Brasília, Federal District, BRA

Post-grunge alternative rock band from Brazil's capital, Brasília.


Active for 13 years and formed by Tiago Freitas (vocals), Vitor Fonseca (guitar and backing vocals), Iano Fazio (bass and backing vocals) and Tiago Palma (drums), the brazilian rock quartet ETNO is currently working on their third studio album. An ambitious project that mixes comic books, movies, theater and literature, taking the public on a “trip” through a “post-apocalyptic” narrative. In short: an analogy of our fast and multiple world we live in. But this time with a twist. The new album will be released in 3 “chapters”, with 4 songs each.

The first part of the trilogy, named “As 7 Fronteiras” (The Seven Frontiers) is made up by the tracks “O Último Anjo” (The Last Angel), “Diário da Morte” (Death’s Diary), “Sétima Fronteira” (Seventh Frontier) and “SobreViver” (Survive/Of Living). The first two tracks, each with it’s own music video, are available on all of the band’s channels. By December 2015, the first part will be complete; the other two thirds will be released in 2016, completing the full album.

Created in Brasília on the year of 2002, ETNO has played in some of Brazil’s main festivals such as Porão do Rock (to an audience of over 30k), Brasília’s Anniversary Celebration (center of the city), São João del-Rei’s Winter Festival (MG), FIFA Fan Fest 2014 and the music convention Expomusic in São Paulo. Also they played in Los Angeles in 2013 in two local gigs, Loaded and Silly’s. They shared the stage with big names in Brazil’s mainstream scene such as Fresno, O Rappa, Nação Zumbi, Marcelo D2, Pitty, Los Hermanos, Inner Circle, Dead Fish, Matanza, Korzus and Paralamas do Sucesso. Their first two albums are “Revolução Silenciosa” (2008) and “Setembro” (2011).


ETNO (ep) - 2004

Revolução Silenciosa (album) - 2008

Filhos de um Sonho (Single) - 2010

Setembro (album) - 2011

O Último Anjo (single) - 2015

Diário da Morte (single) - 2015

As 7 Fronteiras (EP) - 2015

Set List

Revolução Silenciosa
A Mesma Dor
Diário da Morte
Filhos de um Sonho
O Último Anjo
Sétima Fronteira