuity with each track.

Whoever listened to “O Último Anjo” (The Last Angel), the first to be released and is now enjoying “Diário da Morte” has noticed the maturity that ETNO is reaching. The band formed by Tiago Freitas (vocals), Iano Fazio (bass), Vitor Fonseca (guitars) and Tiago Palma (drums), was created in 2002.

The music video for “Diário da Morte” is an spectacular and explosive animation, directed and illustrated by Tiago Palma and animated by Felipe Silverwood-Cope.

Get to know more about ETNO: - Na Rota do Rock

"ETNO releases music video “Diário da Morte” on august 22nd"

The concert begins at 17h at CONIC
Multimedia. That word sums up the event for the launch of the rock band ETNO’s new music video on the next 22 at 5 o’clock at CONIC on the Southern Leisure Sector. “Diário da Morte” (Death’s Diary) is the name given to the animation illustrated by the group’s drummer Tiago Palma and developed by Felipe Silverwood-Cope and Mattheus Macedo.

The single, along with the lyric video “O Último Anjo” (The Last Angel) opens the path for a series of releases that form the band’s new album.The first four songs were produced by Diego Marx, same producer for the band Scalene who recently made it to second place on the music reality tv show “Superstar” exhibited by Rede Globo. “As Sete Fronteiras” si the first chapter of the album, of a total of three, together they compile the band’s third album and each track will feature a video.

Music, projections and performances will be the artistic elements present at the release party for the animation that’s in production since October 2014 and brings to the big screen all the comic book influence on the drummer’s artwork. “Because of this connection, it only made sense to have this event happen at the Brasiliá’s mecca for comics, the local comic shop Kingdom Comics”, explains Tiago.

For the special evening the group invited a couple band colleagues The Egoraptors and Massay. The first is a rock power trio that began in 2012 as a duo with Brenda Lively on the drums and Tynkato on guitar and vocals, and next came in Dolfits on bass. The second band has a strong history in the local music scene and recently released the album “Persona” which can be found on most digital platforms.

The event, a mix of rock, comics and animation, will have a full bar, plenty security and proper lighting for the public’s confort. In between bands the audience can enjoy the dj set by DJ Maraskin. This is not ETNO’s first audiovisual project, in 2013 the band collaborated on the animated short film “O Menino Mutante” (The Mutant Boy) that has been showing in festivals in and out of Brazill.

More on ETNO

ETNO is a band from Brasília that has put out two full albums. The first one released in 2008, is entitled “Revolução Silenciosa” (Silent Revolution), the second, released in 2011 is called “Setembro” (September). Formed by Tiago Freitas on vocals, Iano Fazio on bass, Vitor Fonseca on guitar and Tiago Palma on drums. the band has won several awards in festivals and has played gigs in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Amazonas, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Goiás and Bahia, besides playing constantly all around the Federal District and big concerts in the capital were they’ve played to crowds as big as 25 thousand people. The band makes all they’re one graphic and video material in search of an intense interaction with the audience at shows and on the web.

Date: August 22nd, Saturday
Time: from 17h to 22h
Place: CONIC - Southern Leisure Sector Q Block Store 24
Free Entrance - Jornal de Brasília

"More poetry, less revolt"

ETNO, the rockers from Brasília pride themselves of the independent posture: on the road for nine years, they manage both the creative part as well the all burocratic and administrative matters. In other words, from booking shows to promoting on the web. “We get involved in every part of the process, so we have a deep understanding of being in a band is” sums up the vocalist and frontman, Tiago Freitas.
Three years after the release of the first album “Revolução Silenciosa” (Silent Revolution), the four-piece completed by Iano Fazio (bass), Vitor Fonseca (guitar) and Tiago Palma (drums) releases their second album “Setembro” (September) today at 21h in a concert with free admittance at the Martins Pena hall of the Teatro Nacional (National Theater Hall). If in the first album the main focus of the group we set on strong performances and socially oriented lyrics, the next one let a more poetic side demonstrate a more mature band.
“It was a natural growth in maturity. “Revolução Silenciosa” took four years in the making. When we released it in 2008, we already had a lot of the new songs written. They sound different but it was something thought-out. “Setembro” is even more ETNO”, explains Freitas.The whole discography is available for download and listening on the official website,
Recorded at Midas Studio in São Paulo and produced by Paulo Anhaia (from CPM 22 to NX Zero) the second release justifies the group’s name (motivated by the greek word “ethos”, that defines beliefs and ideals of a people and nations) the eclectic side comes as strong as the passion for guitar riffs and grunge bands. “We allowed ourselves to make slow songs, use acoustic guitars, pianos, orquestras. But with keen on the the poetry: it’s not just a matter of finding what rhymes with love.”
Even though some influences still show - from Nirvana’s grunge to Foo Fighter’s post-grunge - ETNO decided to experiment. And they took it far. On the track “Avisa lá (Nossa Gente)” their rock met up with the jungle beats of Olodum. “There are bands that follow the recipe: name in english, sing sappy love songs for the kids. And the ones that are just getting into rock don’t know anything about the history of brazilian music. So we play our rock version of this hit from the 90’s with the intention breaking the standard” he says. On the second semester of the year the band will fly to Salvador to record the music video with Olodum. - Correio Braziliense

