Musicians coming from hundreds of different experiences join and prove that anything can become sound and music. Strange objects like barils, bottles, chains and kitchen sinks play a catchy mix of funk, reggae, and hip hop, blended with the Senegalese taste of the lead singer.


Born in 2004 as a percussion school, Etnorchestra soon became a regular band after it was completed by the addition of guitar, bass, and vocals. The influences are countless, from Youssou n'Dour to Michael Jackson, from Bob Marley to Ali Farka Toure, from James Brown to Santana.


Tora Tora

Written By: E. Facchi/R. Podestà

Minina tora, i tora tora tora
simama simawo ika tora tora
Ayo! Ayo! né né
Minina tora
Djankabi né na tora eh! Ayo né Né*

Yesterday my mama was cryin’ out
“What you need is just some peace
Tie your pants and go on the street
Make peace and love
Just peace and love
Do peace and love
Just peace and love”

It’s beautiful living with you
Beautiful seeing you mama
On my way back from job
You’re my favourite, my soul
Make peace and love...


Hey mamas, live up your sadness
Let the rhythm take control
You just need to get on the floor
Dance on the floor
Rock your body like noone else. **


*This is a Senegalese mother’s lament. Tora Tora means “gone, gone”.
**In Senegal mothers who lost their baby go out in the street and shake as a sign of mourning.

Tribal Samba

Written By: E. Facchi/R. Podestà

People looking for their tribal samba
What makes them strong is tribal samba
That’s why they do their tribal samba
‘Cause all we need is tribal samba

E’ anana wé
Toumba toumba ileya
Toumba toumba ileya
E’ anana wé
Toumba toumba ileya
Toumba toumba ileya

Peace Destination

Written By: E. Facchi/R. Podestà/A. Bertozzi

I was sitting in the train
Thinkin’ about my destiny
How can I see a window
When I see something like a green floor?

Can I feel you mama?
The love you give me is so strong
Can I feel you mama?
The love you give me is so big
I say yes
For the peace destination

Always thinkin’ about my plans
I think about my destiny
Tomorrow is very far
Yesterday is very past

Can I feel you mama?....

Sitting in the train
I can’t see the lights around me
I can’t think about my destiny
Mama, how could I leave you?

Can I feel you mama?...


2005 - Tribal Samba (Level49 - Venus)

Radio airplay on several Italian radios, among them RadioRai2 and Playradio (formerly Radio Italia Network).

Set List

Original tunes with some covers (Bob Marley, Santana, Sugar Hill, Ray Charles..)