"ETNO: “As 7 Fronteiras” tour in Rio de Janeiro"

With a 13 year run in the independent rock scene, Brasília’s ETNO arrives at the “carioca” capital for two concerts. One on Friday (16) at Subúrbio Alternativo and the other on Saturday (17) at Arena Chacrinha.

On the verge of releasing their third official album, ETNO bets on a project that blends comic books, movies, theater and literature, taking the audience on a trip through a post-apocalyptic narrative. With influences of metal, emocore and grind, the pilar of the band’s indentity is the symbols of Race, People and Nation and the sound may be described subjectively as “the unconscious collective in constant motion and the sensation of being a part something greater”. A dense and rich rock full of meanings, and a wide musical symbology.

About ETNO:

Formed by the musicians Tiago Freitas (vocals), Vitor Fonseca (guitar and vocal), Iano Fazio (bass and vocal) and Tiago Palma (drums), the brazilian rock group ETNO is 13 years in existence is currently working on their third studio album but this time with a different twist. The album is made of 3 chapters, 4 tracks each. The first part, named “As Sete Fronteiras” is made of the tracks “O Último Anjo”, “Diário da Morte”, “Sétima Fronteira” and “SobreViver”. The first two songs, along with their music videos, were released in the band’s official channels and the rest will come out until December 2015. The second and third parts will be released in 2016, completing the full album.

The quartet has performed at some of the main festivals in Brazil and shared the stage with big names such as O Rappa, Nação Zumbi, Marcelo D2, Pitty, Los Hermanos, Inner Circle, Dead Fish, Matanza and Paralamas do Sucesso, and has two studio albums: Revolução Silenciosa (2008) and Setembro (2011).

Service: ETNO @ Subúrbio Alternativo
Date: October 16
Time: Starts 20h
Place: Rua Iguaperiba, 155 - Brás de Pina, RJ
Free Admittance
Age restriction: 18

Service: ETNO @ Arena Chacrinha
Date: October 17
Time: Starts 22h
Place: Rua Soldado Eliseu Hipólito, s/n - Guaratiba, RJ

Tickets: Early bird - R$ 10 | At the door - R$ 15

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author: André Luiz - founder of the portal Metal Revolution in 2003. - Metal Revolution


ETNO (ep) - 2004

Revolução Silenciosa (album) - 2008

Filhos de um Sonho (Single) - 2010

Setembro (album) - 2011

O Último Anjo (single) - 2015

Diário da Morte (single) - 2015

As 7 Fronteiras (EP) - 2015



Active for 13 years and formed by Tiago Freitas (vocals), Vitor Fonseca (guitar and backing vocals), Iano Fazio (bass and backing vocals) and Tiago Palma (drums), the brazilian rock quartet ETNO is currently working on their third studio album. An ambitious project that mixes comic books, movies, theater and literature, taking the public on a “trip” through a “post-apocalyptic” narrative. In short: an analogy of our fast and multiple world we live in. But this time with a twist. The new album will be released in 3 “chapters”, with 4 songs each.

The first part of the trilogy, named “As 7 Fronteiras” (The Seven Frontiers) is made up by the tracks “O Último Anjo” (The Last Angel), “Diário da Morte” (Death’s Diary), “Sétima Fronteira” (Seventh Frontier) and “SobreViver” (Survive/Of Living). The first two tracks, each with it’s own music video, are available on all of the band’s channels. By December 2015, the first part will be complete; the other two thirds will be released in 2016, completing the full album.

Created in Brasília on the year of 2002, ETNO has played in some of Brazil’s main festivals such as Porão do Rock (to an audience of over 30k), Brasília’s Anniversary Celebration (center of the city), São João del-Rei’s Winter Festival (MG), FIFA Fan Fest 2014 and the music convention Expomusic in São Paulo. Also they played in Los Angeles in 2013 in two local gigs, Loaded and Silly’s. They shared the stage with big names in Brazil’s mainstream scene such as Fresno, O Rappa, Nação Zumbi, Marcelo D2, Pitty, Los Hermanos, Inner Circle, Dead Fish, Matanza, Korzus and Paralamas do Sucesso. Their first two albums are “Revolução Silenciosa” (2008) and “Setembro” (2011).

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